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Recently, Rev, a new brand has come to the market and presented us a fresh vision of electronic cigarette with the latest technology.

So far, it seems like all the Rev products have a round screen. It’s no exception with this Rev sport 101w mod.


Rev Sport 101w mod is packed in a double-layer box with the picture and specifications printed on it. The first layer is of the same color as the mod. The inner box is in gray color.

The package of Rev Sport is pretty simple, only including a Rev mod, a USB charger, 2 additional grills (a Rev Key Ring and a Protective Cover which are not included in this sample ).


The round screen is just like a symbol of Rev mods. This Rev Sport 101w also has one on its front side. Above it, it is a grill which looks very much like an auto parts. There are two additional grills in the package for replacement.


On its right side, there are the buttons including fire button, two adjustment buttons and a function button. Below the function button, there is the USB port.

On the top of it, it is the 510 thread. This mod can match 24mm atomizer without overhang.


The mod body is made of very solid material and the paint on it is also pretty solid which is effectively scratch-proof.



The screen of this mod is very much like the speedometer of car. It has three different dashboards for choice. When it’s not in use, it will enter into the RTC mode (real time clock).

The fire button has small bulges on it to increase the press fiction. Press it three time continuously to lock the mod. The separate function button is quite unique. Just like the round screen, it can also be regarded as a symbolic feature of Rev mods. Short-press it, you can change the color of the screen and long-press it, it will enter into the function interface.

All the functions includes power mode and TCR mode, bypass mode and preheat mode color mode, dashboard, display mode, brightness, time setting, factory reset and turn off option.

The preheat function is kind of useless because I’m an impetuous vaper. All the other functions are very comprehensive.

Rev Sport has a battery capacity of 4200mah and the battery is built-in, just like what most cellphone do in these days. Such setting is even more convenient than the general mods and I think it will be a trend for electronic cigarette.


  1. Unique round speedometer-like screen
  2. Separate function button
  3. Sportscar style leading the fashion
  4. RTC function
  5. Built-in 4200mah battery
  6. Compact size and easy for carrying around

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