Oumier VLS RDA

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This is an atomizer of novelty. It has unique coil building method. It has different electrode hole combination. It matches with different inflow method. It has different operation experience. It can easily produce “the coolest vapor”--vapor column.

This atomizer is from Oumier.It is the manufacturer who has designed the Oumier Wasp Nano RDA. Oumier products are always of novelty.

Its design is considerate and stands out in the majority of atomizers. It can greatly impressed vapers at the first sight.

This VLS RDA I’m going to talk today has a diameter of 24mm.

It has three colors in total for choice, including gold, black and white (transparent). It’s light-weighted and only weighs 33g. 

The transparent drip tip, thick but a little bit short.

The atomizer can be disassembled into four parts, electrode base, deck, atomization tube and drip tip.Its circuit is very unique.   

The electrode deck can be easily disassembled from the base. Outside of the base, there is a circle of carved patterns. It looks pretty like the pattern of coil building. At the same time, it increases the friction, which is easy for disassembling.


After you disassembling the electrode deck, you can easily insert in the cotton and clean the atomizer.


The two electrode posts of VLS RDA are fixed on the deck by two screws at the bottom.

An protruding “一”shaped screw (positive pole) and a sunken “+”screw.

At the negative electrode, there is a circle of insulation spacer, separate the positive pole and the negative pole.


There is also an insulation spacer inside of the base. Inside of the insulation spacer, it is the positive pole.Through the bottom of the electrode deck, it connects to the protruding “一” screw. Outside of the deck, it (insulation spacer) is the negative pole, connected by the threads on the base.


Novel way to insert the coils & Novel Airflow combination


The electrodes and coil holes of VLS RDA are both innovative. Its novelty are beyond words. Let’s see the picture.

From the picture, we can see two electrode posts.

On the side, there are five airflow holes, four big ones and one small ones.

The coil holes are locked by “一”screws and the coil holes are circle-shaped.


The “一”screws for locking the coils are very mini. The included T-shaped screwdriver is in orange color which is very obvious and cannot be lost easily.


Picture above shows you how can you build the coils.


When you build the coils in a horizontal direction, you’re recommended to build the inferior coils first. After the coils are fixed with screwdriver, aim the airflow holes on the metal cap to the holes on the electrode.


When you install the coils in a vertical way, be careful of the distance between the two coils to avoid danger caused by short-circuit.


When you use it, you’re recommended to aim the airflow holes on the metal tube to the gap between the two electrodes. Vapers who wants to have the effect of vapor column, you first need to trim the width of the cotton into the same as that of the coils. Only when the middle of the coils are hollow, it will form vapor column.



Inside of the accessories, except for the T-shaped screwdriver, o-rings and spare screws, there is also a BF screw.

After you build the coils, the liquid hole is at the bottom of the deck. The coils are a little bit higher above it. So it’s tricky to process the cotton. At the same time, you need to pay attention that the cotton ends can not plug the liquid hole to avoid short supply of Liquid.


According to different building methods of the coils, the way to insert in the cotton are also different. But personally, building a single coil in a horizontal direction is more practical.


Between the two electrode post, there is a hollow liquid groove and an electrode base with some gap.

It can surely hold much liquid and cotton,

but it cannot supply enough liquid to the somewhat long liquid way,

especially the horizontally built upper coil and the cotton on the top of the vertically build coils.You can not completely depend on the bottom groove to supply liquid. You still need to do the dripping.


As a whole, this atomizer is of great novelty. Its uniquely designed electrode, airflow system and liquid tank all bring much fun to the operation and adjustment. Do you like this Oumier VLS RDA

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