With its unique output mode, short delay, stable and secure functionality, and easy-to-operation, Semi-mech mod has always possessed a unique position in the market of ecig mod. Teslacigs has never stopped its research and innovation on mec mod. Here, I’m going to review the history of Teslacigs’ evolvement with you guys!

Looking back to the history of Teslacigs’s products releasing history, it seems that since its first built-in mod Stealth, Teslacig has gone far on the road on Semi-mech mod, from the initial chip voltage-stabilizing mod, step to step, to potentiometer-regulating-voltage semi-mech mod.

Let’s start from its first built-in voltage-stabilizing mod Stealth!

1.Teslacigs Stealth 100W Starter kit

The built-in design conception of Stealth is not originated from Teslacigs, but this Stealth Kit is the real one that brings this design conception to such a situation.

Teslacig has compressed the atomizer and mod to a much smaller size, giving the mod a size of 7(height)*5(length)*5(width). Only one hand can grab the whole body of the mod, a very mini feeling. Rubber Paint brings fine and smooth hand feeling, combined with tiny mellow and full arc and fine workmanship, making the hand feeling of this mod a bright spot.

The most important point, also the theme of this article “constant voltage output”, since it features the mech output mode, the mod has no other buttons other than the firing button, no screen either. Which is very easy for operation. Combined with the Kit-matched atomizer, the mod can give a very good usage experience.

The other feature of the mech-styled output mode is that it is easy to ignite and the explosion time is extremely short, which is another plus index for user experience. Of course, the output mode of constant voltage is very unique. The specific output power is decided by the resistance value of the coil, calculation formula U²÷R=P, which can give the atomizer a constant output. However, the atomizer of Stealth is configured with the 316 stainless heating coil. The resistance value of the 316 stainless steel heating coil will increase gradually with the rising temperature, thus resulting a curve output. The low temperature on ignition results a low resistance value, accordingly bringing strong current and rapid temperature rising. When the temperature rises to some extent, the resistance value will increase and the current becomes weak, consequently the output power is lowered.

Teslacigs allocates this atomizer with two finished coils, 0.28Ω and 0.6Ω. The 0.28Ω coil can bring huge vapor and the 0.6Ω coil can be used for small air inlet. They are fit for different users with different habits. This mod can support a minimized 0.1Ω coil and can match up to most RDTA tank with the capacity of 22mm. But the appearance design of the mod decides that it can match up with most of the 22mm RBA. But the design of the mod has decided that it cannot match with the RDA and RDTA atomizer which is very pitiful. The battery capacity is also the short slab of this mod. After all, you can not sell the cow and drink the milk. When owning its small size, you can not ensure that it will have a long battery endurance. Its battery capacity is 2200mah, which is equivalent to a Sony C4. However, with the charging current of 1A, it will only take 3 hours to charge the mod to the full, which can be a makeup to its battery durance.

2. Teslacigs Invader 3 240W box mod

Since the first two generations of the Invader styled with the wooden gunstock shape didn’t appear in the inland market, I can not find a way to review on them. Let’s start our review from the third generation! The Teslaecigs Third Generation can be regarded as the masterpiece in all the semi-mech devices. In the situation that ecig mods develop rapidly, after nearly one year competition in the market, with its violent output, simple operation and rapid response, the third Generation is still popular among the vapers, becoming a symbol representing semi-mech ecig mods in Chinese vapers’ hearts.

Except for its constant voltage box, this mod is also equipped with a setting of potentiometer, which can adjust the voltage in some extent. In this way, the output mode is not single voltage output. The user can adjust it to a proper mouth feel and vapor volume. The potentiometer can separate the voltage into 5 gears and it’s pretty easy to operate. Moreover, the operation mode that clicking the ignition button five times continuously to start the mod can also well avoid the mindless touch on the ignition button when carrying with it. Meanwhile, it features fast ignition bringing by mechanical power supply and rapid explosion, together with the lowest voltage 3.6V to the highest voltage 6.6v, making the violent output of this mod to a stunning degree!

This third generation Invader adopts a design that dual batteries in series connection, when increasing the voltage, it also increases its battery durance. The durance of the dual batteries are pretty good, and the endeavor is made on the matching of the mod body and battery compartment. Among the dual batteries mods, the body of this mod is pretty mini.

Of course, this mod is not that perfect. The baking finish is not strong enough to resist heavy abrasion and is easy to get abraded. And it is not harmonious to have a 22mm atomizer built on it. Moreover, the user can not know the battery reserve accurately except guessing, and the body is also heavy. Apart from it has so many weakness, but its excellent performance and performance versus price ratio make this mod a big success!

