Mechanical devices are always the focus of experienced players. They are well liked and paid close attention owing to their unique build, fast explosion and special fire supply mode. However, they also make the new players struggle a lot because of their pretty but dangerous feature and their expensive price.

Today we are going to talk about such a mech device with high performance cost ratio. It is the Triker resin mech kit released by Coilart with 30-year experience on Atomizer. (Warm hint: it is an affordable mech kit.)

This time, Coilart released two mech kits, the resin styled one and black metal styled one. The resin styled mech kits come in multiple color matching. What I have is the red resin one.

The Tricker is packed in a triangle box. There is an anti-fake lable at the back of the package. The printing of the package is very delicate with little information. When you open the package, you will find the kit is wrapped in sponge.

The detailed package list include 1 piece of Tricker resin mech kit, a piece of Mage RDA atomizer, a pack of accessories (3 pieces of rings, 2 pieces of magnets, four pieces of spare screws, a piece of loop), a piece of screwdriver, a piece of warning card and a piece of instruction cars. The whole body of the device adopts paint treatment with good abrasive resistance.

For the safety of new players, I will show you the content on the warning card: Mech device is prepared for the players with bountiful experience who knows the battery safety knowledge completely with no danger to operate them.

Before you connect the atomizer to the mod, please install it to the Ohm test instrument or voltage regulator to test if it is short-circuit.

Let’s take a look at the core device of this kit—the resin mech mod. The body is made of brass. There are resin casings both in the middle and at the bottom. And there is also resin paster at the switch at the bottom.

Every part of the resin material is separated by the brass tubes, full of colorful rhythm. The decorative color of the resin is very gorgeous with bountiful changes. Under different illumination angles, it will reflects ever changing shining luster (completely motivate the coquettish side of me. )

When you dissemble the mod to see the structure, it is roughly composed by three parts, the top electrode ring, the tube body and the switch.

When it comes to the electrode ring, many vaping friends said that the atomizer cannot be installed to the bottom. There is a gap between the atomizer and electrode ring. It is similar to the design of the AV mod. If you have ever used the AV mod, you will know the right way to use it.

Those vaping friends, who have not used the AV mod before, please pay attention here. The operation way is like this: install the atomizer to the electrode ring tightly and then screw in the mod. (Such design is for solving the battery length tolerance and the uneven length of the 510 connection)

Inside of the electrode ring ,there is a ladder structure to prevent the positive electrode of the battery from touching the electrode ring thus causing short-circuit, and to improve the security.

The workmanship of the tube body is pretty good with little defects. The wall of the brass tube, at the connection part of the resin tube is very thin (1.5mm). The resin tube is very thick and can well resist the heat conducting by the battery(but personally, it is also dangerous that if the user cannot feel the heat of the battery.)

The outside of the tube is not perfect in its polish. Looking against the light, you will find the groove generated by polishing. The abrasive paper is a good choice for polishing the tube. But one thing to mention, after polishing, the shinning gloss of the paint surface of the outside of the tube will become dull. But after polishing, the disharmonious feel of the appearance of the resin and hand feeling lowers a little bit. See below comparative diagram.

As we all know, the switch part of the mod is the part that involves the highest technology. Let’s take a detailed look of its features. The electrode part of the switch is a triangle (it can be locked on the main tube body, for the convenience of switch on and off of the fire button),  the material of silver alloy can lower the resistance thus improve the passing rate of the electric current.

Surrounding the triangle electrode, there are six discharged holes( the diameter is 1mm and below the discharged holes is the strong magnet). Outside of the tube, there is an insulation spacer to avoid the negative electrode to touch the switch and lower the risk of short circuit. When the bottom switch screws in, it will be the locked state, avoiding the risk of mistouch. When you want to use it, you need to screw bottom switch long enough to touch the negative electrode.

You can look at the picture. The magnetism of the magnet is very strong and the hand feel is very comfortable.

Let’s see how it can match the atomizer. No matter the 22mm atomizer or the 24mm atomizer, they can match the mod perfectly. If it match a red resin drip tip, the look goes up a level!

Let’s take a look at Mage RDA. This atomizer appears on the Mage Box Tricker Kit. Let’s take a look of its features.

The 810 drip tip and huge bottom airway both prove that this is a RDA that can brings huge vapor. But the tank possesses the a big space of the atomizer, resulting the atomizing space being compressed and the vapor being concentrated a little bit, thus improve the mouthfeel. The horizontal disposed electrode posts with two holes make the installment of the coils can be done in two ways 13/24 hole positioning, or 23/23 and 14/14 hole positioning. All in all, the installment of the coils is very easy.

Actual test, this atomizer brings huge vapor. The mouthfeel is very common with no special features. Also, due to the structure problem of the top of the atomizer and the drip tip, cold condensed fluid can be easily produced and flows into mouth thus influences the mouthfeel.

As an affordable mech kit, its performance cost ratio is undoubtedly very high. The unique resin pattern, rich colors, comparatively high security, comfortable handfeel, the spring switch and the fine workmanship, all these features endows it with the possibility to be a hot-seller.

Compared with other kits of the similar price, Coil Art Tricker Resin Mech kit is of high performance ratio. If you are a fan of Coilart, or if you like the pretty appearance of Mage Metch mech mod, I personally recommend it.

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