GeekVape Athena Squonk Kit

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After the three-proof mod Aegis, Geekvape released another new product named Athena Squonk kit. It is its first bottom feeding kit. No matter the workmanship or output of Aegis, they are both great. Presumably, Athena will not let us down for this time.

The external packing of Athena adopts a square box. On the up side, you can see the picture of Athena kit. At the bottom, it labels “mechanical, single 18650 squonker, top airflow RDA with BF”.


At the bottom, it labels the product name, matters needing attentions, anti-fake code, bar code and official website.


Package Specification:

Athena kit, squonk bottle, 510 drip tip, 510 drip tip adaptor, allen key, product specification book and accessory bag.


The mod measures 73*46*25mm. It is compact and portable. You can hold it and operate it with only one hand. The material of the mod is aluminum. Its overall weight is very light. Even if you fully fill the bottle, you will not have to worry that it drag your trousers down when you put it inside your pocket.

At first sight, the most conspicuous thing is the huge button surrounded by golden ring. The golden color is shinning and contributes to its appearance. The huge and slightly protruding button can well solve the problem of insensitive pressing caused by tiny button. Below the fire button, it is the button for locking. When the mod is not under using, you just move it down so that you don’t have to worry about burning or explosion caused by mis-touching the huge fire button.

At the back side, it is marked the product name “Athena”. The edges and corners are not processed to be round, but they are not edgy to hold. The two bevels make it much more comfortable to hold. Personally, if the bevels were larger, it would be more comfortable to hold.


The panel is printed with rhombic patterns and it is full of the sense of science and technology. The hole showing the bottle is for the convenience of squeezing the bottle to refill.


The electrode is spring-loaded. It can well match various atomizers and can also effectively reduce liquid leakage. The pattern surrounding the electrode is in Chinese style. It looks pretty cool and can also well prevent the paint from being scratched by the atomizer.


The battery compartment cover is magnetic adsorbed and is easy for disassembling. When you open the cover, you can see the internal structure of the mod obviously. The structure of mechanical mod is just so straightforward, including the positive pole, liquid bottle, battery compartment. There is no other measures for protecting the chipset, thus new vapers please pay attention when using it. The capacity of the liquid bottle is 6.5ml and is just big enough for daily use and carrying around. This mod is supported by a single 18650 battery. Single-battery mod is compact, but its battery can not last long.

The panel of the other side can also be disassembled. There is no strip at the place of the battery which makes it difficult to take the battery out. However, if you disassemble the panel of the other side, you just need to push it slightly to take out the battery.


The size of the atomizer is 24*24.5mm. Its material is stainless steel. RDA of 24mm diameter is the most popular size on the market and is also the representative size of huge vapor RDA.

The atomizer can be disassembled into base, atomization tube and drip tip. The workmanship is pretty fine without any defects.


The drip tip is made of PEI material and its caliber is 810. Inside of the package, there is 510 adapter and 510 drip tip which can satisfy different needs of flavor and vapor volume.


The atomizer adopts top airflow system, so the atomization space is not separated into two parts but is integrated into one. At the two sides on the atomizer, there are two airflow holes in a just proper size. Outside of the airflow holes, there is an adjusting ring.

From the internal part of the atomizer, you can see the airflow hole is not connected directly to the atomization space. The airflow is firstly blocked and then goes into the atomization space. Such design can well prevent condensation and overfilled liquid from being sucked into mouth, which is very humanized and practical. Below the blocking items, you can also see two protruding clips. What are these for? I will disclose it later.

The electrode adopts copper-plated silver suspending deck with four holes. Such design is very convenient for building coils. Also, the big gap between the holes and big atomization space are convenient for building various fancy coils and regular coils. The design that the electrode deck suspending on the base should be particularly designed for bottom filling, with which, the liquid can be stocked at the bottom but not gathered around the coils, thus effectively reduce liquid frying.

It is worth mentioning that there is a snap joint on the base. Together with the protruding clips in the atomization space, the snap joint can easily lock the atomization tube. You will not have to worry that only the atomization tube move but not the base when you disassemble atomizer from the mod. You will not need to use tools to disassemble the atomizer which is convenient and efficient.

Let’s make an actual test. Kanthal 24GA1 wire, 3.0 diameter, close winding, 5 circles, 0.2Ω. The vapor it produces is not very big, but its flavor is great. The vapor granule is dense and liquid frying is not obvious. Generally speaking, it’s pretty good!



Advantages: Bottom filling is fast and convenient. After refilling, it can last for a very long time. It saves RDA users from the trouble of frequent dripping and carrying liquid around when going out even for a short distance.

Athena Squonk Mod is compact and portable. Its internal space is compact and properly utilized. You don’t have to worry that the extra space will cause the shaking of liquid bottle and thus cause leakage. And, it will not cause the loosening of battery thus resulting in short-circuit. The utilization of lock button can reduce the use risk caused by mis-touching of fire button.

The design of top airflow system and suspending electrode deck can effectively prevent liquid frying, and also prevent condensation and liquid being sucked into mouth. The large space and big gap between the holes are suitable for building various fancy coils and regular coils.

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