Killing Time RDA

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Killing Time RDA is designed by the Team named Secret Squad. Maybe you are very familiar with presser-styled electrodes. And with the unceasing development of atomizers, presser structure has been upgraded gradually. This Killing Time added bottom airflow system and bounce-back function. With the previous old presser structure, vapers need to adjust the place of the presser manually so that to insert in the coil, but this Killing Time RDA well solve this problem. Let’s check it out!


It utilizes a paper box. It reads “Killing Time”on the top of it. The red striking “competition” also reminds vapers that it can be on a par with the RDAs producing huge vapor and having highly-efficient airflow system.


On the back, there notes the specification and packing list of the atomizer and you can also see the structure chart of this atomizer.


The package adopts a drawer-like structure. When you open it, you will see the atomizer. It has two colors for choice, black and stainless steel.


Except for the atomizer, the accessories also including spare screwdriver*4, spare spring*4, a set of o-rings and a BF screw.




The diameter of Killing Time is 25mm and its height is 36.6mm. Its overall appearance looks like a gun muzzle. Together with the gunlines, the vapor shape will be like “bullet”.

At the bottom of the atomizer, there is the logo and name of the team, name and number of the atomizer, every atomizer has a unique time as your Killing Time. Both of the two electrodes can be disassembled. At the positive electrode, except for the contactor screw, there is also another screw for locking. But at the negative electrode, there is only one screw. Since this atomizer can support bottom filling, there is space at the bottom for bottom filling. Moreover, the two screws at the bottom both have sealing rings around them, you dont have to worry that the liquid will leak from the screw.

The structure of this atomizer can be disassembled into four parts including drip tip, atomizer upper part, atomizer bottom part and base.

There are eight gun-lines inside of the 810 drip tip. Together with the open inverted cone structure, the eight gun-lines can completely realize flux condensation. And the adoption of Pei material can completely help to avoid mouth burning. The design of the gun-lines influence the taste of the vapor at some extent, and you can obviously feel the vapor spinning into mouth.

The atomizer part can be parted into upper part and bottom part. The combination of the two parts adopt reverse thread which can help to open/close the airflow system on the two sides. From the picture, you can see both the openness and adjustment range of the two airflow holes are extremely large. In daily use, you can adjust the openness according to different data.

The atomizer tube can be parted into upper part and bottom parts.

In the middle, you can see two inverted trapezoidal airflow holes. Through the thread on the upper part and the bottom part, you can easily open or close the airflow holes on the two sides. When the airflow holes is closed completely, the airflow holes are hidden. The hidden airflow holes again increases the play-ability of this atomizer.

From the picture, you can see the base design of the Killing Time doesnt have the traditional L-Shape airway. Its slightly slanted and can extend accurately to the bottom of the liquid tank. At the same time, the wide and deep tank also provides excellent liquid capacity. At the outside of the airflow holes, there is an arc slope which is lower than the outside surface. Such design can slightly divert the inflow air to better cover the coils, thus improving the taste clearness.


There are four springs under the presser structure. The built-in gold-plated spring can help the presser to bounce back, and you dont have to worry that it will destroy the spring when the coils are tightly pressed. The electrode is 1.88mm thick. As long as the coil is locked too tightly, the presser will not be bent. The locking space is 3mm wide and is large enough to install most of the fancy coils in the market.

Killing Time RDA can match with fancy coils of very exaggerated data. Since its internal space is very spacious and its side airflow holes can support any type of coils.

Actually, after its structure was seen to the public, some vapers doubted that whether its slanted airflow system and high-latitude edge will bring trouble to build coils, whether the coils will be too close to the coils. In fact, if you see the height difference between the electrode post and its edge, you can clearly know that you dont have to elevate or lower the height of the coils. To rightly build the coils, you just need to keep the two coils being paralleled with the two electrodes.


As an atomizer with 25mm diameter, if you are an experienced atomizer user, you will feel its charm. With its all-open airflow holes on the two sides, you will feel the excitement of huge vapor production.


Killing Time RDA succeeds the high quality of Secret Squad. For playing, it supports data in a large range and can match with various coils. For using experience, the combination of bottom airflow system and side airflow system can not only ensure dense flavor, but also can produce huge vapor for you.

If I must find a fault with it, condensation can be accumulated at the side airflow holes. You will need to clean it regularly.

Killing Time RDA is a must for your collection. Use coupon code killing12to enjoy 12% off!

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