Limitless Gold RDTA is the newest tank released by Limitless company.

Limitless company is a Canadian manufacturer and used to be a partner of iJoy  the Chinese brand. But at present, they have become two separate companies. Limitless Gold RDTA, designed exclusively by Limitless company, is the upgraded version of the previous Limitless RDTA tank.

When it comes to RDTA, some new users might not know it well. RDTA is shorted for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer, meaning that it’s a dripping tank.
Before I give the demonstration of Limitless Gold RDTA, I’d like to talk about the RDTA category.

As the latest atomizer category, RDTA, featuring both the unique flavor of dripping atomizers and the storage function of tanks, has attracted great attention from the vaping group.

When it emerged in the market firstly, it received great response. But the hot wave decreased soon in a short time. The reason of this phenomenon is due to its incomplete structural design on its first emergence. Oil leaking, complex structure, inconvenience for installation and cleaning, were the factors that constrained its development.

In 2017, after long silence, RDTA appeared in the market again with the problems above optimized.

Structure Decomposition
Generally, the structure of RDTA from top to bottom is drip tip (might be integrated with top cap), atomizer cap, atomization warehouse (might be integrated with top cap and drip tip), electrode plate, filling ring (might be integrated with electrode plate), oil tube (normally glass material), 510 electrode plate.
The upper part of RDTA has no difference to the RDA. The electrode plate of the two categories are both wrapped by atomization warehouse.  But the RDTA has an additional part— the oil tank.

Structure Details

The a

Atomization warehouse usually wraps the whole electrode plate, including most part of the filling ring. Such design, in one aspect, it’s for the appearance; in the other aspect, it’s for sealing the filling hole (the early RDTA leaked because the filling ring is not sealed tightly thus leading to decompression of the oil tank).

Generally, RDTA is structured with U-shaped dual-post four-hole electrode posts. Also, there are also designs of presser-styled electrodes and non-electrode. After all, these different kinds of electrodes come from the existing electrode posts types of RDA, which can bring simple and convenient coil building experience.

The wicking of RDTA is different to that of RDA. You cannot just put the cotton end into the bottom of the oil tank to lead the oil to the coil. If you operate like this, the oil-defecting distance will be too long. After half tank of the oil has been finished, the oil defecting speed will become slower. Also, the oil in the cotton cannot be deflected completely and is difficult to deal with.

We treat the oil tank of RDTA as a temporary oil tank. Every time when you vape, the atomizer will be slanted, then the oil will be deflected into the cotton. But when the left oil in the oil tank is very little, if you invert the atomizer, the oil can still be deflected into the cotton thus to the coil.

Thus, I suggest vapers can leave each of the cotton end about 1 cm longer than that of the RDA when you do the wicking. This is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also will not waste too much oil, and the operation is much simpler.
OK, hope you guys have had a good knowledge of RDTA.

 My first sight at Limitless Gold RDTA tank, I was attracted by its gold pin in the tank.  The tank has a juice capacity of 4.75ml which is big for a RDTA.
The drip tip and the atomizer cap are an integrated part. By screwing it off, the gold plated deck comes to your eyesight. It is absolutely a unique design and the deck is replaceable with two options. With the replaceable decks, you can have different vaping experience.
It has a 25mm base with a unique bottom airflow design that shoots the air directly under the coils. It also features a top adjustable airflow control with Limitless triangles as your airflow slots.

To best match Limitless Gold RDTA , I suggest the Tesla Nano 120w box modLimitless Arms Race 200w and iJoy Captain PD270 234W.

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