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As everyone knows,

smoking is harmful to health. Well, ceasing smoking is not easy!

Non-smokers hope that all around them are all non-smokers.

Regarding the issue of smoking,

there is a product that many people may be familiar with but have not used it.

That is, electronic cigarette.


Electronic cigarette is a tool for ceasing smoking or a substitute for traditional cigarette.

Some people may doubt that

electronic cigarette can be really of such uses?

The story below is about a Britain returnee who used to be an employee of Weichat.

After reading it, maybe smokers can find a new and comfortable hobby for ceasing smoking, and non-smokers can finally know how to care about smokers.


Zhu Yaxuan, the first industrial designer of Wechat

was graduated from St Martins College of Art and Design in Britain.

The four years working in wechat has trained him to think the product design from the perspective of users.


His falling in love with electronic cigarette is just accidental.

In 2014, his friend gave him an electronic cigarette. He had never smoked or vaped, but he thought it was fun.

Later he came to know that

"electronic cigarette doesn't contain tar but only nicotine. It can help hundred millions of smokers to cease smoking or reduce the damage of smoking.

It is a great industry."

Then, "Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit" came out from the heart of Zhu Yaxuan

to drawings and finally to the market.

Zhu Yaxuan became a CEO who even took the burden of customer service.


Here I would like to popularize some knowledge.

It is well-known that the harmful substances in traditional cigarette

are tar and nicotine,

that tar is the main culprit to cause cancer,

and that nicotine can cause addiction.

When burning

(the temperature of a burning traditional cigarette is 600 ℃ ),

it can produce 2000 kinds of harmful substances and granules.


However, electronic cigarette doesn't contain tar,

 and electronic cigarette will not transform nicotine to harmful substances. 

The micro electronic heating of electronic cigarette only heats up to 200℃ which doesn’t reach the boiling point of nicotine,

therefore, the harmful substances in nicotine will not be produced.

By heating, the e-liquid will be vaporized into vapor for vaping.

Therefore, for the sake of health,

only if the taste of electronic cigarette is close to traditional cigarette,

it can be used as the substitute of traditional cigarette.

Most importantly,

it can solve the secondary smoke in environment.


Many people have become from electronic cigarette “users” to “fans”.

To them, electronic cigarette is not only a tool,

but more a hobby, a culture and a lifestyle.

Some people even regard electronic cigarette as a tool for connecting social activity.


To them,

it is not only the nicotine in the e-liquid that they like to vape as the substitute of traditional cigarette,

but more is the various flavors of e-liquid.

Except for various fruit flavors, there are also other flavors like milk, durian, pizza and etc.


Even those who don’t smoke can also have a try on it

to change the flavor of your life.


Today, I will introduce you an electronic cigarette

named "Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit" .

Quoting from an experienced vaper who has used 16 different styles of electronic cigarette:

"This electronic cigarette

is simple for using with great taste and pretty appearance.

‘岚’(Laan), represents for fog in archaism."

In archaism, “Laan” means misty fog in mountain.

Wow! Such artistic conception! Such high style!

No kidding! Vaping this electronic cigarette surely gives you

a feeling of ascending immortals.

One puff to your soul, two puffs to your spirit.

-- Minimalism design and iPhone quality--

Shanlaan laan kit is as big as a short cigar.

Compared with similar products, it’s extremely compact.

But its performance is not inferior to big brand electronic cigarettes.


The style of this product is in the style of “normcore”,

but it has not a bit of coldness feel of industrial products.

When I first saw it, it makes my eyes bright.

How could it be a soap box?  Really user-friendly, haha~

Minimal design, compact size.

Aluminium alloy frosted material + top layer calfskin.

There is not a single button.


Somehow, it feels like I’m using an iPhone.

Full of the sense of high-end, comfortable!


Shanlaan laan has three colors.

They are carbon black, saddle brown and dawn white.

--New vapers can get started easily--

“The main originality of Shanlaan laan” is that

it adopts the “separate top airflow system cartridge ”

Which is initiated in the industry.

Users can easily get started with no need to know any basic knowledge of electronic cigarette.



