Smoant RABOX Mini 120W Box Mod with 3300mAh Built-In Battery

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Have you ever imagined how a computer-case-liked box mod look like? Check out the Smoant Rabox Mini !


It is packed inside of a hat box with an anti-fake code sticking to the backside.  

Packing List:

Smoant Rabox Mini box mod, coil knife, USB cable, certificate, warranty card, specification and a warning card (It reads: Though the chipset has the function of water-proof, don’t wet the box mod or soak it in the water in case that the box mod be damaged. )


Its shape is the same as Stentorian AT-7 box mod, but Smoant Rabox mini is much thinner. The overall box mod adopts frame structure with two transparent Acrylic panels on it. From the front side, you can see the background light of Smoant Rabox Mini logo and three indicator lights (the RC battery is right below the background light.)

Compared with the size of Rabox box mod, the size of Rabox mini is greatly compressed. Size: 31*55*86mm. Though it’s hard to hold it completely in palm, it’s still not as oversized as the Rabox mod in palm.

At the right side, the fire button is a protruding point with pretty good pressing feel. At the left side, there is the voltage gear switch.

You can see the chipset surrounded by a layer of gel and 22 LED lights through the Acrylic panel on the back side. The USB port at the top left corner is also very pretty.

On the top of the box mod, there is a 510 connector together with a anti-scratch plate.

Though the appearance Rabox mini mod doesn’t have a masculine feel as the Rabox does, but its compact size is especially eye-catching.


The frame of the box mod is welded with even gaps, which shows the excellent workmanship of Cloupor. The frame gap is very even and the touch feel of the paint is also very comfortable.


The overall width of the top panel is 26.5mm. But since the corner of the edges are processed rounded, when you use atomizer of 24mm, there will be overhang. The scratch-proof plate at the 510 connector is not protruding over the surface. After long-time use, it will result in abrasion on the surface (scratched by the bottom of the atomizer).


The acrylic panels at the two sides are chamferred to be of an angle of 40°, thus it will have a good hand feel.


The chipset is surrounded by a layer of elastic gel (it’s the officially-said nano water-proof technology), but the main board is not surrounded by a layer of gel. Therefore, don’t wet the box mod with too much liquid.

Undoubtedly, the exploded chipset greatly improves its sense of science and technology.

From the left side of the box mod, you can see two light-emitting diodes and a LED light. Besides, there is also a voltage gear regulator and the welded connections are processed with protection treatment that can greatly protect the correlative electronic components. 


The gear regulator is the only unit to change the output voltage on this box  mod. We can see there is the mark of High/Mid/Soft near the gear regulator. High gear represents for 5v constant voltage output. Mid gear represents for 4v constant voltage output and the battery voltage outputs according to the original battery voltage when voltage is at the soft gear.

Press the fire button five times continuously to turn on the mod.

There are three indicator lights to display all the work mode by lighting in different combinations:

  1. Change of gear: High: Green light flashes three times/ Mid: Green light flashes twice/ Soft: Green light flashes once.
  2. Battery indication: 81%~100%,  green light on; 31%~80%, blue light on; 5%~30% red light on (low battery protection) (when the light is lower than 5%, the green light will flash 15 times and the mod will be off automatically)
  3. Short-circuit (when the resistance is lower than 0.1Ω, the red light will be on for 2s). No atomizer (battery indicator light will flash 3 times and the horse race light will be on)

Press the fire button three times continuously to change the lightening method of the horse race lamp at the back side.



Now that this box mod adopts the RC battery, then its duration time is what you cares about a lot. Its battery capacity is 3300mah which equals to the capacity of one and half a Sony C4 battery. That is to say, it is enough for me to use it with a 0.2Ω atomizer from 9 o’clock in the morning to 7 o’clock in the evening at soft gear, consuming approximately 12ml e-liquid.

The charging time is also what you care about a lot. By actual testing, it takes 80 minutes to charge it from 0 to 30%, 145 minutes to 80%, and 10 minutes to finish the left 20%.

Now that duration time can solve the basic need, then how is the output performance?

Let’s see the data first. Its maximum output is limited to 120w and its lowest resistance is 0.1Ω, thus, its resistance will surely not be 5V. By calculation, we can know the highest current is limited to 34.64A.

Though the maximum output is limited to 120w, it can already satisfy the need of most vapers.

There is need to mention the output of this box mod. It features a three-gear output mode, which is much better than the output mode of pure mechanical mod. You can adjust the output by changing the gear.

Compared with potentiometer, its output adjustment range is more narrower, but it’s much easier for new vapers to operate.


Its features can be briefly summed up into: The wattage will be adapted intelligently. There are three gears for adjustment. The mod will adjust into the wattage according to the resistance of the atomizer. The function of three gears can bring you three totally different vaping experience.

There is completely no firing delay problem with this constant-output mod.


Problems Found

First, the Acrylic panels are very easy to have the fingerprints left on it. It’s unavoidable that vapers often have oily hands after touching the liquid. Thus, this problem can not be avoided. But if you don’t see it closely, it’s not obvious.

Second, the hardness of Acrylic is not as good as glass. You will need to be very careful in case that it be scratched by hard objects.

Third, the mod adopts an open structure. Therefore, you’d better use it under dry environment. 


All in all, this box mod is mainly designed for the new vapers and vapers who like pretty appearance. Of course, experienced vapers can also use it in the nightclub. The output performance is beyond doubt. It has constant voltage output and natural voltage output for choice. There is no firing delay at all. The resistance-automatically-adapted wattage mod is very suitable for new vapers.

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