The structure of electrode posts influences the coil building experience, and the structure of the electrodes base influence air inflow. The combination of the two decides the most of usage experience of the players. The Azeroth RTA tank we are going to talk today applies innovative changes on the structure of the electrodes and the base. The replaceable dual-coil base and the triple-coil base together with the bottom air inlet system assure a considerable flavor and playability of this Coilart Azeroth RTA. Then what on earth the effect is? Read forward!


The package adopts Coilart’s traditional square packing box--simple style. On the up side, there printed the Logo, the appearance of the atomizer and its name—Azeroth RTA. The opposite side is the content list (1 piece of atomizer, dual-coil base, 1 piece of heat-insulated top cap, 1 piece of spare glass tube, a piece of accessory pack, a color ring, a T-shaped screwdriver, a instruction card ) and anti-fake sticker.


The integrated stainless drip tip and top cap connects to the stainless filling loop below. Surrounding the filling ring, there are 12 arc grooves in total, not only adding the frictional force, but also echoing the vertical grooves on the air inlet adjustable loop. Through the oil tank in the middle, you can see the Coilart Logo on the atomization warehouse. At the bottom, there are three air inlets, and between each two of the inlets, there are three vertical arc grooves, not only increasing the visual effect, but also adding the friction force for spinning.

It can be disassembled into top cap, the integrated filling loop and the atomization warehouse, glass oil tank, electrode base, the integrated adjustable air inlet system and base.


Top cap: The stainless top cap and the drip tip are integrated and non-detachable (also meaning the drip tip is not changeable). The inside of the drip tip is shaped as an inverted-cone and can prevent from collecting condensed liquid. The inner diameter of the top part is 10.5mm, the inner diameter of the bottom part is 6mm, and the diameter of the top cap is 24.5mm.

Compared with the stainless drip tip, the black drip tip made of heat-insulated material is much smaller, and the inner side is close to a vertical situation. At the bottom, there is a design of inverted-cone for the reflux of condensation. The inner diameter of the top part is 0.9mm and the inner diameter of the bottom part is 0.6mm. Such design can compress the density of the vapor to some extent.

The atomization warehouse and the filling loop: The atomization warehouse and the filling loop are integrated. The upper part of the filling ring is carved with a groove. There is a sealing ring in the groove (for sealing the top cap of the oil tank). The internal of the filling ring is sunken, reducing overflowing caused by overmuch filling. The vapor draw-in design in the atomization is for further improving the taste. The overall workmanship is excellent without obvious flaws or burrs.

The long-stripped o-ring below the filling loop can well fix the glass tube on the filling loop. Thus we can disassemble the base by inverting the atomizer to rebuild the coil without any consumption of oil. Additionally, the capacity of the oil tank reaches 4.5ml, single service time improved!

The electrode base: Coilart RTA is equipped with two bases, the dual-coil base and the triple-coil base (to the experienced players, they are like  quadruple-coil base and the sextuple-coil base. Both of them are gold-plated. Since the base with U-shaped dual posts and four holes is used widely, we will just skip it here. The design of the base with triple coils is very unique—the “人’shaped electrodes are the positive electrodes and the three convexes are the negative electrode. The bottom air inlets and the holes to plug in the cotton are showed in the picture.

The bottom air inlets are well designed. Through the bottom of the electrode base, we can see the bottom air inlets are dealt with balanced processing, which can make the inflow into the atomization much evenly and improve the mouth feel. There are three air inlets on the atomizer base. After installment, they rightly connects to the air inlets on the triple-coil base. That is why there is a round groove at the bottom of the dual-coil base, assuring the inflow from the three air inlets into the two air inlets at the bottom evenly.

Atomizer base: There are three air inlets on the base. The inside part of the air inlet adjustable hoop applies the design of displacement resistance and is not detachable. Inside of the 510 connection, there is a hard insulation spacer.

