Small-sized kit is becoming more and more popular in the vaping community, mostly owing to its portability.


I believe small-sized ecig is a sure trend in the vaping industry. It is the best substitute for the traditional electronic cigarettes and will bring a much healthier and more fashionable lifestyle to people.

As one of the cursors in the vaping industry, Smok brand has witnessed the changes and innovations of electronic cigarettes.

After realizing the new trend, Smok has also released its small-sized pod-system ecig--Smok Fit Kit

Smok Fit Kit Specifications:

Material: Aluminum Alloy+ PC



Battery Capacity:250mah

Power Range: 10w-16w

Standby Current: <200uA

Input Voltage:3.3v-4.2v

E-liquid Capacity: 2ml


Smok Fit Kit Package:

1*Fit Device


1*User Manual

1*USB Cable

1*E-liquid Injection Bottle

Smok Fit Kit comes in three colors, gun metal, blue and red.


It is composed of mouth piece, filling slot, pod, LED Indicator and Micro USB port. Quite simple structure!


It’s pretty simple to do the installation. You just insert the pod into the device and then you can immediately enjoy vaping.

On the kit, there is completely no button, and you don’t need to make any adjustment. It’s quite easy and convenient.


To fill the pod:

Firstly, you take down the pod.

Secondly, you pull out the rubber plug on the slot.

Thirdly, you fill the liquid through the slot.

Fourth, you press the rubber plug back onto the slot firmly.


Smok Fit Kit has a built-in 250mah battery and can be charged via USB port.

Smok Fit Kit features automatic protections including 8 Seconds Cut-off, low voltage protection and short-circuit protection.


If you want to have a pretty portable kit to carry with you, Smok Fit Kit is just as small as a pen.

If you want to join a party, Smok Fit Kit is also fashionable for you to carry with you.

If you’re looking for a substitute of cigarette to get free of tar (which is cancerogenic substance), Smok Fit Kit contains no tar at all. With its refillable pod,you can also fill non-nicotine liquid into it.

Are you interested in this portable, healthy, fashionable and refillable Smok Fit Kit?

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