Smok X-Force 2000mah 7ml AIO Kit

Price : $29.75 $39.99

Smok is a high-yielding brand who keeps releasing various atomizers, mods, kits and coils and gets vapers dazzled with all its different products. Smok X-force Kit is no exception. X-Force Kit is a convenient and user-friendly all-in-one kit with an open-end atomizer.

Smok X-Force is an all-in-one Kit. It looks very much like a VV (variable voltage) all-in-one kit, and features an one-button start function. 5 LED indicator lights on the kit body can indicate the remnant battery capacity of the 2000mah built-in battery. Moreover, a USB port at the bottom is for charging.

X-Force integrates multiple safety functions. Take the “8 seconds cut off”function for example. If you press the fire button longer than 8 seconds, the mod will cut off the power supply to atomizer. Moreover, its protection functions also cover the short circuit protection and low voltage protection.

Smok X-Force Kit features a 2000mah built-in battery. To put it in another way, 2000mah battery is equal to the capacity of a C4 battery. Thus, compared with those 800mah mods and 1200mah mods, X-Force’s battery capacity has been greatly increased.

On the front side, there are five LED lights in line. When you fire the kit, you can check the remnant battery according to the LED lights. The 2000mah built-in battery is a high-performance Li-ion battery and can work 2 days before next charging.

X-Force can contain 7ml e-liquid. The all-in-one drip tip is perfect for putting in mouth. The 7ml big-capacity atomizer can satisfy your whole-day e-liquid consumption. EU edition can contain 2ml e-liquid with the atomizer of the same size.

Smok X-Force atomizer adopts a detachable horizontal coil with 0.3ohm resistance, which is mainly made of ceramic. Currently, it only has one option of 0.3ohm.

The X-Force Coil is the most important innovations of this kit. It is horizontally structured, which can effectively avoid liquid burning. After several refillings, it can still bring good taste, providing vapers with a wonderful vaping experience.

The 0.3ohm coil makes a good balance between huge vapor and nice flavor. Its resistance is comparatively small, which is more suitable for DTL vaping. Of cource, MTL is also OK.

The ceramic-based coil benefits from ceramic’s good heat insulation. The high temperature inside of the coil can help better vaporize the e-liquid. The resistance of the gold-plated electrodes is extremely low, so the battery power outputs without consumption. Accordingly, it brings greater power and longer battery durability.

I like such design. Even if your atomizer is filled with e-liquid, you can still change the coil head. Compared with those atomizers that you need to change coil head without e-liquid, such design is a pretty good idea and improvement.

In summary, Smok X-Force Kit is more like a vaping device between small-sized kit and huge-vapor kit. It not only brings huge vapor but also nice flavor, giving vapers a brand new choice among all those small-sized kits.

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