As the electronic cigarette moved so far, experienced vapers can remember all the historical periods of electronic cigarettes.

In the past 2017, we have witnessed the revolutionary improvement of RTA and the advent of various black technology and innovative structure. All these changes have brought further optimization for ecig real experience.

Among them, small-sized ecig devices were upgraded again and pushed the ecigs for cease smoking to a higher position in a single field.

Though electronic cigarettes have been well developed in the aspects such as huge vapor and fancy vapor. But its mission to help smokers cease smoking has never been changed.  

At the beginning, ecigs, like Ego and Ruyan, were designed to help smokers to cease smoking but their usage experience are not as good as expected, due to technological problems. Many users gave up them because of their undesirable usage experience and returned back to traditional electronic cigarettes.  

Except personal health problems, the side-effect to choose traditional cigarettes are also remarkably obvious. For example, second-hand smoke to relatives and friends around you, yellow teeth and black teeth caused by long-time smoking, bad breath formed in a long time.

In 2017, there emerged lots of new small-sized device in the market. They are designed as a substitute of traditional cigarettes to help people cease smoking, such as Phix, Bo, Juul, MT and the optimized NXR and Vladdin.

We all know that, addiction to smoking, from the perspective of physics, except for nicotine, the main reason is that human body are dependent on the behavior of smoking. That is to say, nicotine patch is not as effective as inhaling the nicotine into body. Here is the significance of small-sized cigarettes.

For example, products like Phix and Vladdin, they firstly satisfy people with the intake of nicotine and the behavior of “smoking”. All the designs are customer-oriented, finished pod, non-button, easy for charging.

In the cases that smokers failed to cease smoking by vaping, most of them thought building coils were too troublesome, but not because the difference of taste.

Except for the portability, designers of small-sized ecig devices also take into consideration of the limitations of different usage spots. If you carry a Vladdin with you, its vapor is only much larger than the smoke of traditional cigarette and will not attract much attention. In a small space, it will not bring too much vapor and blurs your vision.

Disposable finished pod is also one of the highlights of small-sized products. They don’t have any thresh-hold for usage. All you need to do is simply insert the pod into the mod. If you think traditional huge-vapor electronic cigarettes are too troublesome, then maybe such small-sized products are your type.

Different brands have their different pod flavors.

Regarding the cost of the pod, if you smoke a pack of traditional cigarette (20 RMB))everyday, it costs the same if you use a pod for four to five days.

It’s convenient for using and it doesn’t have any technical thresh-hold. It also costs the same.

After weighing them, many people are willing to get a set of pod-system for ceasing smoking or substitute traditional cigarette. After all, such method can help to make you free of a series of bad conditions, such as chronic pharyngitis, second-hand smoking and embarrassing bad breath. 

But here, I’d like to make it known to vapers who have never tried small-sized ecigs before, that there is difference between the actual usage experience and traditional cigarette.

But if you evaluate electronic cigarette with much healthier attitude, multiple flavors of pods are also an obvious strengths of small-sized ecigs.

Looking back to the upgrading of a series of small-sized pod, there emerged more and more types of pod flavors, and the sealing of pod also became better and better. These improvements brought qualitative change to users.  More convenience and worry-free is a necessary development trend for ecigs.

Stepping into 2018, hopefully,we will have more small-sized electronic cigarettes and richer pod flavors. 

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