Intro: Wasp Nano RDA is compact-sized but can produce huge vapor.


“Hey,are you biting a box?” Not really! Of course I’m not biting a box. It has atomizer on it! Well, it’s too small to be noticed. This tiny atomizer has caught lots of eyes among us and today we are gonna to talk about it--WASP NANO RDA.


WASP NANO RDA is a single-coil RDA atomizer released by Oumier Vape in 2017.


It comes with two colors, gold and silver. The one I have is gold color. When you open the black “honeycomb” (packing box), there is a Wasp Nano atomizer, hexagon screwdriver, screws for locking the coils, Muji cotton, o-rings and a hollow 510 electrode screw.


The atomizer is faint yellow. The two black o-rings look very much like the bottom of a “wasp”, don’t they? Its name really matches the reality, but it spits vapor instead of poisonous stinger. Waps Nano RDA has a diameter of 22mm and it measures 22mm high. Even though in the RDA atomizers, there are crowds of RDAs, Waps Nano RDA can be a strong performer of compact size.


Wasp Nano is made of atomization cap and base. The amber-colored material of the atomization cap is PEI (Polyetherimide) Pei is strongly high-temperature resistant and erosion resistant. The Pei material is usually used for some dual-coil atomizer with huge calorific value.  The integrated atomization cap of Wasp Nano RDA also adopts PEI material. It can effectively insulate the heat from the coil. <p >Heat insulation is especially important to atomizers like Wasp Nano RDA, mini-sized but producing huge vapor. Besides, between the volcano-shaped drip tip and the electrode deck, there forms a small atomization tube, which is good for the gathering and emission of the flavor.


The silver-plated base is very simple and mostly occupied by two big kitchen-knife-shaped electrode deck. At their first sight, many vapers think it has a presser-styled coil lock. Well, it’s not the truth.
At the place where the “knife handle” of the positive and negative electrode decks are, there is a screw respectively for fixing the coil. Besides, there is a groove at the place for putting the coil, which can prevent the coil end from falling off when we build the coil.
Such design is easy for building both the thick fancy coils and ordinary round coil. The breach of the “knife handle” makes it quite easy to process the coil ends. No matter the holes or edges of this atomizer base, I did not find any defects like burrs. Its workmanship is quite good.


Since it doesn’t adopt the presser structure, why it has such a big electrode deck? Originally, in the center of the positive and negative electrodes, there is a inflow hole respectively, corresponding to the two inflow holes on the cap. The airflow passes through the inflow holes on the electrode deck and blow the coil directly. Such airflow system is more direct and fierce, which is good for lowering the temperature of the coil.


On the other hand, since the inflow holes are in the middle part of the WASP Nano RDA and the inflow holes are canceled at the bottom, which make the bottom be sealed more tightly and reduce the possibility of leakage caused by overfilling the cotton. Wasp Nano RDA is small-sized, but its liquid storage is unexpectedly large. Correspondingly, center airflow system imposes harder tests on how the atomizer performs with the flavor. Then how Wasp Nano RDA performs with the flavor and vapor. Let’s have a test!


I have been expecting such a dripping atomizer with fancy single-coil for a very long time. Thus for this time, I choose the Clapton NI80 triple-wired fancy finished coils. Its circle diameter is 3mm, twisted in 6 circles and its resistance is 0.26Ω.
This coil is twisted by three A1 wires and wrapped with 40G N180 heating wires. Its heating area is very big and its width is very large which brings a high request on the electrode. The good thing is that Wasp Nano RDA is completely qualified to it.


Generally, the cotton ends of finished coils are in the same direction, but this is not the fact of Wasp Nano RDA. So, we need to process the finished coils before putting them into use. After installing the triple-wire Clapton coil with 3mm circle diameter on the atomizer, you will find the distance between the coil and the electrode deck is about 2mm. No need to worry that the coil might touch the electrode deck thus causing short-circuit.


Though the bottom space of Wasp Nano RDA is very large enough for inserting in more cotton. But after I tried several times, I found that if there were too much cotton inserted in the bottom and too much liquid stored in the cotton, it would be very easy to cause frying of the liquid. But if the volume of the cotton is proper, frying will not happen.
Thus, I suggest that the volume of cotton should be not overmuch. Picture above shows the most proper volume of the cotton.


The liquid for testing is the No.6 liquid of 562 type. Firstly, since the coil is fancy coil, the vapor it produces is quite satisfying. Wasp Nano has quite small a size but unexceptionally strong explosiveness. Its performance on the taste is also praiseworthy. The tobacco flavor of No.6 will be enlarged and its cooling flavor is slightly lowered, owing to the excellent airflow system. Such matching brings a pretty concentrated and soft taste.


But because it produces huge vapor, it’s quite easy for the vapor to be left on the atomization cap and the electrode decks, thus forming condensation piled up on the atomization cap and the electrode decks and needing cleaning.



  1. The design of a single-coil dripping atomizer is very innovative. At present, such atomizer is of very good play-ability but it’s very rare in the market.
  2. Its details of workmanship are well processed with no burrs. No findings of obvious Bug with the workmanship.


  1. It’s too compact to match the sub ohm resistance, and too high a wattage might result in too high temperature, thus burning mouth.
  2. Condensation will be easily piled up on the surface of the electrode decks and needing cleaning regularly.


Well, different minds think different. Is this WASP NANO RDA your type? Whether it fits for you? Try it and you will know. It’s now only sold at $14.99 at Urvapin! Shop now!

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