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Smoant Gaia box mod is compact in size and artistic in style with surely fabulous quality. It's given the name of Earth Mother Gaia and is completely worthy of this name! Use coupon code "Gaia12" to save 12% now!

In the current society, pretty appearance has become the top priority. Customers become more and more picky on the appearance of products. Without pretty appearance, customers even don’t have the enthusiasm to use it. Good news is that there are designers who have inventive mind in every industry and they can design magnificent products.

The product I want to present today is such an incentive creation--Gaia box mod. It is manufactured by Cloupor brand and is ranked in its high-end sub-brand Smoant. 

It is powered by dual 18650 batteries and its size is even smaller than a cigarette packet.
It’s made of all metal and is finely polished. There are exquisite carved patterns on both sides. It’s simply like an artwork. 

Let’s unveil its mystery!

Package and actual parameters

It’s packed in a small and thin box, and covered by disposable film. 


The package is in pure silver color. On its front side, there is printed with its name “Gaia” and classical pattern. On its top left corner, there is printed with the mark “Smoant”. On its top left corner, there is printed with the sign “Smoant”. On its top right corner, a round sticker shows the color of this box mod. On its back side, there is printed with the basic information. The package is very superior.

When you open the box cover, you will find the mod in the foam. 

Its configuration is very simple. There is only a Gaia mod, a USB cable, and other printings including a specification book (English and Chinese), a quality certificate, a battery warranty card and a certificate of inspection. 

When you take out Gaia box mod, you will find its appearance and hand feel are both excellent! 

According to actual test, it measures 80mm high, 57.7mm wide and 25.1mm thick. Among all the dual-battery mods, it’s quite a compact mod.  It is worth mentioning that its measurement is highly consistent with the data given on the specification, proving that the manufacturer is very rigorous. 

Its net weight is 234g. When it has two Sony VTC4 batteries installed in, its net weight is 325g. Since it’s very compact in size, its density is very high and it’s heavy in weight. Compared with many light-weight dual box mod, it’s much heavier. It’s even much heavier than the Smoant Charon TS touch-screen mod. We will find the reason later.  

Data is abstract. I will present it with straight comparison.


It’s rare that the thickness of Gaia is also good. It’s only 2.2mm thicker than a cigarette packet.


Apart from the silver color, there is also another color “GOLD”for choice. 

Appearance Details:

This Gaia box mod still adopts classic square structure. It’s all silver in its color. All the corners and edges are processed to be rounded. The workmanship is pretty fine.

Its front side is carved with archaistic picture frame. The painting is the image of the Earth Mother Gaia. The carvings are fine with no defects.


On the front side, there is the image of the the Earth Mother Gaia. On the back side, there is the brief introduction of Gaia.  


On one of the side faces, there is the standard structure of three buttons, the OLED screen and the USB port. On the screen, there shows only one battery groove, but actually, it supports single battery capacity management and balance charging (See details below). The three buttons are made of metal, and their hand feel is very good. The installation craftsmanship is pretty good. There is no abnormal sound even when you shake it vigorously. 

On the other side face, there is nothing at all. 

On the top, there is the 510 connector. It is located on one of the side for the convenience of vaping. The negative electrode is made of stainless steel. The carvings on it is classical and pretty. You also don’t have to worry that the atomizer will damage the paint. The positive electrode is made of spring-loaded brass. Its compatibility is pretty good. 

The plate design of the 510 connector is originated from the Charon mod by Smoant brand. When reviewing Charon, I thought its design is excellent. It’s adopted by Gaia box mod. It can not only match the atomizers with large diameters, it’s also pretty in its appearance.   

From actual matching, it’s just the design of the plate that makes this mod suitable for atomizers with 22mm diameter or larger atomizers.

When the atomizer is installed onto the mod, the edges can connect each other tightly.

There are 13 heat emission holes at the bottom. It seems that Cloupor cares about the heat emission problem a lot. Gaia box mod doesn’t have very many heat emission holes. Of course, safety is an issue needing to be taken care of at any time. There is a groove on it for the convenience to open the battery cover. 


You can use your finger to open the battery cover easily. The cover and the battery compartment are adsorbed by 6 magnets. Its force is medium and the connection is steady. Inside of the cover, there is a colorful sticker of Gaia.


In order to match the 510 connector, the top part of the battery cover is specially designed. Because of this detail, the battery cover can connect to the mod tightly.


Mod function

The function of Gaia mod is very comprehensive, including wattage, TC, and TCR. When you install two batteries into the mod, it will turn on automatically.  


On the specification, there is detailed operation instruction. Take several minutes to read it, the advanced operation can be easily handled.

Disassembling of the mod



Metal buttons



After disassembling the mod, you will find no matter the internal or the external part of Gaia, the material and the workmanship are both exquisite!

Wattage Curve Output Test
As a dual-battery mod, the marked wattage of Gaia box mod is only 200w, which is very confusing to me. After test, its maximum output at 200w can actually fire up to 211w. In an average time of 10 seconds, (10 seconds are the protection time of Gaia box mod) its wattage output can reach 198w. Such output is of very little difference to the general box mod marked with 220w. It can totally mark the maximum output much higher. I don’t know why it only marks 200w as the maximum output.


Test Summary of the output curve:

The overall output values of Gaia box mod are obviously higher than the marked values. I don’t understand why Smoant marked such a consecutive output value. If experienced vapers use this Gaia box mod with old habits, they will find that under the same wattage (especially 80w output), the motivation of Gaia box mod will be more powerful. I recommend to lower the wattage 5-10w to adapt to your old vaping habits.

Usage Experience

All the corners and edges are processed to be rounded, giving it a very comfortable hand feel. The all-metal material has the function of emitting heat. Even if you take continuous draws, you can lower down the temperature quickly.


On the menu, there are three wattage options. The last two are for pre-setting the wattage you are used to and the first “wattage”option can intelligently recognize the resistance of the atomizers built on it and then recommend the suitable wattage. Later, you can still adjust the wattage based on your own preference. The biggest advantage of this function is that it can effectively prevent the coils being burned because of overlooking of adjusting the wattage after you change the coil.


Gaia mod borrows the name of the Earth Mother Gaia. After actual using for these days, it’s truly worthy of such an elegant name. I can also feel the ingenuity that Cloupor injected in this mod: It has an exquisite appearance with artistic style; Its workmanship and material are both full of sincerity.

Its compact size, marked wattage of 200w, intelligent wattage mode, making this product the trophy piece of Smoant!

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