Operation Experience of the Triple-coil base

Firstly, we need to pay attention that the coil building on the triple-coil base is from the top to the bottom, accordingly we need to pay attention to the length of the coil ends. The coil can not touch the inner wall of the atomization warehouse ( or short-circuit might happen). We can first insert coil ends into the atomizer and estimate the length that needs to be cut off. We try to leave it as long as possible, (cuz it’s impossible to increase its length) and then confirm it several times. My personal advice, 3mm is good.

Then you can install the well-prepared coil on the wire rod, setting it as an example to cut the other coils. Next you can build the coil. The coil will be a little bit slant when you just build it on the electrode. In this situation, we can adjust it by the wire rod.

Burning coil comes after building coil. When burning it, you clip the coils and then scrape the coils. The strong point of this base is that you can use the ceramic tweezers to adjust the coil. If your coil is clamped tight and already scraped, but it’s still heating unevenly, then you will need to check if the ends of the coil is loose. If yes, you just need to lock it tightly again.

Wicking on this Azeroth RTA is a little bit different to that of other atomizers. Firstly, we plug the cotton into the three coils and cut the cotton into the proper length (as showed in the picture above. Long enough to touch the bottom). Then we plug the two cotton ends into the oil deflecting tank.

The test effect is showed in the picture above. Common data (A1 coil, 0.6 coil diameter, 3.0 circle diameter and 6 circles), triple coils of 0.14 Ω,100W. The vaporization is heavy and the vapor is especially dense (after all, it is the triple coil base powered by 3.8V voltage.)

Usage Experience

After vaping on it for several days, I think the taste and the volume of the vapor satisfies me well. When the vapor is too dense, the layering is unavoidably unclear. Reducing the output voltage can affectively solve this problem.

The two different top caps bring different usage experiences to the vapers. The black top cap made of the insulation materials brings a dense flavor, while the top cap made of the stainless steel can bring excellent vapor.

The resistance of the triple coils is much lower. When you use it with the mech mods, you can feel the explosion is more fierce.

Let’s see what we find out when using it.

a.The screw processing on the base is not well, which will have a bad influence on the coil locking.

b.The insulation spacer at the 510 connection of the atomizer does not play a good role in sealing. The condensate liquid sometimes will spill from the gap.

c.The air inlet adjustable loop can collect the condensate liquid, which is hard to clean.

d. When closing the top cap, some oil can be squeezed out.

e. The protruding part of the electrodes is comparatively long. When installing it into some mech mods, the electrode posts can not be screwed in completely because it’s too long.

f. The operation of the triple-coil base is hard for the new players.

g. The plugging of the cotton into the triple coil-base also needs some skills.

Strengths and Weaknesses


a.The flavor is very dense, and the layering and the reduction degree is favorable.

b. The playability of the dual-coil base and the triple-coil base (the gold-plated material can better resist the oxidation)

c. The stability of the atomizer is pretty good. Leakage doesn’t happen easily. It’s also hard to see the condensate liquid inhaled into the mouth.

d. The two top caps can bring totally different mouth feel.

e. The resistance of the triple coils is much lower. When using it on the mech mods, the explosion is more fierce.

f. The 4.5ml oil storage decides a much longer duration of this atomizer.


a.The coil building on the triple-coil base is hard for the new players.

b. Sometimes there is condensate liquid at the 510 connection.

c. If the filling is to full, a small quantity of oil can be squeezed out when closing the top cap.

d. The groove of the screw is too shallow, which is not good for locking the screws.

f. The drip tip and the top cap is integrated. It is impossible to change the drip tip.


The strengths of this atomizer are very obvious. The triple-coil base can bring excellent flavor and the usage experience of the dual-coil base is also beyond the average.

Though the triple-coil base can bring excellent flavor, it also has some flaws. The rebuilding of the triple-coil base is kindly hard for some new players. The overall workmanship is comparatively nice without obvious flaws.

All in all, Coilart Azeroth RTA is successful in some way. The structure of the electrode posts is innovative. Though it’s impossible to change the general drip tip, the two top caps in the package can bring nice usage experience. If players want to experience both the dense flavor and the layering of the vapor, this Azeroth RTA can be a good choice.

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