Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA Atomizer

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It’s not uncommon to see crossover cooperation in the ecig industry. The Drop RDA, jointly released by The Vapor Chronicles and Digiflavor, has been generally praised owing to its good practicability. Such positive cooperation has become more and more popular between brands and expert vapers or reviewers.

The Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA that we’re going to talk about today is another cooperative product by Digiflavor and The Vapor Chronicles after the Drop RDA. It is officially called the 22mm version of Drop RDA. On the official website of Digiflavor, you can see the mark “Designed by TVC”clearly.

The packing list of Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA is very bountiful, including a Drop Solo RDA with stainless steel body, a white PMMA cap with 24mm decorative base, O-rings, Clapton coils, a BF screw, a 510 drip tip adapter, a hexagonal screwdriver, a straight screwdriver, spare screws...

Apart from that the two caps are different in height and material, the setting of airflow holes is the biggest difference. The airflow holes on the PMMA cap is four less than that on the stainless steel cap. The two 810 drip tips, though different in length and thickness, are almost the same in caliber. You can make your choice freely.

The product diameter of Drop Solo RDA is 22mm. With the 24mm decorative ring, this 22mm RDA can perfectly match a 24mm mechanical mod. From the picture you can see, the two caps show completely different styles from each other.

This RDA is excellent in workmanship. It’s worth mentioning that the BF screw is specially designed. When you install the BF screw, you can see from the picture that it’s slightly protruding from the thread surface, which is the same as that of Drop RDA. In this way, when the e-liquid is squeezed into the deck, it won’t be sucked back to the squonk bottle.

After being disassembled, the base is as shown in the picture. The 5mm deep liquid tank brings extremely practicability for this RDA. No matter you drip e-liquid from the top or squeeze e-liquid from the bottom, the deep tank can provide sufficient space for the e-liquid before it is sucked into the cotton.

Compared with the 24mm Drop RDA, Drop Solo RDA adopts single-coil deck. Obviously, those finished Clapton coils are the best choice for it. Because of the deck structure, you will need to lock the coil ends first and then bend down the coil , which I think is the only weakness of this atomizer. When the coil is at the same horizontal level as the electrode surface, that’s the end of building coil.

The deep tank, plus just enough loose cotton, can largely increase the vaping time after dripping. However, no matter how deep and large the tank is, you cannot overfill the e-liquid blindly. The superfluous e-liquid cannot be sucked by the cotton and will stay fluid in the deck, which will easily make you suck the e-liquid into mouth when you vape.

A key element to influence the taste of an atomizer is the ratio of the mixture between vapor and air. I use the original Clapton coil in the package to carry an experiment. With the four holes (totally eight holes on two sides) on the atomizer for airflow exchanging , the drawing resistance is moderate, the e-liquid flavor is full, and the vapor density is satisfying.
After using this atomizer for a period of time, I find this Drop Solo RDA doesn’t have very obvious defects except for the condensation liquid at the drip tip which needs to be wiped away sometimes. Moderate drawing resistance, dense flavor, single coil that doesn’t require high output (power-saving), convenience of bottom filling and top dripping, deadlock-resistant base, etc. All these advantages prove that this RDA atomizer is user-friendly and nearly impeccable.

As the ecig industry goes so far , the bottleneck on structural innovation offers an opportunity to many designers to rethink about the practicability of products, and the crossover cooperation model between many brands and independent designers brings them a win-win result that both sides benefit from it. Though pod system devices have accounted for a large ration of the market, many innovative products still emerges every now and then, just like the Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA. It is not tremendously beautiful, but it’s true that it is user-friendly without obvious defects.

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