Check this review out to know how does the innovative Smoant Battlestar RDTA perform!

As the last category of atomizers, RDTA combines the strengths of RDA and RTA. Though its structure is brand new with innovations, the early techniques and experiences are under developing with critical defects, thus indirectly restricting its quantity in the market. After a while, several manufacturers released RDTA again. Then how has this Smoant Battlestar RDTA got rid of these critical defects? Move forward!

The atomizer we are going to talk about here has the same name as Smoant Battlestar Mod. It is the matched atomizer of Smoant Battlestar mod, even the colors are also the same. I don’t know if the manufacturer will release the Smoant Battlestar Kit.


It adopts the popular drawer-styled package and inside of it, it’s a square-shaped paper box. In the box, there is a tank, a glass tube and a pack of spare accessories.

Content List: Battlestar RDTA*1, Product Structure Card*1, Product certificate*1, spare glass tube *1, spare accessories pack*1 (4*spare screws, a set of rings, 1*screwdriver)


Its top cap and drip tip are made of black heat-insulation materials with yellow-colored atomizer tube. There are two air flow holes facing each other on the tube. Moreover, there is also printed with characters “Battlestar RDTA” on the tube, and on its opposite side, there is engraved with a skull pattern.


  1. Size: 24.55mm*38.5mm
  2. Capacity: 4.5ml
  3. Spacing width between the electrode posts: 17.5mm
  4. Material: 304 stainless steel+ quartz glass tube+ PEEK material
  5. Easy for cleaning and all the components can be disassembled.
  6. Adjustable airflow system

Below the atomizer tube, it is the e-liquid glass tube. There is printed with the unrecyclable sign “CE”.  The adjustable 510 electrode of this atomizer makes it suitable for all the mods with 510 connector.


It can be disassembled into 6 parts in details (excluding the electrode screws): drip tip, inflow adjustable cap, atomizer tube, filling ring, e-liquid glass tube, electrode deck and base.

--Disassembling Analysis--

The drip tip on the top is made of heat-insulation material and its insulation effect is excellent. The inner diameter of the drip tip is 11.5mm. Airflow can go through it enormously,  thus reducing the drawing resistance and increasing the flow rate of the air. Two rings on the drip tip ensures the sealing between the drip tip and top cap is tight enough.

The top cap is also made of heat-insulation material. The top of it is processed specially with six passivated file finishes, making its shape very similar to a dodecagon and the operation of adjusting the airflow hole much easier. Inside of the top cap, there is a dome design which can compress the air on the top in some degree and thus improving the flavor. At the lower part, there are two inflow holes on both of the two  inflow blades with which vapers can experience a dense flavor of small inflow without need to do precise operation.

The carved pattern on the atomizer tube is processed finely. Through testing by metal scratch, the wear resistance ability of the paint is pretty good and its workmanship is excellent. There is no obvious flaws on the glass tube.

The electrode base is in U shape with two posts and four holes. The base is cross-shaped with four U-shaped holes at both sides . Surrounding the base, there are the threads for installing the filling ring. Only after installing the filling ring, the U-shaped holes surrounding the electrode base can be closed, thus forming  the filling holes.

The glass tube is fixed by the filling ring and the base and is sealed by two L-shaped rings. When disassembling the filling ring, the tank will stay on the base steadily.

--Actual Operation--

Choose a wire of proper length to twist it into coils.

The electrode posts is featured with dual posts and four holes. In the situation that the coil is not long enough to reach the spacing distance of the two electrode posts,  for better installing the coils, you will need to bend the coil ends.

Use tools to bend the coil into the shape showed above (the tool I use is the handle part of the tweezers.)

Bend the coil preliminarily and then make measurement where to bend the coil.

Bend the coil after measurement.

Try to make sure you bend the two coils the same shape and length.

When finishing bending the coils, then you can bending them. From the picture above, you can see the spacing distance is just right. With the coil bent, you can install them easily and the adjustment of the coils also become much easier.

Some vaping friends keep asking how to adjust the coils when burning them.  My summary is in a few words, clamp, pull, lift, press, scratch and drag( dragging can help solving the problem of short-circuit)

After burning, then you install the cotton.

Choose cotton of proper thickness. Pinch one end tightly and thread it into the coil (note: if you feel big resistance when threading the cotton, you just stop there. Or you may snap the cotton, even worse the coil will be deformed heavily. What you should do is to make the cotton much thinner and then thread it into the coils)

Cut off the needless part of the cotton, especially the part that you have pinched tightly when threading it.

Make the cotton end loose. You can flip it and then use the point of the tweezers to prick the end. 

Clam the cotton end with your tweezers and plug it into the  liquid-defecting  slot.

Make the cotton fluffy for better blocking the liquid deflecting holes.

Power on the mod and start vaping!

Problems found in using:

Since it’s a new tank, the top cap and the atomizer tube are connected too tightly and the damping is too strong, it’s pretty difficult to adjust the air normally. If you coat some liquid at the ring, it can relieve the tightness. After using for a while, the two parts will be running in gradually and can be easily for adjusting the air.

The filling ring is also very tightly connected. When you first disassemble it, you need to make efforts. Badly, I  have assembled it so tightly that I need to disassemble it with a tool. But I used a wrong tool that I crumbled the glass tube. Thus, when you assemble the filling ring, don’t assemble it too tightly, but just to the degree that can ensure good sealing.


This RDTA is surprisingly stable for using. After using it for several days, I didn’t find any critical problems. As regard to the taste, it’s just at a normal level as ordinary RDAs.

The operation of the this Batttlestar RDTA with dual-posts and four holes is pretty easy. The workmanship is excellent, the performance is stable, the taste is good. The colors and style completely match the Battlestar mod

What attracts me most is the cheap price of it. $29.69!

If you are looking for a RDTA, or if you already have the Smoant Battlestar mod, Smoant Battlestar RDTA  couldn’t be a better choice.

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