Intro: With the rapid development of electric cigarette field, it is a trend that more and more advanced technologies will be applied to electronic cigarettes. The Smok G-Priv 220w Kit released by Smok is such a mod with a full sense of science and technology. <p >Since 2016, it seems that Ecig box mod is entering into the touch screen era. From the first emergence of  SMY TOUCH BOX 100W, the manufacturers began to develop box mods with big touch screen one after another, from Hell’s Gate Touch 200w to Laisimo L3 200w, then to Teslacigs Touch 150 TC and Sigelei T200. Recently, Smok has also released its own touch screen box mod. Today, I will give a review on this latest Smok G-Priv with touch screen.


The package of Smok G-Priv is simple but not simple. G-PRIV succeeds the kit line of Smok.  Apart from the box mod, it also comes with a TFV8 Big Baby atomizer which is preinstalled with a V8 baby-x4 coil (dual wires, dual-coil, 0.15Ω, 30-70w, best 45-60w). Besides, the content list also includes v8 baby-t6 coil (triple-coil 0.2Ω 40-130w best 70-90w), silicon rubber case, USB cable, spare glass tube, spare rings, instruction book, warranty card, warnings for using the battery.


The appearance of this box mod is very angular and it adopts the matching color of red and black. The front side is the touch screen of 2.4 inch, the frame of which is the chrome-plated.

As regard to the details, there are three pressure relief holes in willow leaf shape, and a USB port. The inner space of the pressure relief holes is very big which is better for the heat dissipation. The USB port supports for upgrading and charging. <p >On the side, there is an integrated button both for firing the mod and locking the screen. The fire button succeeds the style of H-PRIV, but it’s of better elasticity with comfortable hand feel. The screen-locking button is a highlight which can give the user a better operation experience. <p >The connector on the top is the commonly used 510 connector. It is processed with scratch-proof technique, but the scratch-proof plate does not protrude from the plane on the top. When you install the atomizer, the paint around the 510 connector will still be abraded. Surrounding the scratch-proof plate, there is a carved arc, which can ensure a no-gap connection between the mod and atomizer. The carbon-fiber plane on the battery cover is of excellent workmanship.


The OLED screen is covered by a protective film.



The battery cover and the mod body is connected by four strong magnets. The connection is so strong that it’s pretty hard to separate them. There are dual batteries and gold-plated electrodes inside of the battery compartment. The electrode posts are of medium elastic force.  It’s quite easy to take out and put in the battery. A piece of heating sticker is sticking on the back of the battery cover. The overall battery cover is made of metal material, thus it’s quite heavy. Moreover, the workmanship is pretty good.


The accessory silicone rubber case is pretty suitable. When this box mod puts on this “garment”, the original edge of the kit is hidden and it presents a pretty low-key style. The experience to operate the original kit and the kit in the case is almost the same. Obviously, Smok has made pretty much effort on it.  

Let’s see the operation methods. If you use the button switch, you just press the fire button five times continuously to switch on and switch off the kit, and you press the fire button three times continuously to lock the kit. <p >Next, let’s talk about the touch-screen operation. This is the main interface displaying the wattage, namely the interface when you vape under the wattage mode. In the middle of the interface, it displays the current output wattage and the wattage output mode. At the bottom, the “PUFF” indicates the draws that you have taken in that day and the limited puff to be taken in that day. The three icons at the bottom from the left to right displays respectively the actual current, the actual voltage and the resistance. In the middle of the interface, there is a circle displaying the wattage and you can touch the two sides to adjust the output wattage.


When you install a new atomizer, an interface will appear as showed in the picture. Press “yes” to confirm the new resistance. The test of the resistance is pretty accurate. This function has an old problem, that is, it can not test out the replacement of the atomizer. You will need to screw out the atomizer and press the fire button to make the screen display testing atomizer, then you install the atomizer on the mod and step into the interface of confirmation. Press the arrow on the upper left of the main interface,  then you can step into the main menu interface (as showed in the picture) and choose the detailed setting catalogue according to your own needs.

Let’s take a look at the wattage setting interface. The “Effects” on the top is the choice of output mode under VW mode, which is the exclusive technique of Smok.  There are five gears under this mod, from weak to strong, Min, Soft, Norm, Hard, Max.  The effect of every gear is pretty obvious and it is a quite practical function. <p >Below it, there is a pull bar to adjust the wattage. You can make the adjustment by sliding the bar or pressing “+”and “-”. At the bottom, it is the activate button. By sliding it to the right, you can activate this mode.


