Recently, the ecig manufacture  tycoon Smok has released a portable kit named Q box. It has a compact size and multiple cute color schemes. This Q (short for cute in spoken language) is the role that we are going to talk about today.

Inside of the package, you can find the user manual with detailed instruction. This Q box has two different versions of tanks, the one for users abroad with the TFV8 Baby Tank and the one for users in China with the Smok Spiral tank. The kit we introduce here is with the TFV8 Baby Tank.

The bill of material in the package is consistent with the standard package of the Smok products, USB cable, Q Box mod, TFV8 Baby Tank, user manual and a spare 0.25Ω coil and other spare parts.

The atomizer is dealt with electroplating treatment and the paint on the QBox is the stoving varnish. Since the size of Qbox is small by 54.5mm*33.5mm*25mm,there will be a feeling of the head is heavy and the feet is light when it matches the TFV8 Baby Tank. Personally, I prefer to match this mod with single-coil RDA.

 Similar to the other box mods of Smok, QBox is also featured with the standard functions—Temp Control, TCR and other modes. The only weakness is that the highest output watt is 50W. QBox is supported by a built-in 1600mah battery.  Under the watt mode, it can support the resistance lowest to 0.1Ω.  As regard to such a compact box mod like QBOX, its performance is impeccable, and it’s very convenient for carrying around.

From all the angles of the box mod, you can see clearly the positions and workmanship of the buttons. And it still uses the big screen to display the data. Beside the five heat emission holes, there is the USB connector. This connector is positioned at the bottom which has blind spot for using. For example, when the box mod match a RDTA, it cannot be charged in an upright position. It’s because that if the RDTA is put down on the side, it will leak. Thus, trouble will be that the user have to screw off the atomizer and then charge the box mod.

The 510 connector still conforms to the style of Smok. There is no independent connecting plate and scratched can appear when install the atomizer. On the positive side, the connector of Qbox can be perfectly compatible with 24mm-diametered atomizers without gap. Below the adjustable buttons of “+”and “-”, there is a RESET button, with which user can restore the procedures of the box mod to the factory settings.

Featured with a small size, accordingly , this box mod can be easily misunderstood as a weak-output box mod. I install a RDA of 0.23Ω on the box mod and set the output to the highest of 50w.  The performance of QBOX is very satisfying with no obvious delay or insufficient capacity. However, limited by the highest output of 50W, it is not suitable for Qbox to match an atomizer with too low resistance.

Maybe some vaping friends might think the battery capacity is too low and the maximum output limits the choice of atomizers. However, it is correctly positioned as a pocket-sized box mod and never appear in the market in the pose of main device. It is absolutely a best choice to take out on a short-distance trip. The high-resistance RTA, flavor-oriented RDA can be the perfect matches for QBox. In summer time when you wear thinly, light pocket-sized box mod such as QBox can be really of strong persuasion to you to take it away.

In summary,Smok Q Boxis a cute and portable kit. It can be the best choice for girl vapers to take to nightclubs.

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