In this year, nicotine salt is being greatly popular among the vaping community. Nearly all the manufacturers released some relative products that can be used with nicotine salt. All of these stirs up the interests of those huge vapor chasers, and they can’t help to ask “is nicotine salt suitable for huge vapor chasing?”What kind of vapers are suitable for vaping with nicotine salt?

Nicotine salt is not suitable for every vaper, but for some vapers, it is an ideal choice. For example, if you like huge vapor, you’d better stick to the regular e-liquid. But, for vapers who have just switched from smoking to vaping and can not be satisfied with the nicotine intake from regular e-liquid, or vapers who want to use e-cigarette much faster, nicotine salt will be their best choice for quitting smoking.

Nicotine salt is different from the nicotine we usually use. It’s called “salt”, but it’s not salt. It’s a kind of crystal formed by the organic creation of freebase nicotine. Before using, this crystal needs to be melted with propylene glycol or glycerin, forming a liquid normally with nicotine ratio of 100mg/ml.

One of the strengths to use nicotine salt is that human body can absorb high content of nicotine into blood more easily. However, when you vape with freebase nicotine, high content of nicotine will irritate your throat a lot.

Since nicotine salt brings much much smoother throat hitting feel, it will lead vapers to vaping too much nicotine unwittingly. To those who are not heavy vapers or smokers, it will easily cause nicotine intoxication. It is to be highlighted that nicotine salt is not invented for huge vapor chasing. It is something for those people who is in need for high content of nicotine . Regular e-liquid with 36mg content of nicotine will irritate throat very strongly, while nicotine salt will not.

Factors that cause burned coils:
When the e-liquid is heated to evaporate:
1.Different component in the e-liquid has different volatility, so there will be remnants left.
2.Under the instaneous high heat of the coil, some chemical reactions might happen, thus producing some insoluble and involatile substances, just like matches firing into carbon and carbon firing into ashes.

1. When you vape with nicotine salt, you need to choose a low-wattage mod with high-resistance atomizer (over 1.0ohm).
2. Use voltage ranging from 7 to 12w. If you use a device with high wattage and low resistance, it will easily cause over-absorption of nicotine thus causing body discomfort. Moreover, it will easily burn coil and bring bad taste.
3. Lower the VG ratio in nicotine salt liquid to increase its fluidity.

So, if you want to vape with nicotine salt, first to try with little dosage to see if your body are OK with it. Please remember not to use high wattage.

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