3.Teslacigs three 150W TC mod

Teslacigs three mod is a mech mod with protective chipset. On hearing its name, you might think it’s the same mod as Invader 3, and in the ecig field, these two mods are always compared. Actually, their working mode are totally different! The Invader 3 adopting the  potentiometer structure can achieve the effects of increasing voltage and stabilizing voltage output! While, the output of Teslacigs 3 totally depends on the voltage of the battery. That is to say, the output voltage of this mod is the same with 18650 battery. Theoretically, the highest voltage is 4.2V, thus in the natural output of the battery, the real output will decrease, approximately 3.7V. However, the Invader 3 can reach the highest to 6.6V, thus, the performance and mode of the two mods are different fundamentally.

Also because of the output mode, it’s not proper for this mod to use the fancy coil made of ordinary A1 heating coil. Since the fancy coil of the A1 heating coil is featured with slow heating, and the mechanical output is relatively fixed and cannot make the coil heat fast just like the variable voltage mod by setting output curve or directly adjust the output power up. So, if the user wants to use the fancy coil, a preheating process is needed to achieve good effect. But in this mode , if the user uses the simple-structured and low resistance coil, it can perform pretty well, fast response, rapid explosion and huge vapor.

This mod uses the built-in battery, the capacity of the battery is 5000mah. The highest charging current is 2A. When charging with an 2A charger, it only takes 3 hours for the battery to be full charged. Also, the most important feature of this mod is that it can be used as a power bank when other electronic devices are out of power. Try to think that when you are outside by yourself, what are you going to do when your cell phone is out of power while you are using the navigation. At this time, you can take out your ecig and connect it to your cell phone with a USB, then all the embarrassment is soon solved.

So, The advantage of this mod is its simple operation, no delay, low resistance explosion, long battery endurance, LED battery indication light and the power bank design, which are the unique features of mechanical mode. The weakness is also relative, the battery is irreplaceable, the output of the high-valued resistance doesn’t perform well, the fancy coil needs preheating, the mouth feel cannot be adjusted by adjusting the output and etc. All in all, this mod fits well for the lazy people and inexperienced vapers.

4.Teslacigs stealth mini 45W kit

This mod is the compact version of the Stealth. On the basis of the original handy mod, this mod is further compressed to an extent of 4(length)*2(width)*6.5 (height). The coating is changed into painting, together with the round body, bringing this mod a very good grabbing feel.

The compressed body of the mod results that this mod can only use the matched original 16.5mm atomizer. The oil tank is only 1.5ml, the matched atomizer is a SS316 coil of 1 Ω, which is more inclined to the mouth feel, thus it can match with the matched atomizer of this mod regarding to the oil consuming of this mod!

The compressed body also brings imperfect performance. The maximal output current is decreased from 40A to 16.5A, and the battery capacity is also decreased from 2200mah to 1300mah. Even if the body is compressed, it can match up with the matched coil of the atomizer. And as regard to its endurance, the high resistance means low battery consumption, the actual endurance time does not shrink obviously.

5. Teslacigs Nano 120w Box Mod

This mod is a new release from Teslacigs. It’s an elegant mod with a special design. The pattern engraved on it gives it a very solemn industrial feeling. The metal-looked body weighs very heavily, totally 250g, not easy to carry around! Different from other traditional mech mods with click buttons, Tesla Nano features a on-off switch, which is both secure and convenient, no need to worry about hit it by accident.

With an OLED screen, it is easy to monitor the wattage and battery capacity. This mod is not chargeable, instead, it has to be supported by two 18650 cells. The Max Output Voltage is 9v and the Max output current is 35A. In the VW mode, the resistance can lower down to 0.1 ohm, creating huge vapor. This mod is also different from the traditional box mod with a Taste Mode, 4 modes in total, norm, soft, hard, user.

With its multifunction, Tesla Nano 120w is much applicable to those ecig players.

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According to these five mech mods, we can find the features of Teslaecigs products. The Teslaecigs products are separated into two parts, one is oriented to the ecig players, and the other part is oriented to the smokers who wants to get rid of smoking or find the substitute of cigarettes. The products oriented to the players is gifted with pretty strong performance, more adjustment and using space, and comfortable operation experience.

The products designed for the smokers are simple for operation, can provide stable experience to users, features with handy volume and comfortable grabbing feel. I must say, such designs are much close to the original intention of ecigs. Ecigs were born for quitting smoking and replacing cigarettes. Nowadays, many devices when equipped with good performances and variable operation modes, they are also added with many complicated operations for using and too big volume and heavy weight.

These devices are OK for the players, but for those who only needs quitting smoking and replacing cigarettes, they are too complicated. On this basis, it is actually not good for the promotion and propagation of cigarettes. Especially in the situation inland, many elder smokers have bias to ecigs. The expensive prices of the high-end mods can scare people off, huge vapor easily leading people to think the bad side, complicated operation makes it hard for people to use it. DIY is also another problem that increasing the operation difficulty. All these can hinder the promotion to these people. So, actually these high-end mods can be only used in the player groups.

For promotion, we actually need those ecigs that are easy for using, can provide excellent experience for users and are portable. Personally, the polarized concept of Teslaecigs are pretty good. In one way, it satisfy the needs of the players, in another way, it can promote VAPE well and make more people envisaging and understanding it.

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