Is atomizer maintenance necessary? Do you clean your atomizers after vaping? The answer surely is yes! How to get rid of the oil smell in the atomizer? How to wash the atomizer? Any matters need attention?

  1. How to clean atomizers in the daily use?

There are many ways to clean atomizers, for example, alcohol, clean water, ultrasonic cleaner and etc. Today I will share my special secret for cleaning atomizers with you. Preparation: baking soda, a bowl of clean water, tweezers , cleaning cloth and clean tissue.

A. Disassemble the atomizer into three main parts-- top cap, oil tank and base. After that, then you disassemble the rings. If you are not sure if you can remember all the positions of the rings, you can put them away according to the order when you disassemble the rings. But please pay attention that don’t disassemble the small accessories in case that they might be lost in cleaning.
B. Based on the proportion of 1:20, blend baking soda and cool or warm water evenly. Put the atomizer without rings into the water and after 10 minutes, you will see the water becomes light yellow. At this time, you can stir the atomizers in the water to erase the impurity of the atomizers. Then get the atomizers out of water with a tweezers and put them into another container.
C. Wash the atomizers with clean water, and wipe the water on the atomizers with dry cloth or tissues, or let them dry in the open air.
Tip: baking soda can wipe off the impure flavor in the atomizers.

1. How to store the atomizers when you don’t use them?

The mainstream atomizers in the market are mainly made of 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. How should we store them after using them?
Firstly, you need to clean the atomizers in the water. After cleaning, make sure the atomizers and rings are dry without water left in case that the atomizers get rusted. When assembling atomizers, you can smear the rings and the threads with a little bit of pure VG to avoid the threads from rusting and dead-locking and avoid the rings from weathering. Pure VG will not add impure flavor to the atomizers.

2 .How to prolong the life span of an atomizer?

An atomizer is composed of several metal parts. If you use it improperly for a long time and pay no attention to the details,  problems can be easily emerged—screws getting scrapped, threads becoming smooth, leakage leading to scrapped rings,  insulation spacer getting out of shape. How can we prolong the life span of an atomizer?

A.  When building coils, we just need to lock the coil to a proper state, but don’t screw the screws way too tightly.

B. The smoothing of screw threads usually appears when we  install it on the mod. Thus, when you do the installation, you should not use a brute force to screw the screws. You should joint the threads properly before you screw it.  

C. Leakage is the main reason why we give up an atomizer. Before we throw it away, please build the coil again with all your heart. Make sure if it’s the problem of the structure of the atomizer, and then check if the rings can well seal the gaps.

D. If you burn the coils improperly, the overheat will lead the insulation spacer to be out of shape and thus be scrapped.  In this case, we can shorten the burning time, or burn the coils discontinuously to cool the atomizer and ensure the completion of the insulation spacer.

4. How long is the life span of an atomizer?

How long is the life span of an atomizer? This is a question that I was asking when I was a newbie. I normally bought two pieces of atomizers of the same model for replacement. But later I found it was meaningless.  The main parts of atomizers are made of metal and are very firm.  The easily worn-out parts are the accessories, such as glass tube, ring, screws, threads,  insulation spacer and so on. Most of atomizer packages include spare parts of these accessories.  

Proper operation and maintenance will greatly prolong the life span of an atomizer.

Atomizers are sorted as the mechanical metal products. As long as we learn how to maintain them, you will find that you can own them for a pretty long time. As time goes by, the atomizers will be imprinted with the sign of aging, but how interesting is it to discover that!

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