Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod System Kit comes up with the great expectation of vape lovers. There is no doubts that Aurora Play ZIPPO blows a strong wind on the pod system market. The Aurora Play Pod Device catches vapers’ eyes with its cool and special ZIPPO’s shape and figure; the Aurora Play Pod Kit occupies a large share of pod system kit’s market via its own excellent features and advanced performance; the Aurora Pod acquires users’ confidence and approval by its high quality.

Let’s move to get the impressing details on the Aurora Play.

Newly designed PTF filling which just needs to flip and fill, it is an easy and quick way to refill your juice, no need to pull out the coil and keep your cartridge and juice clean.

Get a good shot on the Aurora replacement cartridge. As well as known, ceramic coil is the biggest selling point in Vaporesso, and ceramic coil also helps Vaporesso to occupy the important market share of E-cig. The Aurora Play Kit adopts the CCELL ceramic coil which can keep the original taste of the juice even for normal juice or Nic salt.

What does the indicator play? Well, the indicator above the charge hole plays a significant role in different wattage. The Aurora Play Pod Device can adjust the wattage on 3 levels, the default level is 12.5W which is the high level on the green light, and the middle level is 10.5W for blue light; and when adjusting to 9W, the indicator will show in red.

Actually, we now have a clear knowledge of the Aurora, this page is going to end. Any questions? Or what aspect do you want to learn more? Just raise below:

Is Aurora safe?

Ah~~safety is always the most important aspect for all, and Vaporesso Aurora pays attention to it and adopts OMNI Board Mini Chip which is the safety guard on the play kit and provides with multiple protections such overtime-preheating protection, short circuit protection, overtime-vaping protection, and low voltage protection.

How long does Aurora take to be charged?

We should know that the Aurora is powered by 650mAh built-in battery which powerful and can be charged fully in 45mins.

That’s all? Ok. The Aurora Play Kit is in stock now, take any color as you like, metallic grey, silver, bronze, and rainbow for your choices.

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