It's something you've likely heard about, even if you aren't quite sure what it is: Vaping. Though a lot of parents are still worried about keeping their kids away from cigarettes (and maybe keeping their schoolwork plagiarism-free), this new fad has cropped up in its place. But more and more evidence points to the vaping health consequences as being just as serious as smoking. How do you handle teen vaping? How can you discuss it with your own children? And what is it, exactly?

What is Vaping?
For those who aren't sure what vaping is, we'll start off with a brief explanation. It normally requires a vape pen, electronic cigarette, or personal vaporizer. One of the named brands of this is called the “JUUL.” The device is filled with a liquid that is inhaled as a vapor by the user. This liquid frequently comes in different flavors that young ones enjoy, such as fruits and desserts. And yes, this liquid also has a very high nicotine content.

A Rise in Technology
The devices used for this are very futuristic and “cool” looking. Many have a sleek design and have been said to “look like an Apple product.” Vape news is constantly full of newer and better-looking devices. Just like how kids are more likely to use the tools such as the plagiarism checker found at to check for plagiarism online, they're more likely to be enticed by this new modern addiction. It looks better than traditional cigarettes.

Teen’s Perception
Just like in previous generations, teens today have their own perceptions about such things as vaping. However, it may also be wrong. Many believe that this is healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes. This, if it were true, would make it a healthier alternative. Some also state that the liquid is nicotine-free, or at least has a lighter nicotine content than traditional cigarettes do. These are dangerous perceptions to have.

Busting the Vaping Myths
There is definitely nicotine in most vaping liquids and JUUL pods. In fact, the amount in a single JUUL pod is equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes, making it extremely addicting. Scientists also find that using a vape is just as bad for you as using traditional cigarettes. Both can cause addiction and severe lung damage. And it's a slippery slope: Those who vape quickly have their opinions on normal cigarettes warped, seeing them as less harmful.

Marketing Towards Teens
This is probably the most worrying part of the trend. More and more vape brands and businesses are being marketed directly towards the young generation. They feature flavors like strawberry, grape, bubblegum, and even Girl Scout cookies, which are very likely to draw in teens. A lot of advertisements make using this product seem cool and fun; some even feature actors and models who appear to be underage. Combined with the “innovation” that is perceived when using this, it's seen as a very cool thing to do.

Talking With Your Kids
Just like with cigarettes, drinking, and drugs, talking to your children is a must when it comes to preventing them from vaping. Remember to keep it an open conversation, not a lecture. Ask your child what they “know” about using vapes, whether any kids at school do it, and how they feel about it. Just as you would push them to check for plagiarism before turning in an assignment, teach them to be critical of this new fad.

Vaping. It's as dangerous as smoking. With teens literally lining up and saving money to try it, you need to take serious steps to protect them. Follow these tips, and you'll be able to breathe a little easier. And, perhaps, so will your child.