Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit with 2ml juice capacity and 1300mAh battery

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Generally speaking, the current cigarette substitute products in the market are matched with ceramics for deflecting the liquid. It can not only prolong the lifespan of the coil head, but also improve the taste. However, Shan Laan Pod Kit doesn’t utilize the ceramics. I guess it’s because the designer considered that: Laan’s atomizer part is in a comparatively close space, and its heat dissipating condition is not good. The huge heat produced by ceramics can not dissipate easily, thus causing high temperature of the device. So, he utilizes the cotton which will produce less heat.

The coil head adopts top airflow system. The airflow holes are close to the silicone sealing ring and higher than the top of the liquid tank.

The biggest advantage of top airflow is its reliability. Under regular usage, it greatly lowers the probability of leaking.

Limited by its size and structure, the filling hole is not big. So when you refill the tank, if the liquid has a high rate of VG , vapers should do as instructed in the picture. Lean the atomizer first then refill it to avoid the liquid being collected below the filling hole, or the air inside of the glass tube will be unable to give off and bubbles will form in the liquid, thus influencing refilling.

Since the atomizer can not be separated from the liquid tank, thus you will be unable to wet the coil manually. (You can drip some liquid through the chimney on the top to the cotton, but if you drip too much, the liquid might remain inside of the coil and being inhaled into mouth. This way is not recommended.) So, when you refilling the liquid, you should close the sealing ring and let it stand for over 10 minutes, so that the liquid can permeates the cotton.  

Put the atomizer into the box mod directly, then buckle up the top cap and spin it to finish installation.

The airflow hole is located at the juncture of the drip tip and mod. The airflow volume is not very large. It’s no problem to do mouth-to-lung, but direct-to-lung is impossible. The sucking resistance is too high.


Regarding the finished coil, I have always considered that “as long as it is installed manually, it’s completely OK to rebuild it.” I have successfully rebuilt the coil of Phix, MT, ICUB and FIIT.

When I first saw the atomizer structure of Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit, I also had such idea. Especially, its coil utilize cotton for deflecting the liquid and the single coil is loosely twisted, the rebuilding of which is nearly the same as regular coil head. It is not difficult for those experienced vapers.

When I started to disassemble the atomizer part of Laan, I found it was not that simple. It’s impossible to take out the coil and cotton for rebuilding.

From its structure, the atomizer part of Laan can be regarded as a coil head covered by a glass tube. The bottom of the coil head is big which is not only the electrode but also the bottom of the glass tube.

Then I began to do the disassembling. I disassembled the accessories at the airflow holes and separated the coil head from the liquid tank. This step actually took lots of efforts and I also utilized some special tools. Ordinary vapers can hardly separate it without tools.

The bottom of Laan coil head is divided into to rings and they match the positive electrode and negative electrode respectively. I pried up the sealing ring in the middle and took out the insulation part. This step was not easy and you can see from the picture that the insulation part has already been damaged.

When I took out the electrode, I also had some problems. There was an accessory on the electrode which was very similar to a card (when I disassembled it, it looked just like that in the picture. I didn’t know whether it actually connected to the electrode and was broken by disassembling.) It was hard to take it out. When I pried it out with tools, I found i was quite difficult to install it back.

When I disassembled the electrode, I took out the coil and cotton with pliers. Since the cotton had absorbed the liquid and swelled, it was quite difficult to take it out and the coil was deformed.

When I open the cotton to see the carbon deposit, I felt the carbon deposit was not very serious. I have used this coil head for 12 days. I used 1 to 2 tanks of liquid every day and charged the battery twice a day. I used several different liquid, 2 of which had high deposit rate.

So far, I had disassembled the coil completely. Even if I could rebuild the coil and reinsert the cotton into the coil, it nearly impossible to restore the electrode.

According to the structure and disassembling, I think the coil head of Laan utilizes very special structure design. That is to say, it is very simple to install it during manufacturing, because it is pressed in directly with special tools. But if you want to disassemble it, there will be various of limits. And even if it’s successfully disassembled, it will be impossible to be restored. No matter whether the designer meant to design it in this way, I can only say such design is very subtle and is like a “self-destroy device”.


Actual Experience


According to my own preference, I think Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit is a device which is very “picky”. When vaping it with tobacco-flavored and cream-flavored liquid, it performs quite well. But it performs plainly when vaping it with fruit-flavored liquid.

In actual test, Laan performed excellently with the common tobacco liquid such as Halo and 562. The taste is soft. When using the liquid with 6mg nicotine, personally I think its throat hitting feel is slightly weak (I’m used to heavy taste).

Of course, it is the experience from a vaper’s perspective. To ordinary users who only take it as a substitute of cigarette, the taste of Laan is pretty enough to satisfy their needs. 


I admitted that most cigarette substitute device is able for direct-to-lung vape. However, limited by small airflow volume and influenced by long time DTL vape, the high temperature will completely change the flavor of the liquid. It seems that the vapor is large, but its actual experience is bery bad.

Every product has its orientation. Cigarette substitute device is for substituting cigarette and solve the needs of vaper. If you like large vapor, you’d better use the large-vapor device.  

It is obvious to all that the airflow hole of Laan is slightly bigger than the needle hole. Moreover, the product orientation of Laan itself is to simulate the resistance of traditional resistance. Since the airflow hole is so small, it’s OK to do the direct-to-lung vape sometimes, but if you use it as a direct-to-lung huge-vapor device, it will cause anoxia. 

Laan doesn’t produce big vapor when you vape it. 

When you vape Laan, its vapor is not very big. I think its vapor volume is in a medium level, but larger than traditional cigarette. It’s enough to be used as a substitute product for traditional cigarette. 

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