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For new vapers, it’s  pretty depressing if you don’t know how to use the TC (temperature Control) mode of your vaping device. It is just like you don’t know how to use some of the functions of your newly bought cell phone.

Today, I will talk Temperature Control with you guys.

1. Content Preparation 

To experience temperature control function, you will need to prepare a TC atomizer and a mod with TC function.

If you are using a finished atomizer with TC coils, this will be much easier.

If you are using a RBA, you will need to prepare a corresponding TC coil.

The very common ones are the Ni200, Ti, and Stainless Steel 316. Which one to choose?

If we take the flavor of voltage regulating coil for reference:

The flavor of the Ni-TC is much lighter, the flavors of the Ti-TC and SS316-TC are similar to the voltage regulating coils, and the layering and the details are much richer. Only that it has a light flavor similar to the flavor of “metal”.

After you have prepared the material of the TC coil, then how to choose the  diameter of the wire?

If the material is different, the wire diameter will also be different. You can choose the diameter according to the type of your atomizer. For example, if your atomizer is flavor-oriented and has only one coil, you can choose the wire diameter  between 0.2-0.32. 

If your atomizer is huge vapor oriented and has only one coil, you can choose the wire diameter between 0.2-0.32.

If your atomizer is a dual-coil RDA or huge-vapor RTA, the suggested wire diameter is between 0.2 and 0.25. The reason is that the coil made of pure Nickel has very low resistance and the resistance of dual-coils will be half reduced. In order to avoid a too low resistance that cannot be supported by the mod, we choose much thinner wires to improve the resistance.

When using Ti and 316, you can choose the wire diameter with the reference of voltage regulating coil. For example, if you normally use Kanthal A1 with 0.4 wire diameter, then under TC mode, you can choose 0.4 diameter of Ti or stainless steel 316.

1. Making TC coil for RBA

1.TC coil is different to the voltage regulating coil.  When using the material Ni or Ti, to avoid partial short-circuit, we cannot wind the wire too tightly but to wire it loosely.

2.The stainless steel 316 is very special. You can wind the 316 wire either tightly or loosely, and it can be used for voltage regulating and temperature control.

3.How many circles to wind depends on the structure of the atomizer.  You can try to wind it as many circles as possible to enlarge the heating area.

4.When winding the wire, you can wind it tightly and then stretch it on the wire rod and adjust it evenly.

The rest steps are the same as what you do with the voltage regulating coil. You install the coil and cotton. But pay attention that don’t burn the Ni and Ti material. You just thread the cotton and adjust the spacing. 

2.Mod Setting

3.Choose the proper material

Connect the atomizer and mod, and then choose the corresponding TC material mode according to the TC material you use.

This is very easy for understanding.  If you use Ni,  you just switch your mod into“TC”mode, and then find and set the material “Ni”.
In a similar way, if the coil you use is made of the material Ti or 316, you will have to set the TC mode into “Ti” or “316”.
Only if the TC material of the mod is accord with the coil material, then you can have a proper TC experience.

When adjusting the TC mode, don’t press the fire button to heat the atomizer. Because once the TC coil is heated up, the resistance will be changed. Some mod will set the wrong resistance as the initial resistance, thus the accuracy of temperature control will be influenced, even though you can test some mods manually.

But if you want to set the resistance after the coil temperature lowers into the room temperature, you will have to wait for ten minutes.

Thus I suggest that you set the mod first, material, temperature, output , then you install the atomizer. In such way, the resistance tested out will be more accurate.

4.Setting the temperature

Next, you will need to set the output temperature. The usual temperature is set between 200℃ and 300℃.

I usually use the temperature 220℃ and 240℃.  Such two temperature is suitable for most TC atomizers. Some huge vapor atomizers need to be adjusted to 260℃ or 280℃.

As regard to the unit of “Temperature”, some new vapers might be struggling on this. What on earth should be chosen? (℃)  or Fahrenheit degree(°F)?

Fahrenheit degree is more detailed than Celsius degree theoretically. From the freezing point to boiling point, Celsius degree is divided into 100 portions from 0℃ to 100℃. But with regard to Fahrenheit, it is divided into 100 portions from 32 to 212℃.

