Smoant Naboo 225w Kit with Naboo Mesh Sub Ohm 4ml Tank

Price : $69.98 $83.38

I believe this Smoant Naboo Kit will catch many vaper’s eyes with both its appearance and performance.

In this sluggish year of huge-vapor device, Smoant still keeps the pace to release new products. 100 days after the release of Smoant Charon Mini, Smoant released its Smoant Naboo Kit recently. Here I will give a detailed review of this kit.

Size: 91* 48 *31mm
Wattage Range: 1-225W
Battery Type: Dual 18650
Voltage Output: 6.0-8.4V
Temperature Range: 200-600℉/100-300℃
Balance charging: 1.5A
Protection function: Reverse protection/ Over-Heat protection/ Low-Voltage protection/ Short-Circuit protection/Over-Time Protection

In addition to regular factory configuration, the manufacturer has prepared two coils for users. The coils come with mesh structure, which is very popular at present. One is the pre-installed Mesh 0.18ohm coil (40-80W), another one is the spare Mesh 0.17ohm coil(60-100W). There are also two glass tubes in the package, the pre-installed 4ml glass tube and the standard 2ml glass tube.

The manufacturer has officially provided four color schemes for users’different preference. It features a 2.4-inch colorful screen with a slim size. The size of Naboo is nearly the same to the size of Charon Mini, but Naboo looks much fuller. To a dual-18650-battery mod, it’s actually very portable.

When the atomizer connects to the centered 510 connector of the mod, the whole kit looks just perfect. The atomizer features 25mm diameter, super-large airflow holes, wide-bore drip tip and filling hole. All of these features ensure a high-quality usage experience of mesh coil for the users. Mesh coil that delivers dense and tasty vapor has become a mainstream design currently.

The atomizer has a simple structure, and all its parts connect smoothly, which is easy for users. After a 24-hour test with full e-liquid in the tank, it proves that this atomizer doesn’t have leakage problem.

The e-liquid deflecting holes are very efficient in deflecting e-liquid. When the e-liquid is standing too long a time, the cotton in the coil will be fully infiltrated. This might cause slight liquid frying. You just need to fire the mod one or two times to vaporize the superfluous e-liquid on the cotton, then it can give you a good usage experience. This is not the defect of the atomizer, but just the blind point of the absorptive feature of the cotton.

The overall design of Naboo is very similar to Charon Mini. In comparison, the lines of Naboo is much mellower and fuller. The “+”and “-”buttons are hiding at the bottom part of the screen. When the mod is under Lock state, there is no LED indication. Naboo is not completely controlled by touch screen.

Inside of the battery compartment, there is insulation leather. It is a very considerate design to avoid the mod being damaged by batteries with broken skin. On one of the sides, there is a big button and a small button. The small button is for locking “+”or “-”, and the big button is the fire button. They both are precise in pressing, but the fire button has a much harder pressing feel.

From the two pictures in the middle, you can see the difference when the “+”/”-”buttons are locked and unlocked. When it is under Unlock state, the LED light is on. Every time you press the buttons, it will be responsive to indicate that your operation is completed. Apart from this, the operations of Naboo don’t differ very much from the operations of Charon Mini.

Obviously, Smoant Naboo Mod is designed oriented for all kinds of atomizers. No matter RDA or what else, it can work well with them all.

1.Compact and comfortable for holding
2.Scree-touch buttons with vibration to give you feedback
3.Lock/ Unlock function
4.Insulation leather inside of the battery compartment for protection
5.Atomizer with simple structure, easy to clean
6.Large e-liquid deflecting holes

1.When the cotton is fully infiltrated, it might cause sight liquid frying (actually not the weakness of this device)

In 2018, most of energy and attention has been given to pod system, both by the manufacturers and vapers, but I believe this Smoant Naboo Kit will still catch many vaper’s eyes with both its appearance and performance.

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