Sigelei is an early comer in the electronic cigarettes world and was founded in 2011. It is not a high-producing brand, but it always has something new to attract eyes. Check out its newly released product Sigelei Compak F1 Kit.

It’s packed in a black square box together with a spare coil head, a tank, a USB cable, a user manual, a warranty card, a security code instruction and a small piece of certificate card.

This Sigelei Compak F1 Kit is not in a regular shape and has a big hole on the top of it. The hole is for containing the tank and there is a magnet at the bottom of the hole.


The main part of the mod is made of metal and the other part is made of the skin-like material which is very comfortable for holding.

Where is the fire button? I don’t see any button on the mod. The black panel with five vertical lights on it is the fire button. One button for all, simple operation! Below the button, there is a USB port.

On the opposite of the fire button, there are two holes on the panel for checking the liquid in the tank. At the bottom of the mod, there is a cap for protecting the drip tip.


The tank has a capacity of 2ml. The drip tip on it has an inverted dome design which can effectively prevent the condensation from being sucked into mouth. The tank also features a top refill system and a bottom airflow system. It’s quite simple to refill the tank. When replacing the tank, you even don’t have to move the liquid in the tank. You just invert the tank and unscrew the thin base and the coil head.


At the bottom of the mod, you can find a small cap there for the drip tip. When it’s not in use, you can can cover the cap on the drip tip, and when you are vaping, you can put the cap back to the bottom. Cool design!

To vape on Sigelei Compak F1 Kit, you just drop the tank into the hole and press five times to turn on the kit.Sigelei Compak F1 Kit can produce very dense vapor, but the flavor is kind of plain. For vapers who don’t like rich flavor but like dense vapor, this kit would be a pretty good choice.

With the tank hiding in the mod, it feels like you are vaping from a really cool box.


1. Protective cap for hygiene

2.Inverted dome design in drip tip to prevent condensation being sucked into mouth.

3. Stealth tank

4. Visual liquid window

5. Easy to replace coil head even with liquid in the tank

6. Top refill

7. Only one button, saving trouble for the new and the lazy

8. Skin-like surface, nice hand feel

9. Dense vapor with plain flavor


Material: Zinc alloy
Wattage range: 25W-40W
Working mode:Power mode
Input volts: 3.2V ~ 4.2V
Battery capacity: 2000mAh(internal battery)
Resistance:0.3 Ω
Tank capacity:2.0ml
Supporting Micro USB charging,Charging support (USB):5V/2A

Package List:

1 * Compak F1 Mod
1 * Tank
1 * Replacement coil
1 * USB cable
1 * User manual
1 * Warranty card

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