How simple it is?

Where there is no comparison, there is no harm.

Ordinary electronic cigarette needing:

1.Unscrew the base of electronic cigarette 

2. Refill the tan

3.Screw the base back

4. Install the atomizer onto the mod

It will take your four steps to finish replacement.

Do you feel dizzy with the complicated steps?

Yes, you will~


It’s very troublesome to refill ordinary electronic cigarette!

The worst is that your hands will become oily after refilling.

You have to have tissue with you when you do refilling.

With Shanlaan laan electronic cigarette, you only need to open the silicone of the cartridge,

Refill the liquid with needle or dropper.

Then you install it onto the Shanlaan laan mod.

You don’t have to screw or rotate.

It’s convenient and clean.

You can refill it easily even without tissue.


Such design also spares the users the trouble of cleaning the atomizer.

When it’s time to replace the cartridge, you just replace it.

Users will either have the trouble of burned coils as many ordinary atomizer do.


It’s useless to talk more.

Next, let’s show you how simple the operation is.


First steap: open the drip tip and put the cartridge into the mod, then close the drip tip.

Second steap: Open Shanlaan APP and cellphone blue-tooth.

Take a deep vape! (The LED light will be on)

Paired automatically~



Then what to do?

Bro, then you just vape! (laughter)


Shanlaan laan pod broke the impression of people on electronic cigarette.

It is not only release for experienced vapers,

but truly an easy-to-get-started “plaything” for all people.

Its learning cost is super low.

--Its compact and light-weighted for carrying around--

For your convenience to go out,

Shanlaan laan has made its heart-broken devotion.

When you go out with an ordinary electronic cigarette,

you will need to take e-liquid and other items.

They will not only take up space, and you will also have to worry about leaking.


With Shanlaan laan pod kit, you just need to take Shanlaan laan itself.

To vapers who are not heavily addicted to vaping, one time full charge can last for a whole day.

Even when it’s out of charge, you can charge it with power bank.

Its weight is only 85g. It’s compact in size and suitable for carrying around.


The switch of Shanlaan laan is “air switch”.

It is why it’s different from other electronic cigarette. Ordinary electronic cigarettes need to be turned on with switch,

but Shanlaan laan, you just need to suck the drip tip then it will turn on. 

That is really cool!


Secret to tell you~

There is a small hole at the connection of the drip tip and the mod body. You can get much denser vapor if you cover the small hole~

--Temperature Adjustment APP and Children Lock--

Shanlaan laan electronic cigarette can be connected to cellphone APP through blue-tooth.

When you take a vape, you can open the automatic pair function.

When it’s connected to your cellphone, you can check the remaining battery capacity.

You can adjust the wattage and TC function.

Quite suitable for new vapers.


The APP has a child lock.

When the electronic cigarette is not together with the cellphone, the blue-tooth will be disconnected and locked automatically to avoid kids sucking it.


If you are smokers, you can try Shanlaan laan pod kit

to see if it can be a substitute of your traditional electronic cigarette.


If you are a vaper, you can try Shanlaan laan pod kit

to see if it is more convenient and tasty.


If you are an ecig fancier, you can own a Shanlaan laan

to see if it is much cooler than other ecigs.


Even if you are not one among any of these people, and you are not planning to be one,

it also seems good if you can own one.

After filling it with flower-flavored e-liquid, then you can vape at your bedroom.

Your room will be filled with flagrance all day long.

You can even save the money for buying a MUJI lamp.


If you have vaper friends around you,

you can send him or her a Shanlaan laan pod kit

to help him or her cease smoking and also keep yourself away from secondary smoke.


Lots of smokers have a pain point.

When they are tired or sleepy, they can take a vape to refresh themselves.

But they’ve always had to go to a place like the toilet to smoke.

Till they meet Laan pod kit later,

they find smoking (vaping) can be like spraying perfume.

They don’t have to worry that

they will be detested because they stink of cigarette.

Instead, they even seem to become much cooler.

I’m not telling you that I’m now in office

“smoking” while typing~

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