Pictures above are the main menu and the interface for setting the TC mode. The difference of the main menu under TC mode and the VW mode is just that the “VW Mode” in the middle  is changed into “TC mode”, the mode is changed into “output wattage and heating material”. <p >On the detailed setting interface under TC mode, the first line is for choosing the heating materials, including SS, Ni and Ti. The second line is for preheating the wattage under TC mode.
The third line is for adjusting the TC curve. If the vaper doesn’t have relative knowledge, it’s better for the vaper not to make adjustment by himself. The fourth line is for adjusting the resistance and the adjustment range reaches +-0.05Ω. This function is a very good solution to the problem that the automatic testing resistance of some TC coils is not so accurate. It’s worth noting that this adjustment is also applicable to the wattage mode.


On the puff setting interface, the first line is the puffs that have already been taken, the second line is for setting the limit puff. If the number is 0, then there is no limit puff.  The way to adjust the limit puff is the same as the way to adjust the wattage. The third line is for resetting the daily puff. <p >On the details setting interface, the first line is the only  system identification code. The second line is the model of the mode and the system version. The third line is the screen timeout.  By pressing the arrow at the right, you can set it and the range is from 1.0s to 24.0s. The fourth line is for adjusting the time including year, month and day. The fifth line is for restoring the factory settings.  

Let’s take a look at the configuration of this device. The difference between TFV8 Big Baby Tank and TFV8 BABY Tank is its tank capacity and the measurement. The tank capacity and measurement of Big Baby are both larger than those of Baby Tank, but the RBA cannot be in common use. <p >Metal material is used so much on the mod that when the batteries are installed in, the mod is pretty heavy. It is worth noting that this dual-battery mod can reach an output wattage of 220w. Let’s take a look at the actual effect.


Since the built-on atomizer (TFV8 Big Baby)is not very different to the TFV8 Baby, let’s just take a look at its effect. The picture above shows the vapor effect of the preinstalled v8 baby –x4 coil (dual coils twisted by dual wires 0.15Ω 30-70w) under 60w. The originality of the vapor is pretty good and the vapor is huge and dense.

The vapor produced by the v8 baby- t6 coil (triple coils 0.2Ω 40-130w optimum wattage 70-90w) is much huger than X4, the flavor is rich, but the density is lesser. When it’s used under Max mode at 130w, the liquid deflection is not quick enough thus causing burning of the coil. <p >In general, compared with TFV8 BABY Tank, this atomizer can store more liquid, thus enforcing the duration time of this “vapor beast”. But the connection of the drip tip is not the generally-used 510, which might not be so convenient for those vapers who is accustomed to changing drip tips. Its vapor production is nearly the same as that of TFV8 Baby Tank.

Let’s take a look at the wattage output testing. I used three mods, from left to right, they are ipv8, Wismec RX200W, Smok G-priv. <p >Atomizer and its data: geometrical RDA Kanthal A1 coil, wire diameter 0.6mm, circle diameter 3.0mm, 6 circles, quadruple coils, 0.11Ω resistance.The first two mods both use 200w wattage. G-Priv is under Max mode 200w wattage. You can clearly see the output of G-Priv is more violent and the vapor is much denser. Besides, when the mod was under testing, the chipset of the mod didn’t jump into the overheat protection mode. We can say that the chipset used by Smok has a pretty good performance. There is no firing delay.  Under wattage mode, its chipset performs even better than the DNA 200 chipset. Its performance under TC mode does not have problem of the inaccuracy of temperature control that appeared in the past time.  

Let’s make a summary.


  1. Combine supercar element with electronic cigarettes, giving it an appealing appearance.
  2. An integrated fire button enable the user to switch on it in more ways with more ease.
  3. The user interface (UI) of the touch screen is simple for operation and easy to understand.
  4. The lock button further facilitates the operation.
  5. The application of the silicone case can not only protect the mod but also change the appearance style of the overall mod largely.
  6. The resistance can be adjusted slightly, solving the problem that fixed resistance cannot make an optimum effect.
  7. The maximum violent output 220w is an actual wattage but not a fake value. Output is steady with no delay, even under TC mode.


  1. The anti-wear capacity of the mod is not good.
  2. The scratch-proof plate at the 510 connector does not play its role efficiently.  
  3. The sensitivity of the touch screen is not so good as that of Smartphone.
  4. When replacing the atomizer or rebuild the coil, the screen doesn’t display the interface for choosing the new resistance.

To sum it up, except from some details, Smok G-Priv 200w Kit is actually pretty good. It has a pretty fashionable appearance with a full sense of science and technology. It has a violent output of 220w. Its TC effect is pretty steady. Its operation interface is pretty brief and intelligible. Most of the weaknesses can be solved by system upgrade later. <p >With more and more touch-screen mods being release, relative technologies are also improved day by day. With the development of mods, it will be a trend that the operation interface will be more brief and intelligible, the operation will be more handier, and the appearance will be more distinctive.

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