How long do you usually use a coil head? You ever complain of high consumption on them? Inspired by a video made by Rip Trippers,  I made the test below. This article might relieve you from the pain. Check it out!


The main reason that cause the scrapping of finished coil is not the color changing of the cotton, but the carbon deposit causes uneven heating and burned cotton, then produces burned flavor. Accordingly, the volume of the vapor also decreases.

What you need to prepare is alcohol. In this test, I used alcohol with 75% density.  

First, I poured some alcohol into the container, just to overwhelm the coil head. Then I put the coil head into the alcohol and soaked it there for a few hours.
As soon as I put the coil head into the alcohol, the effect showed immediately. There was some black carbon deposit floating on the surface.


The second day after 15 hours later, the color of the alcohol has become deepened, and the cotton at the liquid guiding holes has become whitened.

After getting the finished coil head out of the alcohol and I found the liquid remnant on the cotton had been completely dissolved into the alcohol and the cotton became pretty white. The carbon deposit in the coils also decreased.
(The two lower pictures were shot with the flashlight open, thus they presented in yellowish color. Actually, they were in the same color as the two pictures above. Similarly hereinafter.)


From the picture, you can see the carbon deposit on the coil has been cleaned away completely.


The liquid guiding cotton outside of the coil also became white.
Then I flushed the coil head under the water faucet over and over again. After I cleaned the alcohol out of the coil head with clean water, I let it dry naturally or you could dry it with a hairdryer.

[Contrast Experiment]

From the present testing result, alcohol surely can clean the remnant liquid on the cotton and the carbon deposit on the coil, but the inner condition could not be observed easily. Thus, I carried out another test with a RBA coil, the effect of which was more obvious.
Warm Hint: The pictures below might disgust you. Please be cautious! Don’t view them after meals! (laughing~)


From the picture above you can see, the coils are covered with carbon deposit. The cotton has been turned into deep brown color by several kinds of liquid.


I put the electrode into the alcohol, I found the same effect. Just as what happened to the finished coils, carbon deposit floated onto the water immediately.


After being soaked into the alcohol for about 12 hours, the cotton became white just as the finished coils did. The carbon deposit on the coil also became less, but it wasn’t cleaned completely as the finished coils were.


I think it’s because the structure of the finished coils and RBA coils are different. Most finished coils adopt ordinary wires with a polished surface and the carbon deposit can easily drop from it. However, the structure of the fancy coils is more complicated and the cleaning effect are not very good.

The fancy coils in the right picture has a simpler structure than the coils in the left picture. The cleaning effect of the coils in the right picture is better than that of the coils in the left picture.


Cut off the cotton and pull it out. You can see that even though the liquid on the cotton has been cleaned away, the burned part can not be recovered. (Everyone knows! Laughing~)


By contrasting, you will see it has a better effect when applying this alcohol cleaning way to the ordinary coils than the fancy coils.


After a few hours, the coils were dry completely. I didn’t smell the alcohol or the chlorine of the water. I dripped liquid onto the cotton of the coil and install the coil onto the base, then turned on the mod. It worked normally and could heat and vaporize the liquid.


After cleaning and drying, the finished coils didn’t  perform very well on liquid guiding. When moistening the coil, you will need to drip sufficient liquid on it to make sure it’s soaked totally.

[Actual Testing Effect]

After assembling the atomizer and filling liquid into it, I vaped on it. The first puff tasted pretty good. The originality of the flavor could reach 85%~90% of a brand new coil.
After I used it for several times, the volume of the vapor decreased and the flavor became worse, mixing with a slight of burned flavor, irritating the throat .
When I disassemble the atomizer, I found the liquid guiding cotton inside of the coil is quite wet, but the surface of the liquid inside of the tank decreases quite slow, slower than the normal situation. Irritation of throat and burned flavor also stands for bad liquid guiding. What on earth is the problem?


Then I remembered the guiding holes of the atomizer. Vapers who have disassembled finished coils should know that there are normally two layers of liquid guiding cotton inside of most finished coils. Except for the cotton layer wrapped outside of the coil, between the liquid guiding holes and the liquid guiding cotton in the inner side, there is another layer of cotton, which you can see from the liquid guiding holes. It’s mainly for limiting the speed of the liquid entering into the coil head, thus avoiding leaking caused by over-guiding.
When I disassembled this layer of liquid guiding cotton, the burned flavor disappeared, and it didn’t irritate throat any more. The flavor and taste was almost the same as that produced by a brand-new coil. It proves that the alcohol can destroy the fiber of this layer of liquid guiding cotton, thus the liquid can not enter into the inside of the coil head smoothly.
Since this layer of cotton is dismantled, when carrying the device around and refilling the liquid, you will need to close the airflow holes, or the liquid guiding will be too fast and a large quantity of liquid will leak at the inlet holes.
It is simple to solve this problem. We can insert a little liquid guiding cotton that we normally use. This will relieve the leakage effectively. But pay attention that don’t plug it too tight to avoid unsmooth liquid guiding.


After experiment, I found “alcohol cleaning method” is surely practical. Regarding its flavor, I think Rip is being a little conservative. In my point of view, I think it doesn’t show much difference from a new coil with regard to the flavor. It can re-alive some lightly-used and medium-used finished coils.
But when you do the cleaning, several tips need to be paid attention:
1. Be patient. The longer you soak it, the better it will be cleaned. I recommend 24 hours.

2.After soaking it in the alcohol, you will need to flush it with clean water. You’d better choose big water flow. It can not clean away the alcohol, but can also bring away part of the carbon deposit.

3.You must dry the finished coil after cleaning it. Though you can dry it with hairdryer, I think it’s better to let it be dry naturally.

4. After cleaning it, smell it to ensure that the smell of alcohol and chlorine are removed. Then dry it.

5. After the finished coil is cleaned, when you reuse it, you must wet the liquid guiding cotton completely. Try it with low wattage first, then try the recommended wattage. If there appears insufficient supply of liquid, you can make analysis on the atomizers of different structures to find solutions. Dismantling or replacing the liquid guiding cotton at the liquid guiding holes is not adaptable to all the finished coils.

6. When you disassemble the cotton at the liquid guiding holes, pay attention that it might leak because of overguiding the liquid.

7. This method can be only applied to the slight-used and medium-used finished coils. The burned cotton is irreversible. Therefore, as long as the finished coils have not been dry-burned, have not been used under high wattage, and as long as the cotton around the coil are not burned, the fished coil can be cleaned several times and reused.

8.The alcohol is flammable. Please keep it safely in case of fire.

If you have finished coils that you almost want to throw them away, try this method. It might surprise you and save you a great sum of money!
Let me hear your voice!

A.I don’t even know such a method. I will surely try it. If it works, I shall come back again.

B.Are you kidding me? In no way will it be a truth. I will try and prove that it’s just a fake saying

C.I don’t use finished coils. I just come and see.

D.I have an audacious idea. I will tell you in the comment.

Keep tuned! More practical articles will be on!

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