Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 150W Kit

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Bottom Feed mod (also called squonk mod or squonker) has become very hot in the market recently. All the brands are marching into the market with their newly designed squonk mod.

The first coming squonk mods are all of mechanical structure. With more and more brands stepping into this area, some squonk mods begin to have chipset added in, thus coming the VV squonk mods and squonk kit with bottom feeding function, VV mode and 21700 battery, forming a brand new device branch.

What I’m going to share with you today is a new product from Sigelei brand, Sigelei Fuchai BF 21700 Kit. Let’s check out this squonk mod with VV output mode.

Sigelei is one of the earliest electronic cigarette brands and won the mod wattage competition in the first round. Many of you may still remember its classic 100w plus. Its shape, wattage and workmanship can completely keep pace with the mods in the current market. It usually surprises the vapers and seemly arouses a trend of retro.

Sigelei nowadays has changed, its symbolized features “Excell-styled screen display” has already been replaced. Its atomizers have been changed, coils have been changed, batteries have been changed, mods have been changed, mechanical mods have been changed, liquid has been changed. At the same time, we ourselves also changed.

The heat of Squonk mod/kit keeps rising in the global ecig community.


Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 kit is originated from the Fuchai 213 kit. It is a VV squonk kit with all the features including protection function, VW mode and TC mode. And the extra BF system is added.

Of course, 213 doesn’t mean the output of this kit supports 213w. Fuchai 213 is supported by a single battery. 21700, 20700 and 18650 batteries are both supportable. When 21700 batteries are adopted, its max output is 150w. The chipset will underclock automatically according to the current performance of the battery.

It’s packed in white paper box with blue color embodying its sense of science and technology. On its front side, you can see its rough appearance. There are at least 4 colors for choice.

On the side of the package, there is a laser anti-fake sign of Sigelei. The Chinese characters vary from different angles.


Wattage Range: 10w-150w

Input Voltage: 3.2v-4.2v

Output Voltage: 1.0v-7.5v

Resistance Range: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω

Output modes: Power mode, TC(Ti, Ni200, SS304, SS316,SS317 )

TC Range: 100℃-300℃/ 212°F-572°F

Packing List:

BF 213 mod *1


USB cable *1



User Manual*1

Warranty Card*1



Appearance & Details

Three points needing to pay attention:

  1. The lowest resistance to match Fuchai 213 mod is 0.1Ω. When matching fancy coils, some coils are officially labeled high resistance, but before burning it, their resistances are always much lower. When you burn the dual coils at the same time, their resistance might be lower than 0.1Ω and the mod cannot support it.
  2. Output mode: This Fuchai 213 BF mod can also support TC mode with SS317 material. The coil of SS317 material is not very common, but Sigelei 213 series provide a material choice for people who like TC mode.
  3. Inside of the package, except for the box mod, there is also a RDA.


Fuchai 213 BF box mod has nearly the same appearance and buttons layout as the Fuchai 213 mod. There is a squonk bottle inside the mod. A panel is also included in the package, so if the user do not use the BF system, you can change the panel, then the mod will look just like a 21700 single battery mod.

Some details have also been adjusted, such as 510 connection of BF version doesn’t have the six grooves but flat surface; the two hexagon screws on the top also become smaller; the battery compartment cover at the bottom of the box mod is also changed.

When you open the battery compartment cover, there is battery sleeve for adapting 18650 battery into the size of 21700. The structure at the bottom of the mod is also very interesting. It seems as if it has two battery grooves, but one of the two is actually a place for the squonk bottle.

There are two metal contacts on the battery compartment cover. One connects to the negative pole and the other one connects to the spring contact, thus forming a circuit.


The liquid bottle adopts soft silicone with especially comfortable hand feel. It can contains 5ml liquid.


The top of the liquid bottle connects to the liquid tube under the 510 connection.



If you think Fuchai 213 squonk looks very much like the dual battery mod without too many highlights, then I truly think the RDA of the kit is a “black horse”. This is not a RDA only designed for this kit. It performs well itself.

When you see the internal structure, you may say this is only an ordinary RDA with dual posts and four holes. What’s so amazing?

At the beginning, I also had the same idea on it and even disliked it. I thought this RDA is just designed for the kit. Then I made a commonly-used coil to try this RDA and found both its flavor and vapor were excellent. This RDA is not that simple.

