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  1. Why Hong Kong Plans to Ban E-cigarette?

    Since e-cigarette was first known to the world, it has experienced generations of transformations. In last week, it was placed in the teeth of the storm again. Hong Kong is planning to ban e-cigarette...
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  2. What is CBD,THC and CBG? --Exploring Cannabis

    Cannabis contains over 480 active compounds, 80 of which are only found in cannabis. This is a lot of different variables that affect the body, and it’s partly why there is always new scientific resea...
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  3. How to Verify the Authenticity of you Ecigs?

    Dear vapers, International Customer Protection Day is around the corner. Do you ever have a moment doubting the authenticity of your vaping devices? Do you know fake ecigs normally don’t have after-...
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  4. Small-sized Ecigs

    As the electronic cigarette moved so far, experienced vapers can remember all the historical periods of electronic cigarettes. In the past 2017, we have witnessed the revolutionary improvement of R...
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  5. 9 Researches to Shut the Mouth of Ecig Opponent

    When you pick up a newspaper, when you turn on TV, or when you log in social network sites, you must have seen lots of negative news about electronic cigarettes. How to refute the lies about electroni...
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  6. Best Pod-System Ecigs in 2017

    Pod-system electronic cigarettes are mostly designed for substituting for traditional electronic cigarettes. Portable and simple to use, they can effectively help smokers to avoid health harm caused b...
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  7. What is Nicotine Salt?

    If you have ever experienced the thunderstorm in ecig market, you may find that the current market has turned back to the essence of the ecigs-- smoking cessation. In the market of smoking cessation, ...
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  8. Use Eicgs, World People will Live 87 Million Years Longer!

    If in the future ten years, smokers replace traditional cigarette with electronic cigarette, over 6.6 million smokers will have a much longer life expectancy, calculated by George Town Lombardi Compre...
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  9. Electronic Cigarette: Miracle or Threat?

    Electronic cigarette has been a controversial item since its advent. Ten years ago, it barely existed, but now, it’s everywhere. Is it a miracle or a threat? Will it do good or do harm to your health?...
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