Brief Intro: Today, the AIO kit I’m going to introduce to you is a big-sized kit--IJOY RDTA Box. <p >I believe you are not unfamiliar to the words- “ecig mod”. The mod you usually see is post-liked or box-liked. There is another product that would brighten the eyes of the vapers, the integrated ecig kit, that is what we normally say AIO kit. With products skyrocketing in 2016, more and more AIO kit comes into our sight.
Usually, the impression AIO gives us is a compact battery-built-in box mod with an atomizer pre-installed with finished coils. But today, the AIO kit I’m going to introduce to you is a big-sized kit--IJOY RDTA Box.


Inside of the pack, except for the iJoy RDTA BOX kit and some regular accessories, there is also the brush for cleaning, finished coils, two finished fancy coils, a 510 drip tip adapter ring and a bilingual specification.

  1. Atomizer

The big-sized RTDA Box mod is matched with an atomizer whose diameter is 25mm. The structure of the atomizer is the same as the regular RDTA, separable as  atomization tube for heating and the liquid tank. However, its body is much bigger than the RDTA we normally see!
Especially when you screw off the atomization tube, you will see one of  the RDTA’s highlights--a huge liquid tank (I think it can be called liquid depot). The capacity is 12.8ml! Though the connector of the atomizer and mod is also gold-plated, but they are not regular 510 spring-loaded connector.


When you disassemble the atomizer, you will find there is not very much highlight with its structure. By and large, it can be disassembled into drip tip, airflow ring, cap for atomization, electrode deck and base connection ring. “Base connection ring ” is actually the “hollowed” liquid tank of the regular atomizer. Here, it plays a role in connecting the electrode deck and the liquid tank at the base. In lots of RDTA atomizer, you can also find similar structure.



The atomizer of RDTA Box mod is pre-installed with a DIY electrode deck with dual posts and four holes. Besides, inside of the pack, there is a spare 0.15Ω triple-coil, with which huge vapor is also accessible to the new vapers.


B. Mod
It measures 28*55*105mm and weighs 249g. If you install dual 18650 batteries into it, it will weigh 339g. With its big size and heavy wight, if you carry this ijoy RDTA box 200w around and put it into your trousers pocket, I guess it can drag down your trousers in a minute. Undoubtedly, its portability is not so good.


The entire mod is D-shaped. Its hand feel is average and is just the same as the regular dual-battery mod. On the upper part of the mod, there is a “huge” fire button. The key travel and the feedback force is proper. When you press it down, you will hear a clear “da’ sound. Below the 1.26-inch screen, you can see the “-” button and “+” button. There is a USB port on the mod, but it can only used for upgrading softwares but not for charging.


When you open the sliding-open battery compartment, you will find the electrodes are gold-plated. Closing to the electrodes at the bottom, there is a stealth spring design. The hollowed-out battery compartment is very convenient for vapers to take out the batteries.


Ijoy RDTA Box mod is equipped with a liquid tank of 12.8ml capacity (I should say liquid depot)! When you screw off the sealing lid of the refilling hole beside the atomizer, you can fill the liquid into it (I should say “pour the liquid”)! Since the diameter of the filling reaches 1.5mm, even if you don’t use the filling dropper, you can just screw open the lid and pour the liquid in. There is a LED light in the liquid tank for vapers’ convenience to observe the left liquid.


C. Function of the mod
The displaying interface is clearly separated into 3 parts. Except for the regular wattage, resistance and voltage, it also displays how many times the vaper has vaped.


Regarding the function of the mod, except for the Ni-TC, Ti-TC, SS-TC and TCR function, vapers can also set the output mode under the common-used wattage mode. Press the fire button 3 times continuously to enter into the menu, then press the “+” and “-” button to switch into “output mode setting”, when you press the fire button to confirm it, you will see four different output modes, norm, hard, soft and user.    

The User mode could be the most special setting.
The User mode enables the vapers to customize the output wattage in the first 3 seconds. On the setting interface, there are 6 energy bars similar to the sign of battery remaining capacity. Each energy bar stands for 0.5s work time. Initially, six energy bars all have 50% energy left. Each energy bar can increase or reduce 5 gears. Each gear stands for 10% initial wattage value.
Take the picture below as an example. My initial wattage value is 75w, when the first energy bar increases one gear, then the actual output at the first 0.5s after firing up is 75w*110%=82.5w. After setting the first energy bar, press the fire button to make confirmation to move to the next energy bar to do the setting, and the like.
The effect of this USER mode is very similar to that of the “taste curve”, but it’s more fool-styled. As long as the vaper operates it several times, they can be proficient with it. The entire procedures can be completed on the mod, no need to connect it with the computer for setting.

When I install the self-contained stainless steel fancy coils, I tried it. Under the norm mode of the wattage mode, the mod has 1 second output delay. The output doesn’t explode instantly but is acceptable. Regarding its taste, it is nearly the same as the huge-vapor atomizer, slightly lower density and layering. But the volume of the vapor is magnificent.


iJoy RDTA Box is very different from the common “built-in”kit. No matter its shape, weight and sizes of all aspects, they all embody “big”. Dual-battery mod ensures a high-wattage output, at the same time it also has a long endurance.  
Vapers can also use finished coils on it. Even if it’s for new vapers to use, it is pretty easy to operate. The most amazing feature of the mod is its fool-styled taste-curve adjustment--USER mode, which can satisfy the increasingly personified vaping habits of the vapers.
For example, some vapers like soft taste at the beginning then steady output. I like hard taste at the beginning then steady output. USER mode can satisfy both the two habits.
However, iJoy RDTA Box 200w also has some weaknesses.
It is not 510-threaeded connector. It can only adapt its self-contained atomizer and coils.
It’s too heavy and big-sized to carry around.
All in all, iJoy RDTA Box is a box mod of pretty good performance and great usability. It’s only sold $59.99 with free shipping. Shop now!

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