Hi Guys! How do you know mech mod? Some vapers said it’s a dangerous thing. However “some vapers” here  always means some new vapers. If you know the working principles of mech mod, you will surely fall in love with it.

Recently, Vgod has just released a mech mod named Vgod Elite Mech Mod.  How does it function?

It comes in a long round body with a paunchy belly. It is said that the main materials of it is stainless steel, together with some copper. On the tube, there is engraved with its brand Vgod. The diameter of it is 24mm and it measures 85mm high.

Its plastic tube insert for battery protection is quite user friendly to avoid the short-circuit caused by broken skin of the battery. Some new vapers usually worry about its explosion. One thing you should remember, the mech mod will never explode, but with improper use, the battery might produce gases and then explode.

To know more of mech mod, you can refer to article what is mech mod?

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