The performance price ratio of Smoant Charon Adjustable 218w Box Mod is pretty high. For many new vapers, how to choose the proper wattage for an atomizer is a very tricky problem. The appearance of “the adjustable box mod” can simplify such problem. Here I will share with you my review of Smoant Charon Adjustable 218w Box Mod, the “mechanical” version of Smoant Charon TC 218w Box Mod.

This Smoant Charon Adjustable 218w has almost the same look as Smoant 218w TC Box Mod, but some of the “in-depth adjustment functions” are simplified on Adjustable 218. The “+/-” buttons are removed, and there is only one rotary adjusting knob on the mod body, which we can normally see on some mech mods. The operation of Smoant Charon Adjustable 218w has returned to the original and intuitive.

The 510 connector of Adjustable 218 is the same as that of TC 218. Obviously, the simplification of the functions is for simpler operation and help the new vapers to deal with the adjustment of output, thus making them to have a faster experience on vaping.

The workmanship of Adjustable 218 is very solid and is of no difference to the TC 218. The wortle layering on the antique color is painted with the lac varnish. The touch feel of it is of slight difference to the previous TC 218 with dull polish. The adjusting rotary knob is of good quality. With its convex design and the pit slot for adding force of friction, it is more direct than the built-in rotary knob of the Tesla Invader on adjustment.
Below the rotary knob, there is a LED light. It will flash in different colors or different frequencies because of the operations on the mod or battery status. For example, when the resistance is lower than 0.1Ω, the LED will flash 5 times in red color; When the battery is in using under 20%-70%, the LED will flash in blue. When the battery is in using under 70%-100%, it will flash in green.  All the indication signals are listed on the instruction book.

High playability is often the concern of old players. What the new players need are those simple box mods. The adjustment of “the adjustable box mod” can be easily operated with the rotary knob. Obviously, Smoant Charon Adjustable 218w has an obvious targeted advantage.

Two batteries connect in series can bring more voltage. If you need more “fierce” performance, you can adjust the output to a high level. But remember that the build of the coil should match with the atomizer to avoid the overburning of it.

There are five gears on the rotary knob. If you don’t have enough confidence to operate it, you can adjust it from the lowest gear to the highest gear quantitatively, till the heating speed of the atomizer and the reduction degree of the liquid flavor is satisfying.
Apart from the introduction of the mod above, there are two points that new vapers should pay attention: Firstly, Adjustable 218 doesn’t have the firing-lock function. When you put the mod in your bag, please turn off the power of the box mod. Secondly, the mod is not suitable for direct charge, so please bring your battery charger with you.  In fact, not only this Adjustable 218w is not suitable for direct charge, most of such box mods are the same.

The official diameter of Smoant Battlestar RTA is 24.5mm. It can well match Smoant Charon Adjustable 218w box mod with no gap.

Charon Adjustable 218w can support the lowest resistance to 0.1Ω,which can satisfy the vaping needs of most new players. Though its solid workmanship and flat look doesn’t bring it a shining quality, it can completely be liked by the vapers with its simple operation and all-fitting quality.
If you like subtle adjustment or you like TC mode, TC 218 can be a top choice. But if you are a vapor-chasing vaper, or you are a new vaper and are inexperience in adjusting detailed parameters, then this easy-to-operate Smoant Charon Adjustable 218 can bring you the simplest operation experience.

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