Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit with 2ml juice capacity and 1300mAh battery

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ID is short for “Industrial Design”, which means designing industrial products based on ergonomics, aesthetics and economics. “Industrial design” is the product of modernized large-scale production, and it studies modern industrial products and satisfies the need of modern society.

Recently, a new ecig gained great attention. Different from other products, it is not designed by designers in the vaping community but by the first industrial designer of Wechat--Zhu Yaxuan.

This product is called Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit. It’s not well-known in the vaping community yet, but it has already gained great fame outside of the vaping community. It is a successful cross-border electronic cigarette product.

Except for its background story and promotion method, the success of Laan also owes to its unique features. I’m going to analyze its features from the perspective of a vaper. Check it out!



The package of Laan is a white plastic box. Its rounded corners and edges are just like the shape and style of current phones in the market, bringing us a strong impression of “technology” and “digital”.

As a substitute product of traditional products, the size of Laan packing box is quite different. It measures 15cm long and 9cm wide. I put it in my hand so that you can have an intuitive vision of it.

After you take off the sealing cover and open the box, you will find there is a Laan mod, two atomizers (one of them has already been installed onto my mod) and a box with Laan logo which contains a USB cable.

Laan adopts the diameter of 24mm and length of 12.35mm, which is the most-preferred measurement of vapers. Its shape is quite simple and it looks just like a mech mod. Its drip tip is designed to be flat and there is a LED indicator light on the mod body.

Currently, Laan has three color schemes including white, brown and black. The one I have is in brown color. It looks just like a cigar if you give it a glimpse.

You can unscrew to disassemble the drip tip of Laan, and assemble or disassemble the atomizer from here.

Inside of the package cover, there is a paper envelope. When you open it, you will see a specification.

Structure Details

Laan is a refillable vaping device. According to the classification habit of vapers, it can be sorted into a finished refillable vaping kit with built-in battery. Its structure contains battery mod, atomizer and top cap.

The battery mod supplies power. The atomizer part contains and heat liquid. The top cap plays the role of sealing and it also has the drip tip on it.

The shape of the flat drip tip is very unique. In actual experience, it is more comfortable than the regular column drip tip. The design inside of the top cap can not only fix the atomizer part, but also effectively lower the heat being conducted to the drip tip, in case that it will burn the mouth.

When you disassemble the top cap, you will see the red insulation material inside of the mod. The two protruding electrodes supply power for the atomizer part. The tiny button with small letters “reset” near it is the reset key. Laan is supportable for connecting to phone App via Bluetooth for firmware upgrading. When upgrading is failed, you can reset the device with the reset key.

By flip opening the bottom of the battery mod, you can see the USB port. Press the round point in the picture!

The arc shape of the bottom makes the device look much rounder and cooler. But it can not be stand upright on the surface, you will have to put it flat.

There is a LED indicator light on the side of the battery mod. When you vape, it will flash. If the light is in green, the battery is full-charged. When the battery is less than 40%, the light will be in red. When the battery is less than 20%, the light will flash in red.

Compared with the like products, the diameter of the Laan mod is quite big and its size is also big, but it provides a much bigger space for the battery. The built-in battery has a capacity of 1300mah and its duration time is pretty long. For general vapers, it’s OK to charge it once a day.

On the other side of the mod, there is a sunken design. When using it, vaper’s thumb will be right on the sunken place, bringing a nice hand feel.

The brown color mod adopts the leather surface with fine grain. Its hand feel is very comfortable. Matching with the grey frame, it’s quite fashionable.

The atomizer part of Laan is actually a finished atomizer with 2ml capacity. It’s just that the coil head and the glass tube can not be disassembled and need to be changed together.

The design of the liquid deflecting chimney is very practical. It can not only improve the liquid supply to avoid burnt flavor caused by continuous vaping, but can also enable you to vape the last drop of liquid in the tank without remnant.

The top of the atomizer part has a silicon ring on it, which plays the role of sealing the liquid tank. When you refill the liquid, if you open it at the mark point, the filling hole will be opened. After refilling it, you seal it tightly, it will not leak liquid or gas.

Looking from the top of the coil head, you can see the coil of Laan utilizes the loosely-twisted single wire which is usually utilized by finished coil. The liquid deflecting material around the coil is cotton. 

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