Vzone Spirit 90W AIO Kit with RDA

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Vzone Spirit is a great kit for any vapors who is looking for an AIO vaping device.

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I am reviewing the Vzone Spirit RDA 90 Watt kit as I won it in a Urvapin contest here on ECF! It is available for purchase from Urvapin: (Vzone Spirit Kit).

This is called blue, but I would definitely compare it to a Tiffany blue perhaps. It comes with a protective wrap around it which you just remove and throw away.

It comes with several things in the package pictured below:

The kit comes with a certificate of authenticity, a charging cable, an instruction manual translated to several languages, a battery warning card, a package of o-rings, spare screws, two coils, a hex key, as well as a package of Japanese organic cotton and an adapter for those times you might prefer to use a different RDA or RTA than the one which comes with the mod.

The mod takes a single 18650 battery (not included) but does have onboard pass-through USB charging. You can vape if you need while using this charging feature however, I wouldn't recommend it unless there is an emergency as its always best to use an external charger for our 18650 batteries.

Something to note - this is a regulated mod as it has some safety features; it fires down to .1 ohm and has a maximum wattage output of 90 watts for instance, but this mod is not a variable wattage device; you need a knowledge of ohms law and knowledge of your battery in order to safely operate this device. Your build determines the vape.

In building this I found the deck of the included dual coil RDA (which is proprietary to this device) to be quite roomy. I built it using 26 gauge Kanthal wire, 8 wraps, spaced coil with an ID of 2.5 mm = plenty of room on the deck. You can build your coil at 3mm ID without problem, but I didn't push size limits to see what the limit is for building a coil but I see it likely (?) that you could do a 3.5mm ID coil as well. Its a velocity deck and I had no problem building this. It will hold 3mm ID alien coils without difficulty for certain.

You do need to realize this is a genesis style RDA, so when you build it you want the wicks hanging all the way to the bottom of the tank reservoir. The manufacturer claims the tank holds 5ml but I didn't measure for accuracy. I would call it a little less than that in reality, but cant say for sure.

The build deck is on the right in the picture below - you will screw the build deck onto the mod, build your coils and wick it prior to putting the base ring on; base ring pictured on the left. It's different for me than anything I'm used to, but its an AIO device and this style makes it easier to wick properly. The o-rings are nice and snug when you put it all together, although the airflow ring just turns around when you turn it; there is no stopping point so you just stop it wherever you like.

I did find this RDA to be a DL vape for sure. Even with the airflow closed most of the way it was an airy vape. Also to note, when you tighten down the airflow the tank starts getting hot, so I will call this RDA a DL vape, and likely the DL vapers will love this!

This RDA provides a fairly flavorful vape especially with the genesis style of tank. Very enjoyable to vape this. However, perhaps you have a favorite atty you prefer so it does come with an adapter and you can use any RDA or RTA you like on it.. as shown in picture below:

There were a couple drawbacks to this mod. First I personally didn't care for the AIO style as I found it difficult to remove the plastic tank for cleaning. You have to remove three screws on the top of the mod and lift off that cover in order to get to the tank to remove it. There is a spring to the side of the tank that you have to be careful with as it is necessary to the operation of the mod.

Granted, you don't have to clean it all the time but I found that a bit of work. You will need a jewelry sized screwdriver to remove those top screws in order to gain access to the reservoir tank itself. You will not be able to remove the tank with any e-liquid in it, be careful and make sure you have completely drained that tank prior to removal because when you remove it you take the chance of getting e-liquid down into the device itself.

There are LED lights (blue on the blue mod) that light up the e-juice tank whenever you press the fire button. Its cute no doubt, but I'm sure it needlessly drains the battery.

The tank on the mod is made from plastic, not glass.

I am not sure I like where the fire button is, as its toward the bottom of the mod and that lends itself to holding your hand a bit lower on the mod than you normally would. Either that or you might get used to firing your mod with different fingers in time. Other than that though the mod is very comfortable in the hand.

I found the battery door to have very weak magnets. It worked great the first time I removed the battery, but by the time I removed the battery door 3 or 4 times that magnet became near worthless. The door falls off when you tilt the mod on its side therefore you will definitely want after market magnets for this, or just duct tape. Depends on finances I guess.

All in all though, it's not a bad mod and its not a bad vape at all. You can definitely chuck some clouds with this, and the flavor is good too. Ergonomic. Lovely array of colors. Hits nicely, very little ramp up time. You can use any atomizer tank you want. LED light is kind of cool looking, especially in a dark room.

That's all I can think of. I think it's a really good mod for a vaper who likes AIO devices, loves DL vaping and wants to get into building. The deck on this is nice and roomy, perfect for someone who is either new to building or likes fancy coils and its flavorful too. So, all around thumbs up on this mod. It has a few drawbacks for me, but its not a deal breaker. I'd definitely vape this.

You can get it via this link: Vzone Spirit 90w Kit.

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