Smoant Ranker 218W TC/VW Box Mod

Price : $52.85 $79.85

With the technology of mod functions enter into a bottleneck period, various manufacturers begin to switch their focus on mod’s appearance. With intention to improve vaper’s usage experience, manufacturers have released lots of new VV mod with pretty good looking, excellent hand feel and operation experience.

Probably the super-hot game “Playerunknown's Battlegrounds” has inspired the Smoant designer, Smoant brand released a VV mod named Smoant Ranker mod.

Beforehand, there were already many VV mods designed with the element of “gun handle”, the newly released Ranker mod must have some different highlights.

Here I’d like to share with you.

The shape of the all-new Ranker is very much like the shape of a gun handle. The slanted plane on the top looks like being designed to connect with the gun body. Ranker also adopts the same leather sticker on the mod as that of the Cylon mod. It not only improves the texture of the mod, but also brings more comfortable hand feel to users. Seemingly, the large-area colorful screen becomes a standard feature to late coming VV mods. When the big screen is off, it matches greatly with the mod itself. A slight feel of screen-off aesthetic.

In order adapt to the slanted top, the 510 connection has to protrude over the mod body. The 510 thread is tightly fixed by three screws, and the diameter of the plate is 24mm and the diameter of the black ring is 25mm. So the mod can connect with the regular atomizers of 24mm and 25mm.


The open-close method of the battery cover at the bottom is pretty easy. You can easily open it by pushing it according to the direction of the arrow. It’s very easy to put in or take out the batteries. The battery contacts inside of the battery compartment are spring-loaded. The battery cover can tightly fix the two batteries inside of the mod body.

The design of the super-big fire button make the Ranker resemble the gun-handle more. When you press the fire button slightly, the fire button will give out “crisp” cracking sound and you will take great effort to fire it. After all, the firing process is long and it takes time for you to get accustomed to it.


The super-big trigger-like fire button on Ranker mod bring pretty comfortable hand feel and button press experience. The length of fire button is the same as the width of palm. When you press it with your fingers, the fire button is big enough for you to put your four fingers on it. No matter how you press it, it brings you with excellent usage experience.

Ranker mod does not only has the same UI as Smoant Cylon mod, its UI design also has a brand-new automobile meter on it. When the vaper press the fire button, the watch hand will spin like that of the automobile, which is pretty cool. The large-area colorful screen make the entire operation steps pretty clear and intuitive. Press the fire button three times, you will be able to adjust the output modes and personalized setting. When you make simple operation, you also provide more user customization setting options to users.

Installed in with the Ant218 V2 chipset, Smoant Ranker not only has large output, it also has nice performance on firing speed and explosive power. The official firing speed is 0.015s. In actual use, even if you use fancy coils with pretty low resistance, it will have no obvious delay. It’s seen to all that Smoant brand has made great improvement on the chipset firing speed and output capacity.

So far, among all the gun-handle-like mods, Smoant Ranker resembles the gun-handle the most on its appearance, especially the design of groove on the super-large fire button and the slanted plane.

The mod bring vapers pretty comfortable hand fell and convenient operation experience.

If I have to talk about the disadvantage, after you put the batteries in, it’s a little heavy. However, as a whole, to masculine men who like army style, it’s pretty attractive.

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