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Smoant Gaia 200w is a TC box mod in compact size with sound quality. It's exquisitely designed both in appearance and function. It's inspired by Gaia the Earth Mother in Greek mythology. Unveil its mystery now! Highly recommended!

With the rapid development of electronic cigarette industry and the fast change of products, I think atomizers have become a sort of consumable items secondary to e-liquid. But if you find a mod which is easy for use, and has outstanding performance and solid quality, I believe, in a very long time, it will be the treasure in your pocket to carry around. Smoant Gaia 200w mod is surely such a box mod for you. Its performance and appearance agree with my knowledge of a reliable box mod. Let’s get to the point and check it out!


Package and Accessories

Its packing box is quite compact and hardly looks like the package of a 200w mod. Its size is just as big as the iPhone 6. On the front side, there is the brand logo, product name, color mark, and on its back side, there is the brief introduction of the Gaia 200w box mod and the anti-fake coating. The one I received is printed with “For Test” on the cover, which can be understood as “it’s not the final version and is only for test.”

When I opened the package, the mod and USB cable box lay side-by-side to each other. The packing list includes bilingual user manual (English and Chinese), product certificate, battery warning card, after-sale service card, a USB cable and a box mod. As a product released by Cloupor (Smoant is a subsidiary brand of Cloupor), the quality certification and after-sale service are both excellent. Here I must give my thumb-up to the manufacturer :)



Size: 80mm*57.8mm*25mm

Net weight: 228g

Colors: Pearl Silver, Pearl Gold

Output Wattage: 1-200w

Output Voltage: 0.5-8.4V

Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0Ω

Temperature Range: 200-600℉

From the data above, my first knowledge of this box mod is that it is small, heavy and has strong power.



The overall shell of Smoant Gaia 200w mod is molded and cast in zinc alloy. Such material is very thick and solid and I would like to describe this mod as “hot hatch” , a technical word from the car industry. All the edges of the mod are processed into a smooth shape and you will not see the right-angle at all. Its hand feel is heavy but comfortable.

The biggest feature of this box mod is that it applies the etching technique to the pattern on the surface of the mod and the characters on it adopt the incising technique. On one of the sides, it is the image of the Earth Mother Gaia. On the other side, it is the inscription introduction of Gaia incised in italic English just like the characters on a parchment,  giving it a classical appeal.

According to the introduction of another reviewer, Gaia 200w box mod utilizes the electroplating technique with the material of pearl chromium on the shell. The intuitive understanding of it is that the surface of the zinc alloy is suffused with “pearl white” which is close to the color of the pure silver but not like the mirror surface reflecting light. On one hand, it adds to the visual feel of heaviness and elegance and on the other hand, the fingerprints on it can easily fade away.

The touch feel of the paint is very user-friendly and there is no print left on it after being scratched by fingernails. Matched with neat and beautiful carving, its skid resistance is also pretty good. Another small experience of mine is that, when I held the Gaia 200w box mod, you will not feel obvious coldness. Probably it’s because the solid electroplating improve the the user experience in cold winter.



The generally-used 510 connector has a raised design on it. Its 25mm diameter makes it suitable for matching most of the atomizers in the market. The pattern on the 510 connector doesn’t have the function of deflecting liquid. Inside of the 510 connector, there is an octagonal spring-loaded electrode which can form a seamless connection with atomizers.

The layout of the operation panel is normal and the round fire button is also processed with anti-skid treatment. The feedback of the fire button is clicky and reliable. The “+” and “-” adjustment buttons also have raised designs on them. The box mod adopts a concave screen on it and is supportable with USB charging.


In addition to the symbolic electroplated logo at the bottom of the mod, there are also lots of venting holes and an groove for the convenience of opening the battery compartment. The parts of the box mod itself are connected tightly and seamlessly, and when you shake the box mod, you will in no way hear any abnormal sound.


The panel with the “inscription” is the cover of the battery compartment, on which there are three magnets with strong magnetic force. When you disassemble it, you will find the the battery cover is even very solid with much weight. Inside of it, there is the colorful image of Gaia in a colorful egg shape. Covered by the main color of the metal, it’s extremely amazing. This box mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries and is fixed by regular spring-loaded electrodes.

When you install the batteries, you will find that Gaia 200w is excellent in space usage. Compared with some dual-battery device in hand, its advantage in size is very obvious.

Operation Intro

The display interface of the screen is very intuitive. Press the fire button three times, you can enter into the setting interface. At present, the menu options include: Power mode, PW1 and PW2 (preheat wattage mode), TC mode (Ti, SS, NC and Ni200), TCR and Languages (English and Chinese). So far as the status, Gaia 200w omits the functions including user-defined curve, taste setting, brightness. To a lazy user, like me,  who only uses the regular Power Mode, this is totally fine.


A caring function of Gaia box mod is that it can recommend the optimum wattage according to the resistance of the atomizer under VW mode. With this function, you even don’t have to press the confirm button. You just need to install the atomizer on the box mod and start vaping. I believe, this function will be a trend of the mods in the future.

Regarding the button combinations, it mainly includes: press the “+” and “-” button to turn over the direction of the screen. Press fire button, “+” and “-” button to lock the wattage. At present, I don’t find any instruction on locking the fire button. This mod also surprises me with another feature, that is, when you press the fire button and “+” button together, the background color of the screen will switch between white and black color, so that the screen will display the data clearly under various brightness environments. When you press the fire button for vaping, the screen will display the real-time puff time. At present, I don’t get the essence of this function and I just use it for comparing lung capacity with my friends.

After actual use, you will find the response speed of Gaia 200w is kind of sensitive under recommended wattage. The vapor is full and soft. When you adjust the wattage a little higher, its explosive power is quite strong. But the wattage span from 1 to 200w is too big and it’s tired to adjust the the wattage sharply.


Final Summary

This Gaia 200w released by Smoant, the subsidiary brand of Cloupor, can be completely praised as the “hot hatch” in this industry. Its excellent after-sale service, solid material, solid paint and rounded edges, exquisite carvings, strong output and simple operation, every feature of it can be a reason for you to choose it. I believe when you get it, there is no need for you to buy other box mods in a while. If I have to mention its weakness, that would be its hefty weight. You will obviously feel that it is pulling your pants down when you put it in your pocket. Besides, it lacks some user-defined functions which can be a two-edged sword. After all, it’s only a mod for testing now. I don’t know whether the manufacturer will release any programs for upgrading the software and with more personalized customization funtions.

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