Smoant RABOX Mini 120W Box Mod with 3300mAh Built-In Battery

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Smoant Rabox is a flagship product of Smoant brand. Its unique appearance has attracted great attention. Various brands have started to design mods into such “case”. More and more mods in such design style come to the vision of vapers.  


Here I’d like to share the Mini version of Smoant Rabox. Compared with Smoant Rabox mini, Smoant Rabox mini is much slimmer. This Smoant Rabox mini has a built-in 3300mah battery. It succeeds all the functions of Smoant Rabox,  low-battery protection, short-circuit protection, over-preheat protection, water-proof function.



Voltage: 3.2-5.0v

Support Resistance: 0.1-5 Ω 0(0.3Ω is the optimum)

Material&Technics: SS 304 with ceramic baking

All LED power:< 1W

Size: 31mm*55mm*86mm

Battery Capacity: 3300mAh


Working temperature: -10℃-60℃


1* Smoant Rabox mini mod

1*USB cable

1* User Manual


Picture above is a decorative accessory in the package. In current time, vapers is tired of square-shaped, but looking for coolness and freshness. Maybe this is why products like Rabox come into the market.


In appearance, Smoant Rabox mini is barely of difference to the Smoant Rabox box mod. The size of Smoant Rabox mini is compressed into 31X55X86mm. At the “circuit board’, you can see there is newly added a circle of LED lights. When they are in use, it will turn on in the mode as the user has set. It’s pretty cool to use it in the nightclub.


Nano water-proof technology is the highlight feature of this Smoant box mod. But in fact, Nano water-proof technology is just limited to ordinary water-proof in daily life. You’d better not soak it into water to test its water-proof function. It is clearly introduced in the specifications in the package.


It has three gears for choice. The LED light will flash once, twice and three times separately when the LED light is at low output, middle output and high output. After you adjust the output gear, you can easily feel the heating speed and the change of atomization effect.  

There are lots of LED lights on Rabox mini. When it’s charging, the LED lights will flash in red, blue or green to indicate the condition of charging. At the same time, the LED lights can also flash to indicate the battery capacity. It is introduced in details in the specification in the package.


In addition to the LED light, the highlight of the box mod is its circuit board. By pressing the fire button three times, the LED light can be adjusted into seven different flashing forms or you can close it directly. No matter the LED is set into stroboflash or marquee, together with the naked and transparent mod body, it’s pretty shinning at night.

Of course, the Smoant mark on the the panel lights at the same time when you are firing. It is officially suggested that 0.3Ω is the optimum resistance. This box mod fits flavor-oriented atomizer better and its firing speed and effect is pretty satisfying.

The overall hold feel is much harder than ordinary box mods. Thus, Smoant Rabox mini is a very unique and special product: if you like it, you will like it very much; if you don’t like it, you will also find various faults with it. Nevertheless, no matter its firing speed and operation convenience, they are both excellent.

Compared with Smoant Rabox box mod, Rabox mini doesn’t give away any of its function and even makes more progress on its unique appearance. If LED light is a unique weapon in the nightclub, then why Rabox mini will be of high recognition in the nightclub.

Use coupon code “rabox12” to enjoy 12% off!

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