Joyetech eVic Primo 2.0 228W Starter Kit with UNIMAX 2 Atomizer

Price : $39.99 $67.69

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Joyetech is a well-known ecig brand in the vaping group. Many vapers start vaping with Joyetech products. I’m also one of it. It is no exaggeration to say Joyetech is the tycoon in the field of electronic cigarettes.  

The product I’m going to review today is another master piece from Joyetech--eVic Primo 2.0 kit. Primo mod is the star product of Joyetech. The output of this 2.0 version is upgraded to 228w.


The ProCore Aries atomizer built on the mod is also a star product of Joyetech.

Such matching proves that this kit is surely the knock-out product of Joyetech.


It’s packed in a white box with plastic film wrapping it. It adopts the clean and neat packing style of Joyetech and gives users a very clear feel.

From the details of the package, you can find the main color that the manufacturer wants to promote is yellow. To my personal taste, I don’t really like this color. :(

When you open the top cover, you will find the box mod on the top layer. When you move the foam inter-layer, you will find the atomizer and other accessories.


There are bountiful accessories in the package.

Atomizer is in the accessory box.


After assembling, you will find the matching of the box mod and the atomizer is perfect. It’s just beautiful!



As star product, the function of evic Primo 2.0 is just incomparable. It is featured with all the needed functions and is also featured with the black technology of “reverse charging”. In my opinion, this “reverse charging” function is just as useless as the chicken rib. Nowadays, the battery capacity of most cellphones has surpassed 2000mah. Some even is higher than 5000mah.


The installing of the battery compartment is very convenient. It adopts slip cover, and the opening and closing of the battery compartment is good and tight. Inside of the battery compartment and on the cover, there are labels of positive and negative electrodes. Please pay attention that the red circle in the point is for balancing the power management. Therefore, eVic Primo 2.0 mod can display the battery capacity of the dual batteries and can support balanced charging to protect batteries.


The mod itself is in the shape of a shuttle, so the thickness at the two sides is inconsistent. They are 24mm and 26mm respectively.


The design of the front side and back side are systematic. They are coated with the blue metal painting and its surface is finely processed. The side is covered with a resin sticker with carbon-fiber-alike pattern. It not only improves the hand feel and play a role for insulating heat, but also improves the appearance of the mod itself. The manufacturer has worked hard on the design of its appearance.


When matching with various atomizer, it’s very pretty.



From the point of the overall effect, eVic Primo 2.0 suits better for those short and fatty atomizers.

On one of its two side face, there is the standard three-button layout. The screen is in a proper size and shows the information clearly. The MicroUSB can support 2A fast charging and balanced charging. The charging is much faster than the average low-wattage charging and is much safer. In addition, this USB port can be also used for upgrading the firmware of the mod.


As a star product, the mod has complete functions, especially the additional clock screen saver.

Experienced vapers must be interested in the chipset of the mod. At present, the recognition degree of DNA chipset is very high because its firing delay is well controlled.


eVic Primo 2.0 mod adopts the chipset researched and developed by Joyetech itself. How does this eVic Primo 2.0 perform with this chipset?

For this, I made a horizontal comparison.

Mods: VT250 (DNA chipset), eVic Primo 2.0, iStick Pico 75w


Atomizers: Kayfun Lite Plus (SS316 28G 0.9Ω) AMMIT (Clapton fancy coils 0.5Ω),  Rabies Atomizer (A1 22G 0.25Ω)


Atomizer: Kayfun Lite Plus  Mode:VW  Output wattage: 12W.  

When using iStick Pico 75w,  firing delay is obvious.

When using eVic Primo 2.0 and VT250, firing delay is much shorter and can be easily overlooked.

Atomizer: AMMIT  Mode: VW  Output wattage: 50w.

When using iStick Pico 75w, eVic Primo 2.0 and VT250, I can hardly feel the firing delay.

Atomizer:  Rabies Atomizer  Mode: VW  Output wattage: 75w

When using iStick Pico 75w, eVic Primo 2.0 and VT250, I don’t feel firing delay.


Conclusion: Under low wattage, the firing delay of eVic Primo 2.0 is almost the same as the of DNA chipset. Under high wattage, there is no firing delay.


By horizontal comparison, the performance of eVic Primo 2.0 is nearly the same as the expensive DNA chipset.


Two coil heads are included: ProC1 0.4Ω and ProC4 0.15Ω. They are for huge vapor chasing and taste chasing respectively.  


In addition: Inside of the package, there is a coil head instruction card for introducing the optimum wattage, taste and vapor. Vapers can refer to it for choosing the proper coil.


The structure of the atomizer is very simple, only including drip tip, top cap, glass tube, coil head and base. The whole atomizer is completely connected by the thread on the coil head.


ProCore atomizer adopts top flip-open refilling system. The force bearing point is at the “Aries” (circled in red)

When you push the top cap to a small distance, then you can flip open it.


The silicone spacer in the middle forms dual refilling holes, and when you close the top cap, it also acts to lock the liquid in the tank.

During use, I don’t find leakage at the top cap. You can rest assured to use it.


After using it, I find the coil head in ProCore Aries is the same as the coil head inside of Smok TFV8 Tank series, even though they are slightly different in appearance.

The diameter of the glass tube is 25mm and it can contain 4ml liquid. When you use ProC1 0.4Ωcoil head (taste oriented), a tank of liquid can barely last for one day.

Usage Experience

I get quite good using experience with Joyetech eVic Primo 2.0 kit. The hand feel of the resin sticker on the mod is pretty good. The size of the kit is compact. As a dual-battery kit, its weight is also light.

The function of mod is complete and the vapor is also dense. Especially when I use the ProC4 0.15Ω coil head, the vapor is huge. When I use ProC1 0.4Ω coil head with the setting of 1/3 airflow and 40w output, the flavor is rich.


It is worth mentioning that the smart mode of this mod is very user friendly. After you set up the smart mode, when the atomizer is installed on, it will automatically adjust to the pre-set wattage.

At last, the mod supports 2A big current charging, which is also a highlight of this mod. According to my actual use, the two C4 batteries can be fully charged after the mod is totally out of power.


Only two disadvantages to be criticized:

  1. The reverse charging function is useless.
  2. There is no RBA coil head inside of the package, thus the usage cost is high.  


In the aspects of workmanship, appearance, size and weight, Joyetech eVic Primo 2.0 Kit is just fascinating to me. Its 228w maximum wattage, compact size and light weight, 4ml liquid capacity, vapor and taste focused coil heads, are all the advantages of Joyetech eVic Primo 2.0 Kit. If you are a businessman or ecig player, and if you are looking for a kit with portable size, full function and violent output, Joyetech eVic Primo 2.0 Kit can be your best choice.

Use coupon code “primo12” to enjoy 12% off!

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