Big screen box mods like Smok G-Priv, Cuboid Pro seem especially outstanding and attractive among box mods. They adopts high-tech to make the operation more user-friendly, which is as natural as the evolving of phones from mechanical buttons to touch screen. Today I’m going to share you with a touchscreen product Smoant Charon TS 218W, which is quite unique among all the Smoant products so far.


Generally, when we evaluate the comprehensive strength of a box mod, we firstly check if its appearance is at a high level according to the popular taste. Secondly, we check if its function and actual performance have strong competitiveness among the products at the same period. Then, we will see if the price is reasonable. Today, we will review this Smoant Charon TS 218W based on these tips.


TS218 is designed to be powered by dual 18650 batteries. It doesn’t have a compact size, but its well-processed corners and edges make it very comfortable to hold. Except for its direct charge, short-circuit protection and some other regular functions, it also has some highlights: touchscreen operation, maximum 218w output under VM mode (supporting taste mode and user-defined curve), TC mode compatible with NI200/TI/SS/TCR (supporting user-defined curve and resistance fine-tuning), lowest 0.05Ω under VM mode.


For more detailed specification, you can refer to the data at its official website and also the specification book inside of the package.


Since the touch screen has a clear layout, TS218 doesn’t need too much decoration elements. Just like the evolving of touchscreen cellphones, it’s not hard to find a cellphone with only one power button. The highly-polished surface is as smooth as the silk. Of course, such processing inevitably will turn the two polished surfaces into the collector of fingerprints.


I tested the spring-loaded connector with atomizers of “extremely long electrode” and “extremely short electrode”, and it turned out that they both have good connection on this mod. The big fire button is covered with rubber and its feedback is quite ringing. It has the function of firing, locking/unlocking the fire button, turning on/off mod. The small brushed button has the function of turning on/off the screen, locking/unlocking the wattage adjustment. At the bottom, there is a USB port. The setting of the function buttons on this Smoant TS218 is very clear.

The combination of the battery compartment cover is perfect. Except that the stealth groove (marked in red circle in the picture)can help to open the circle, you can hardly find another gap to help you with it. Besides, the workmanship inside of TS218 mod is also satisfying, no obvious assembling gap, flat plastic shell, spring-loaded electrode with ringing feedback, clearly-marked positive, negative poles and so on. No deficiency!

The response of the touchscreen is very rapid. Most of the operations can be completed via the touchscreen. The two energy bars on the menu display the capacity of the battery. When there is a small icon of lock displaying on the screen, all the wattage adjustments of the mod are locked. You can long press the small button near the fire button to unlock and lock them. The locking method of TS218 has its own concept. If you want to be familiar with the operation, you will need a while to use the mod. Such locking design can well avoid mistouching of the screen.


Undoubtedly, the user-defined taste curve of the touchscreen operation is one of the highlights. The span of TS218 user-defined curve is total power. By pressing the two small triangles at the left and the right of “CONTROL” to switch into a particular time. The output adjustment is controllable on the screen completely. It’s quite simple to make the adjustment, but there exists a problem, that is, it doesn’t have the function of number input. Thus, the dragged height of the wattage is only an approximate value.

Under VW mode, the lowest resistance that TS218 can support is 0.05Ω. Chipsets of every brand has its own heating feature. There is no necessity to make comparison. For example, the same output wattage, the same atomizer, chipsets of different brands, when they are used under heating curve mode, the taste will be slightly different.


TC mode (temperature control) of TS 218W is not just an additional function to make up the numbers. Apart from the regular materials NI/TI/SS, it can also support TCR and user-defined taste curve adjustment, resistance fine tuning, TC preheating. TS218 is compatible with a complete and rich TC function.


The temperature units of TC function, F and C, are switchable. After the switching of temperature unit, the vertical axis (temperature) of user-defined curve adopts the unit on the main menu. Just as the user-defined curve under VW mode, the user-defined curve under TC mode can be defined at the range of full temperature output and has a time length of 10 seconds.


A while ago, I heard about “real temperature control” and “fake temperature control” in a communication group. Today, I will not explore what the truth is, and will talk about the coil skills of temperature control. Firstly, we need an atomizer of simple structure. A single-coil atomizer is the best and we need to choose suitable TC heating materials. For this time, I use SS316.


If you want to use TC function in a right way and don’t want to be mislead by some rumor. A well-made temperature coil is the top priority. Loose winding is the best way. Don’t test temperature control function with a tight-winded SS coil and come to the conclusion of “fake temperature control”. Moreover, the actual experience of temperature control will have discrepancy caused by how well is the coil winded loosely. The coil winded with even distance will bring the best effect.

The last is the processing of cotton. If the liquid deflecting on the cotton is not smooth, it will constrain the TC effect. In fact, temperature control technique is not a “secret technique”. To better experience temperature function, you will need basic craftsmanship and targeted knowledge. I believe the TC technique of different brands has their discrepancies, but the bombastic “secret technique” will in no way be the best. What the users want is the actual TC experience effect. The biggest factor of “real” or “fake” is the false operation.  


After the TC coil is built, you will need to set the mod, which is different from the setting under VW mode. The operation interface of TS218 is very clear. You can set the temperature directly. When using TC function, the temperature is the limit value for protecting coil from dry burning. It can affect the vaporization and reduction of liquid components and temperature taste of vapor. Moreover, TS218 can recognize the new resistance after connecting the atomizer, no need to lock the resistance.

It is officially said that the small numbers below the temperature is for preheating, which can be adjusted in the TC menu (please refer to the specification). This number doesn’t vary much in atomizers of the same category. It is officially said that the small numbers below the temperature is for preheating, which can be adjusted in the TC menu (please refer to the specification). This number doesn’t vary much in atomizers of the same category. Its preheating function is very similar to the preheating function of DNA chipset. Users can set it high or low according to their own taste need.


To evaluate Smoant TS218 from its workmanship and the internal functionality, it’s satisfying in all respects.

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