When mentioning about MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping and DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping, new vapers usually don’t have a clear idea about the difference between them. Both the two vaping methods are very common. Different vaping methods will bring vapers different usage experience.

MTL vaping is very similar to smoking skill, but DTL vaping is very similar to the skill for smoking hookah.

Meanwhile, different devices, atomizers and output wattage are also the factors to decide if a device is suitable for MTL vaping or DTL vaping. No matter you hope to taste the nice flavor of e-liquid or chase huge vapor to the utmost extent, different vaping methods will bring you different results.

Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

Mouth-to-Lung vaping is very similar to smoking. Users first inhale vapor from atomizer into mouth, and the extra air will bring vapor into lung. In early time, due to technical limitation, most vapers used e-cigarette with such mouth-to-lung vaping method.

Compared with DTL vaping, when you do MTL vaping, vapor will stay in mouth for much a longer time. Accordingly, users can have a much smoother and more subtle taste of the e-liquid flavor. Since cigar users and cigarette users all do MTL vaping, so most vapers who use e-cigarette as substitute of cigarette will also do MTL vaping with e-cigarette.

When doing MTL vaping, most users choose atomizers with high resistance. Output wattage normally will controlled under 15W. In order to match such devices, users will choose e-liquid with high content of PG and nicotine to create an vaping experience with throat hitting feel similar to that brought by smoking.

Advantages of MTL Vaping

Since MTL vaping is a slow process, the vaporization speed of e-liquid is comparatively slow. The same amount e-liquid can last a much longer time if you do MTL vaping.

When you do MTL vaping, it doesn’t require too high output wattage, which can avoid overheating of the device.

Since MTL vaping is similar to smoking, such vaping method is more popular among users who use e-cigarette as substitute of cigarette.

When you do MTL vaping, vapor will stay in your mouth for a much a longer time. It can help users to have a much smoother and more subtle taste of e-liquid flavor.
Disadvantages of MTL Vaping

Since the devices used for MTL vaping normally have lower output wattage, users will feel much weaker throat hitting.

Currently, RDA atomizers and high-wattage atomizers are gradually becoming the mainstream in the market. MTL vaping method, usually used for low-wattage devices, is kind of out-of-date.

Direct-to-Lung Vaping

Just like its name, DTL vaping is defined that users inhale vapor from the atomizer to lung directly. The process is similar to doing deep breath. Your lung will soon filled with dense vapor, which is like smoking hookah. Normally, DTL vaping is completed with RDA or Sub Ohm atomizers.

DTL vaping will bring much stronger throat hitting feel, and large vapor will bring users much denser and fuller taste experience. Meanwhile, since a large amount of e-liquid is vaporized instantaneously, it’s vital for an atomizer to have a good design for lowering temperature. Too hot vapor will not bring users good usage experience.

When you do DTL vaping, since vapor is larger, you will have a more obvious throat hitting feel. Most DTL vapers will choose e-liquid with low content of nicotine.

As stated above, most DTL vapers will choose RDA or Sub Ohm atomizers. At the same time, vapers tends to choose e-liquid with high content of VG and low content of nicotine, thus to decrease the throat hitting brought by vapor.


Advantages of DTL Vaping

Vapor goes into lung and brings stronger throat hitting feel. Meanwhile, vapers can have a much denser and fuller vapor experience.

DTL vaping is the best way for huge vapor chasing.

Disadvantages of DTL Vaping

You need to be careful when you choose e-liquid. Overmuch PG and nicotine will bring strong throat hitting beyond your tolerance. Besides, dry burn of cotton caused by hindered e- liquid deflection will also be your “nightmare”.

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