When mentioning about Voopoo brand, many vapers may think of the hot Voopoo Drag Mod. With the Insta-firing and strong output performance of Drag’s Gene chipset, Voopoo brand gained immediate fame and a large number of loyal fans in the vaping community.

Recently, Voopoo released a brand new Voopoo Caliber Kit, which filled the blank of Voopoo’s stick-styled vaping kit. As techniques improved gradually, there appeared many excellent stick-styled vaping kits in the market, such as Eleaf iJust 3, Smok Vape Pen 22 and others. They normally have high battery capacity, strong output performance and excellent vapor experience, which makes such kind of kits get rid of the stereotype of just “starter kit”.

The diameter of Caliber mod is 24.5mm. It can match with many of the mainstream atomizers in the market. The pattern on the top not only beautifies the mod, but also increases the friction when you assemble and disassemble the atomizer. There is a pentagram pattern on the top of the mod, and there is only a fire button and a USB cable on the body of the mod. Up the shield-shaped fire button, there are two arrow-shaped openings, which is the indicator lights of the kit for indicating the battery capacity and operation.

At the bottom of the mod, there is a pore for dissipating the heat. You can also see “GENE CHIP”. Exactly, Caliber mod also adopts the exclusively-used Gene chipset of Voopoo company. With a built-in 23600 battery, the battery capacity of Caliber mod is high to 3000mah and its maximum output is high to 110w. Most importantly, the Gene chipset enables the Caliber mod to fire immediately within 15 milliseconds.

The paired atomizer is Uforce Tank. This tank was released by Voopoo long ago. As an atomizer by Voopoo itself, Uforce has gained some fame in the vaping community. Uforce tank does not only perform excellently in taste and vapor, but also has high compatibility. It has multiple options in coil heads and glass tubes. It’s of high play-ability!

Uforce Tank is of the same color as the Caliber mod. It is pre-installed with a big-capacity bulb glass tube. Inside of the package, there is another straight glass tube of much smaller capacity. The Uforce Tank features a top-push-fill system which is extremely easy. The drip tip is made of resin with big caliber. It not only beautifies the tank, but also brings smooth vapor flow. You will never get scalded with its resin mouthpiece.

The dense flavor of the Uforce tank is attributed to the design of the coil head. The top of the coil head is directly connected to the chimney of the tank and the sealing is very tight. The wide liquid deflecting holes can satisfy the liquid deflecting requirement when you do continuous vaping. As you can see in the picture, the manufacturer labels the wattage range on it and also recommends the best wattage range.

The two coil heads are made in different ways. When looking from the above of the coil heads, you can know a coil head is composed of multiple small coils. You can easily understand it as multiple coils in a protective shell. The two coil heads perform different from each other in taste. The dual coil head is more excellent with its taste layerings, while the triple coil head brings much denser in flavor. Both the two coil heads performs great in vapor!

Caliber’s  battery capacity, max output and firing speed are all at the top level among those similar products. The output performance of GENE chipset in real experience is excellent, which is more than enough to fire the two coil heads of Caliber in the package and even is enough to fire low-resistance RDA. Together with the excellent taste of Uforce tank, the performance of Caliber Kit is just wonderful.

The new stick-styled vaping devices, with their high portability,  enable vapers to enjoy huge vapor and nice flavor without the trouble of heavy weight and big size. If you don’t vape too often, Voopoo Caliber’s 3000mah battery is enough for a whole-day supply. But to those vapers who vape constantly or use low-resistance atomizers, they will need to make a choice between portability and durability. 

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