Gained its great popularity by Wasp Nano RDA, the brand Oumier has stepped into the big wave of RDTA in 2017 and released a RDTA namedOumier Maximus Max RDTA. In this big wave of RDTA, it’s inevitably that there will be a phenomenon of homogenization. Then whether this newcomer released by Oumier will drift with the current?


Package is showed as above. The yellow one is the outside envelope. Compared with WASP Nano, the packing style of Oumier Maximus RDTA is not changed, but the craftsmanship and quality of the package has both risen by a notch.

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Maximus Max RDTA has a diameter of 24mm. It is pre-installed with semi-transparent liquid tank, and there is a spare transparent glass tube. It seems that Oumier shows some stubbornness with its packing list. There is no Clapton coil in the packing list but a pair of single-wired finished coils with many circles. I regard this type of coil as the suggested data by the manufacturer.


The cap-styled drip tip is an integrated PEI drip tip. The caliber is the same size as 810. I have tried to install several 810 drip tip on it, but none of them are tight enough when installed on it. Vapers care a lot about the problem of condensation. Manufacturer has processed the inner wall of the drip tip with chamfering technique. In actual use, you will find the condensation hang on the inner wall of the drip tip, but the condensation will be blocked by the chamfering structure thus will not be inhaled into mouth.


In daily use, it can be disassembled into four parts. Except for the drip tip, top cap and the atomization tube, the oil tank and the electrode deck at the base can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. From the picture, you can see the refilling design of Maximus Max RDTA adopts the “middle-column refilling” scheme which is very popular some time ago, but it doesn’t need the operation of plugging. The “liquid seal” of the white refilling hole is a cross-shaped silicone with a hole on it. When refilling, you only need to plug the sucker of the liquid bottle into it.


Oumier Maximus RDTA is featured with the typical side airflow system. On the two sides of the atomizer, there are two thin air inlets blowing the coils directly. Vapers can adjust the size of the inlets according to their own data, but the components of this part will be slightly loose when they are moistened by the e-liquid, thus the components should be kept dry.


The four square cotton holes are very different from the common round holes in visual effect. The form of the electrode deck is very much like the MGNT RDA V2. The original dual coils on the electrode deck are locked separately without interference to each other. For locking the coils, you will need to prepare a screwdriver.

The liquid tank is clamped tightly between the electrode deck and base. The top advantage of such connection is that the electrode deck can be put up on the coil burning device directly to burn the coil, and when the cotton is prepared, it will be more convenient for the vapers to deal with the cotton ends plugged into the refilling hole.


Some vapers said that when using the coils of high consumption such as Clapton coils, a short supply of liquid will easily appear to the RDTA. The problem is whether the cotton ends are processed properly. If you want the liquid deflecting speed of the RDTA to keep up with the pace, pay attention to the following two skills: Firstly, whether the length of the cotton ends can form the shortest course for liquid deflecting. Secondly, it’s the processing of the cotton end. Without influencing the fullness of the cotton at the deflecting holes, the thinner the cotton ends, the speedier the liquid deflecting will be.
There are four holes connecting to the refilling hole on the middle column. That is to say, the liquid will be refilled into the liquid tank from the four refilling holes. After installing the coils recommended by the manufacturer, when you insert the cotton into the deflecting holes to reach the liquid tank, the advantage of the electrode deck can be easily seen. You can scatter the cotton ends and trim it much thinner. After trimming it into a proper length, you install the liquid tank and the base.


The coils given in the packing list are twisted with more circles than the average ones. Under normal output, they heat up very slow (I guess they are made of A1 material). You will need to adjust the output voltage at least at 5V, the heating speed will be satisfying. With the inlet holes fully open, when vaping at the data suggested by the manufacturer, you will find the resistance to suction is very obvious, the taste is very soft, and the working temperature of the atomizer is within an acceptable range.


The air inlets are long in some extent, and is very suitable for some wide coils. They are perfectly compatible with some Clapton coils with three or four wires twisted together. The coil showed above is the NI80/28G quadruple-wire/40G Clapton, which can bring warm vapor and more violent taste. As for the single-wired coil, I recommend the coil (A1/21G-22G/3.0 circle diameter/5-6 circles)in the picture above. When used on mech mod, this coil can also bring good experience, but the length of the electrode at the bottom is not very long, please pay attention.


The height of the liquid tank benefits the deflecting speed a lot. With the cotton being processed properly, even when the quadruple-wired coil above is used, there is no problem of the deflecting speed. Through the refilling system at the middle column, the Maximus RDTA with great compatibility fully shows the meaning of “infinite dripping”. However, this product stills have the problem of condensation hanging on the inner wall.  But it is a common problem of RDTA structure, and you can just wipe it with paper towel. No big deal!


Following the good fame of WASP NANO RDA, Oumier has released this Maximus RDTA and also used a large quantity of PEI material on it. The design of its electrode deck is very similar to that of MGNT RDA V2. The “electrode wall” in the middle also compresses some space for the atomization tube. When it is vaped under the same data, this RDTA will bring a much fuller taste than the regular RDTA with dual columns and four holes.
Though the top of the atomization tube also has the problem of condensation hanging on the inner wall, I think it’s an unimportant defect. After all, most of RDTA has such a problem. If you take a look at many of the homogeneous RDTAs in the market, you will find Oumier Maximus Max RDTA really has its own unique features and structures with high differentiation degree.

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