On its structure, Fuchai RDA is just ordinary with two posts and four holes. Only the outer tube is designed into a square shape, but its inside is the traditional round shape with a dome on it. Together with the drip tip with big diameter, they are all the basis of the flavor and vapor volume of this RDA.

The base can be rotated within the range of 90°. Such design is mainly for adjusting the airflow holes.

Currently, most of the 21700 device manufacturers also manufacture 21700 batteries. Just as iJoy and Coilart, they both have 20700 batteries and 21700 batteries of their own.

Long time ago, Sigelei already has its battery brand of 18650. For this time, it also released 21700 batteries of both Sigelei brand and Snowwolf brand.


Actual Test

At that time, I disliked the simplicity of Fuchai RDA and made a commonly-used data, 22 Ga/3mm circle diameter/ 6 circles.

Fuchai 213 also made some changes on the screen display and canceled the voltage data.

The resistance tested out is 0.14Ω. I tested it with 95w output and 3.67v voltage.

Its firing speed is especially quick and its constant output performance is also excellent.


The operation of the mod is also very simple. After you install the batteries into it, it will turn on automatically. Press the fire button three times, it will enter into the function menu. Press “+” and “-” to move the cursor and press fire button to confirm it.

Combination Keys:

* Keep pressing “+” button and “-” button, you will be able to read the initial resistance of the coil.

*Press “-” button and then press the “fire” button, you will lock the 2 adjustment buttons, thus you can avoid mis-touching to change the setting, but it will not lock the fire button.

* Press down “+” button first and then quickly press down fire button without moving your finger, it will enter into “preheat mode” setting.  

Preheat mode: It’s actually a trans-formative form of “customized output curve”. But I think such a form is more convenient for ordinary users. You will not have to adjust the wattage at different period. You just need to set the preheat wattage and preheat time, which greatly simplify the operation.

Such method is not as flexible as power customization curve, but I think, ordinary users seldom adjust output curve into something like electrocardiogram, so preheat mode is more convenient.

For example, when you use fancy coils, if you set the output mode into 60w and set the preheat wattage into 80w for 1 second. Its actual effect will be as: if you press down fire button, the mod will preheat at 80w for 1 second and then lower down to 60w, which can make up the weakness of slow heating of coil.


The design concept of Sigelei Fuchai BF 213 is very subtle. The dual 18650 battery is changed into single battery 21700 BF mod. Vapers who like VV, TC mode can also enjoy the fun of BF structure. Except that the maximum output of chipset is lowered, TCR function is canceled, and other details have been improved, other functions and performances are almost the same as dual-battery Fuchai 213 mod. If you don’t use BF function, you can change the panel thus to change it into a 21700 single-battery box mod.

Personally, the performance of Fuchai RDA even surpasses that of the mod. It has a simple structure, but it has good taste. New vapers can easily operate it.

Let’s get to the point. When you install 21700 battery into Sigelei Fuchai 213 BF mod, it can reach to a maximum output of 150w, but the output will lower as the battery voltage lowers. When you use 18650 battery, you can set the output at 150w, but when you press down the fire button, the box mod will indicate that the battery is too week and its voltage will lower. When the 18650 battery is fully charged, it will automatically adjust to approximate 70w output.

Regarding the battery duration, the capacity of 21700 is approximately 4000mah, equaling to the capacity of one and half a 18650 battery. Its output is also much higher. When working with 21700 battery under 60-70w, the battery duration time of the battery satisfies me well. Compared with 18650 single battery mod, its duration time improves greatly. The most important is that, it is difficult for single 18650 battery to keep outputting at a high wattage. Its voltage lowers quickly. Chipset will gradually lower the voltage. However, 21700 improves greatly in this aspect.

Weaknesses found in actual test. Firstly, it’s the problem that sometimes liquid leak from the top of the liquid tube. Secondly, when you hold the mod obliquely, the liquid will move to the top of the squonk mod. When you vape, the liquid can not flow back to the bottom in time. At this time, when you squeeze the liquid bottle, you will hear the sound of airflow, and the liquid can not be transmitted back into the atomizer. You will have to erect the mod until the liquid flow back.


The overall performance of Fuchai Squonk kit is excellent. If you're interested in Fuchai Squonk, use coupon code "fuchai12" to enjoy 12% off! 

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