Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit with 2ml juice capacity and 1300mAh battery

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Performance and Others

Compared with like products, the duration time of Shanlaan Laan Kit is the most satisfying to me. It has a built-in battery with a capacity of 1300mah, much higher than that of the like products, so that you will not have to charge it too frequently. According to my heavy frequency of using, I charge twice a day and consumes 2 tanks of liquid. Those light-vapers can charge it once a day.

If its internal structure could be simplified and optimized, it would be possible for installing a 18650 battery in. The battery capacity can be improved to 3200mah. But the device will have to be lengthened, and its weight and cost will have to be improved.

The operation of Laan is very convenient and simple. You don’t need to do any setting and can just finish refilling and installation as instructed on the specification. Its button-free design is very convenient. You can just vape it like smoking a cigarette. Quite simple!


Laan has a built-in bluetooth function. You can download an APP on your phone to connect the device and adjust the output wattage and temperature, and upgrade the firmware.  

Laan APP is available both on Android device and IOS device (Android users will need to contact the seller for the QR code for downloading.)

After you download and open the APP, you can scan the device according to the notice of bluetooth. There will display the serial number of the device, and you click the serial number to connect it automatically.

On the main interface, you can see the remnant battery capacity, and also three functions including output wattage adjustment, TC switch and temperature setting. You can use the slider to make the adjustment.

The output wattage range of Laan is 5w-40w. Its TC range is 90℃ to 310℃. But the APP doesn’t display specific numbers. You will have to adjust it by feeling, yes, follow your feeling.

Click the setting icon, you can enter into the function setting page. The serial number is on the top. By clicking the icon on the right side, you can modify it. It supports both English and Chinese. The child lock is for avoiding children from mis-use it. When the stealth mode is open, the LED light will be off. Firmware upgrading can check if there is new upgrading file for upgrading.

After actual use, personally, I think the practical use of bluetooth is not very big. You can adjust the output wattage and temperature by the slider, or even turn off the TC function, but it doesn’t influence the taste very much. Instead, you can find some differences of the vapor with naked eye, you can still use Laan. For newbies or smokers, maybe it’s a fresh thing with sense of science and technology. The firmware upgrading function can be also used for optimizing its later function, but for vapers, the upgrading function is not necessary. Child lock and stealth mod is comparatively more practical.


As a cigarette substitute device, Laan doesn’t fall into the tide of following suit. It forges a differentiated product with the designer’s  brand new mind and brings a different experience for users. Especially in such a period that product homogenization is so serious, if Laan is also designed to be a “flat ecig”, it will loose its advantage. The success of Laan reflects the importance of industrial design.  

After I saw Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit, I had losts of audacious ideas in my mind. Since Laan has the potential in shape and structure, maybe later it will have a serious of products, supporting detachable 18650 batteries, matching huge vapor finished atomizers and RBA atomizers that can satisfy different user needs. Of course, these will need to be considered by the designer of Laan and maybe they will bring more surprise for the users.

Compared with like products, when you first buy this product, its price is much higher. But the price of its atomizer is much lower. It doesn’t contain liquid, but it can be refilled. If the carbon deposit rate of the using liquid is not high, an atomizer can be used for 7-10 days according to the using frequency. Compared with that of the liked products, its using cost is much lower. If you are just looking for a simple ecig, Laan is definitely a good choice.

What do you think about Laan? Leave your comment below.

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