SMOK G-Priv 2 Touch Screen 230W Kit with 4ml TFV8 X-Baby Tank

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Touchscreen is not new to the vaping community any more. Smok G-priv is a representative kit among the first group of kits adopting the technology of touchscreen.

Till now, Smok has released its upgraded version--Smok G-priv V2 Kit.  Today I will share with you how the G-priv has been upgraded.


Firstly, the tank on the Smok g-priv v2 kit has been changed from Big Baby to X-Baby. X-baby delivers better taste and its operation is much easier with the top airflow system.

According to the official data, G-priv V2 has seven different colors. Compared with the previous kit, the other change is its width, lessened by 6.5mm. Therefore, its holding feeling and portability are both better than its first version. Additionally, the piano paint on the surface of the mod is much finer and its color is more natural.

The thickness of the mod is not obviously optimized, but you can see the engineer’s effort from the battery compartment cover. The setting of the two battery grooves can not only make the batteries stay more steadily, it can also make the cover lean inward more.

In addition to some intuitive change, G-priv v2 succeeds all the advantages of V1, such as the unique 510 connection, big fire button, separate button for the touchscreen, and etc.

With the separate touchscreen button, you can turn off the touchscreen after you have adjusted the output to prevent mis-touching and save battery capacity. 

As a flagship product of Smok brand, the workmanship of Smok G-priv 2 kit is beyond doubt. The processing of its internal part also conforms to the standard of big factory. For example, even the length of the battery strip is just perfect.

As a flagship product, it surely will not be limited to its matched atomizer.

G-Priv V2 mod can match with nearly all the RBA kit. Its maximum output is 230w and it supports VW mode and TC mode. It supports the resistance lower to 0.1ohm,which is of no limits to most atomizers.

For vapers who like the original kit, you will be also able to purchase the RBA accessory of X-Baby.

Seemingly, the G-priv v2 has not been changed with its touchscreen. Actually, it has been fully upgraded. It succeeds its sensitive touchscreen operation. The definition of this touchscreen is upgraded, its UI operation icon and the system menu operation process are both operated, giving the users a better experience. I will introduce it below briefly.

In the red circle you can see, V2 has been optimized into a much clearer interface. On v1, there is no word icon, but only a small arrow.

The more flattening of operation menu is obviously an irresistible trend. The “Setting” option on V1 is replaced by “Screen” on V2.

You can press the four options on the main menu to enter into the relative interface,

The operation interface of V2 is more intuitive. You just need to press the option for operation, such as the VW mode, the coil material of Temperature Control, and etc.

Except for the two main modes, the other important option on the main interface is the “Screen” option for changing the the color of the words. On G-priv V2, you can choose six different colors of the words.

The other “Puff” option has always been criticized but is never canceled in the chipset by Smok. Maybe it is for reminding the user to cease smoking.

The red circles in the picture are the touch points for adjusting the output. When you touch it with your finger, the two finger mark will be in stealth. In actual operation, its sensitivity is very good without response delay.

On the interface, battery indicator, resistance and actual output voltage are all very clear. New vapers can operate it easily.

The updating speed of Smok mods can be ranked at one of the top list in electronic cigarette industry all over the world. The updating speed of its chipset is not very quick and the chipset utilized in the products in a period may be largely identical with minor difference, but we can not deny that the hardware of its products have brought great convenience to us in daily use.

On the basis of its first version, G-priv V2 has a more compressed mod body, which brings better holding feeling and portability. Moreover, it also brings users its brand new 230w chipset, optimized operation system and UI layout deign. If you have hesitation on the first version because of its slightly big size,  then will Smok G-priv 2 Kit interest you?

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