In 2017, box mod with centered 510 thread and square colorful screen suddenly became popular. Later, lots of manufacturers, one after another, began to release such box mods. Smoant brand also released such a box mod named Smoant Cylon. How is its performance and usage experience?

Features and Specs:
1. Compact size: 47mm(L) X 32mm(W) X90mm(H)
2. Takes 2X 18650 battery
3. Display: 1.35 inch TFT color screen
4. Output range: 1 – 218 W
5. Output modes: VW / VW Curves / Temp (Ni, Ti, SS) / TCR / TC Curves
6. Resistance range: 0.05 – 2.0 Ohm for Temp / TCR mode / TC Curves / 0.1-5.0 Ohm for VW / VW Curves
7. Temperature control: 100 – 315°C / 200 – 600°F
8. Two different UI available to choose
9. Firmware upgrade-able
10. Reverse protection/ Over-heating protection/ Low voltage protection/ Overload/Short-circuit protection/ Over-time protection

1* Smoant Cylon 218 Mod
1 * Charging Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * Warranty Card



It’s packed in a hat box with the product name and brand name on the top. In the middle, there is the screen display. At the bottom, there is printed with information including package, factory address and anti-fake code.

Package: mod*1, English and Chinese user manual *1, battery warning card, USB cable*1

--Appearance and Details--


This box mod measures 33*47*90mm. It’s in a standard square shape with all the corners and edges being processed to be rounded. Its overall appearance is somewhat in the style of science and technology. On the mod, there are lots of grooves and crossed lines to increase visual impact and sense of layering. As a whole, its appearance is extraordinary.  

At the 510 thread, there is an anti-fake plate with 25.7mm diameter and it’s 0.1mm high above the surface, so that you don’t have to worry that the paint be scratched by the bottom of the atomizer. Moreover, since the 510 thread is centered, it can match atomizer with its diameter large to 32mm without overhang. In addition, the X shape on the top and the groove on the anti-fake scratch is also a highlight to its appearance.

The fire button is designed at the left side of the box mod. It’s large with measurement of 21.4*12.4mm. No matter you press it with index finger or thumb, you will feel comfortable. The arc groove on the fire button also increases the touch feel.

On the two sides of the box mod, the material is artificial leather sticker. Different minds think different, but its friction and elasticity are both pretty good. The manufacturer will release more different stickers later. Vapers can improve its appearance and uniqueness by changing the stickers.

On its front side, it is a colorful screen with high definition. It displays regular information including time, wattage(temperature), current mode, voltage and resistance. This box mod features two displaying modes, one is the regular symmetrical display mode, another one is the popular speedometer-styled mode.

Below the screen, there are the adjustment buttons and USB port. The adjustment buttons and the USB port together forms a shape that looks like a little man with sun-glasses (The Matrix?)

On the back of the box mod, there is a decorative sticker.

In order to compress the size, it adopts the flip-open battery cover. Since the battery cover occupies a big area of the bottom, the sally part doesn’t affect the whole and it doesn’t influence its placing stability.

You can see the gold-plated contactors, battery status inspecting contactors and positive and negative signs on the internal side of the battery cover. The battery compartment is totally insulated.

--Performance and operation--

Min (Min mode output effect)


Norm (Norm mode output effect)


Max (Max mode output effect)

This box mod still utilizes the newest 218 chipset of Smoant (Wattage mode can support resistance low to 0.1Ω, and TC mode can support resistance low to 0.05Ω). Its output performance is beyond words. Additionally, wattage curve mode also increases the play-ability of this box mod.

You can refer to the gif pictures for the actual output effect. Under norm mode, its firing response is fast. Under max mode, its firing response is more fierce. Under min mode, since the output curve is flat, the heating speed of coil is slow.

As a whole, the output effect under Norm mode and Max mode is very fierce. Min mode is more suitable for MTL atomizers.

Since it adopts colorful screen, its operation is comparatively simple(its operation is visualized) The secondary menu becomes more specific and clear.

Press the fire button three times to enter into the menu. On the main interface, you will see four secondary menus, wattage, setting and desktop. Press adjustment buttons to enter in to make adjustment. Long press the fire button to go back to the upper menu. Press the fire button five times continuously to turn on/off the mod.

This box mod also has made improvements on wattage output and added wattage output gears including Min, Norm and Max. This also simplifies the choice of taste for new vapers.

Since all the corners and edges of the box mod are processed to be rounded. Since the fire button is on the side and it has a compact size, no matter its hand feel and firing operation are both very comfortable.

--Problems Found--

No matter its paint or details, they are both excellent. After using it for several days, the problems I found are that the shell becomes a little loose, the firing delays a little bit, and the battery cover heaves a little bit. As a whole, its performance is comparatively stable. However, weak output exists when the battery capacity lowers (this is a problem that all the box mods cannot solve).


Actually, when we look through the current product line of Smoant, we can find that its products have begun to cover all vapers with different needs. As its basic performance has increased, you don’t need to think about the output (150w is the limit of most vapers). When its hardware and software both reaches a certain height, the product line will be naturally enlarged.

Smoant products are known for its high performance price ratio, which means later we will have more products of high performance price ratio.

Finally, let’s make a summary of this Smoant Cylon TC 218w box mod. Both its workmanship and surface treatment are excellent. Its performance is extraordinary and its play-ability is comparatively high. Its operation is simple and it’s nice to hold. It has nice appearance and its performance price ratio is high.

I hope this review can help you to know Smoant Cylon 218w mod. Leave your comment below for more information. If you are interested in it, use coupon code “cylon12” to enjoy 12% off! 

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