The knowledge above is much more useful for science research and micro technique. But e-cigarette is not doing scientific research. Temperature control of e-cigarette is actually calculated by chipset based on the changing resistance of coils. Thus, for practical use, Temperature Control is not that “mysterious”. For ordinary users, there is no need to struggle on those problems.

5.Setting the Output Wattage

Some vapers may have doubts why we are talking about “wattage” here.

Temperature control of e-cigarettes is actually also a kind of “wattage output”mode.  In short, chipset calculates the temperature of the coil according to the changing resistance of coil.

For example, the resistance of Ni coil is 1Ω under room temperature 25℃, and when the temperature is 200℃, the resistance is 1.5 Ω.  If your temperature is set at 200℃, the chipset of the mod will test the coil resistance. When the resistance is lower than 1.5Ω, the mod will power the coil. When the resistance is higher than 1.5Ω, the mod will stop powering the coil or will lower the wattage. By repeating this process, the chipset will keep the resistance at a value around 1.5Ω. Namely, the corresponding temperature at “200℃”.

Thus, fundamentally speaking, “temperature control” of e-cigarette is a kind “frequency conversion output”.

The temperature control e-cigarettes in the market at present usually have two settings of wattage output. On one condition, the user sets the temperature, then the chipset will choose the automatic wattage output.                          

On the other condition, user cannot only set the output temperature, but can also set the highest output wattage.

For example, , you set the temperature of a TC atomizer at 220℃ , you will have totally different vaping experience when you set the highest wattage at 200w or 20w.

But how to set the wattage?

You should set the wattage according to your usages. You can refer to the wattages under VV mode. If you are using a flavor-oriented atomizer, you can set the wattage much lower.

If you are using a TC RDA or finished huge-vapor atomizer, you should increase the wattage to heat up the coil quickly. In this way, you can avoid a situation that when you have already vaped a while then the temperature has just reach the temperature that has been set. Such situation will have influence on the flavor and the volume of the flavor. For example, if you use 80w or 100w, then you can also set the wattage output under TC mode at 80w or 100w.

Also, some TC mod has the function of “dry burn protection” to avoid burn the coil. If your mod indicates “dry burn”
frequently, but in the atomizer, there is still oil and the coil is wet enough, then you will have to think about the output wattage under TC mode.

6. What is Joule?

The output unit under TC mode is not W but Joule. But how to set it?

Joule is the unit for wattage and energy, and W is the unit for wattage. They are two different physical quantities, thus there is no conversion relation between them.
The relation between Wattage and Joule:
1w= 1 joule/second
On e-cigarette output, you can understand joule= wattage

That is to say if you usually set the output at 80w, then you just set the output at 80 joule under TC mode.

Theoretically, under TC mode, Joule stands for the calorific value in unit time and is more precise than W.

7. Don’t forget to lock (test)the resistance 

I used to make a fool of myself. The early TC mode doesn’t have the manual testing function. As long as you install the atomizer, the chipset will identify it automatically. You just need to set the material and temperature.

When the new-generation chipset comes into the market, I got one mod and I used it in the old way. I set the temperature and output as I usually set, but the atomizer worked abnormally with little vapor, bad flavor and nearly no heat.

Then I gave the feedback to the researcher and was ready to criticize this mod greatly. However, what the researcher said made me especially shameful—“You can try to press the fire button and ‘-’button simultaneously to test the resistance.”

After the operation above, the atomizer worked normally!

Such phenomenon is highly deceptive to the new users. Thus I was also tripped.  When you install the atomizer onto the mod, the screen of the mod will display the resistance. Usually, the user can use it directly. But surprisingly, the user has to do more operation to “verify” with the atomizer that this is the right resistance.

This is also an indicator to vapers. E-cigarette is vey simple, but we should read the instruction book before using in case that we might miss some special function and operation thus influence the usage.

When your mod has the function of testing the resistance, please remember to do the operation as instructed above. Or if your TC atomizer works abnormally after you set it, nearly no vapor, no heat, you should firstly check if you have neglected this function.

Above is the needed operations and matters needing attention. New vapers can experience a different output mode of  temperature control follow the instructions step by step.

Well, some vapers might think it’s complicated to build coils, then the atomizers installed with finished coils can give you great convenience.

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