In ancient Greek mythology, Hephaestus forged an Ageis for Athena. Recently, Geekvape forged an Ageis box mod for the vapers, which is the first box mod that has three proofings.


Warm Hint:  Please dont try as showed in the picture. It's dangerous to do it. 

When you take off the drawer-liked cover, you will find the hat box inside of it. On the top of the box, there is printed the word “Aegis”. In the inner side of both the cap and the box, there is sponge sticking to them.

There are not very many contents in the box, only Geekvape Aegis box mod, 26650 battery, 18650 sleeve, user manual, plastic cap and two hexagonal screws.

On the surface of the battery cover, there is sandblasted with non-bright silver and there are two holes for dissipating the heat and releasing the pressure.

The battery inside of the package is 26650(IMR) battery of Golisi.

The capacity is 4300mah with constant output of 35A.

In the light of its security and quality, it’s a very nice combination.

Regarding the touch feel of 18650 sleeve, it should be made of the same material as the rubber covering the mod body. There is printed with the word “GV Logo” and “Aegis”.

On the surface of the battery cover, there is sandblasted with non-bright silver and there are two holes for dissipating the heat and releasing the pressure. On the side of it, there is an O-ring to enhance the water tightness. On the inner side of the battery cover, there is printed a pattern “—”,and at the bottom of the battery compartment, there is a red “+”. You will not falsely install the battery.

Geekvape Aegis is at the side of the metal shell, and at the other side, it is Geekvape. It is only the showy point in its brief design. On the box mod where you put your hand, it is designed into arc shape, giving it a nice hand feel.

The crash-proof rubber covers the edges and corners. Meanwhile, at the four corners, there is an angle design of 45°. When they are crushed, the angles can effectively distract the external force. All these factors make it the first three-proofing box mod with the coefficient 67 (6 stands for complete dust-proof, and 7 means that it can be soaked into water with depth of 1m)

I really like its design of stitches inside of the leather, together with its shining metal at the edges, giving it a more attractive appearance.

After disassembling the two hexagonal screws on the top, you can take off the flimsy cover. Below the water-proof plastic sheet, you will see the Micro USB. From the screw holes, you can find Geekvape add a layer of water-proof painting to the holes. The diameter of the heat dissipating plate at the 510 connector is 25mm, which is a very regular size among the atomizers in the market.

Here we come to the point! Water-proof test. A little bit scary.

Though I clean and brush the toilet regularly, I still don’t have the guts to imitate the foreign reviewer VapnFagan to throw it directly into the toilet.

I will just show it in the wash basin.

No matter how the water flew, Geekvape Aegis worked just as usual. But, the Ammit 25 got water in it.

Warm Hint: Aegis is designed to be water-proof, but dont put it in such environment.


I built an Ammit tank on it. Simply evaluate from its appearance, it’s hard for you to imagine that it’s a single-battery box mod.

Geekvape Aegis is kind of heavy with a size of 8.8*3.4*5.5cm.

Since the box mod is completely covered by rubber and is powered by high-capacity 26650 battery, some of the volume has to be sacrificed.

After you screw the tank on Geekvape Aegis, it will automatically test the resistance.

Its operation succeeds the good tradition of ecig industry.

Press the fire button five times continuously to turn on/off the fire button.

Press the fire button three times continuously to adjust the settings.

Press fire button and “+””_” simultaneously to adjust the light.

Press “+”and ”_” simultaneously to lock the present mode.

When it’s under setting mode, press fire button to switch between the tuning parameter and press “+”or “-” to make adjustment.

Long press fire button or wait five minutes to automatically exists setting mode.

Though Aegis Geekvape is powered by single battery, it can fire up to 100w.

The chipset in Aegis is self-made by Geekvape, but its performance can not be underestimated.

Except for its stability, short firing delay is the goal that every box mod pursues.

It’s officially said that its firing delay is 0.015 second.

In actual use, it’s hard to feel the delay.

Temperature control is the mode that I use the most.

Under TC mode, it lacks the explosive power that VV mode features, but I like its stable flavor, and also that it can prevent the cotton being burned and avoid the production of toxic substances.

Aegis’s TC mode can support Ni, Ti and SS materials. You can also self-defined the TCR parameters. Its span is 100-315°,and 5° is a unit for adjustment.

Under TC mode, its output is not too abrupt, but steadily soft. It ends at the target value that has been set. Later, the vapor and flavor haunts me.

As stated previously, Aegis Geekvape adopts the chipset self-made by Geekvape. But after actual use, I feel it will not be defeated by the highly-priced flagship products. In the light of its performance price ratio, I speak highly of it. Its VPC mode is the commonly seen flavor curve mode. Aegis can set different output of every second in the first 5 seconds and then change the output linearly.

This function is very suitable for those low-resistance coils and fancy coils needing preheating. Or for those vapers who love to discover muti-layered flavor of the same liquid.  

Highlights of Aegis:

 1.Water-Proof, crash-proof and dust-proof. Its defense capability makes it an legendary device

 2.Various modes include VV, TC, TCR and VPC 

 3.Adaptable to long-duration 26650 battery and also the commonly-used 18650 batter

 4.It has a nice hand feel ringing feedback

 5.Its TC function performs softly.

 6.Powered by a single battery but it can fire up to 100w.

I think it should be oriented as a box mod for the elementary vapers.

Its performance price ratio is very attractive. Though it’s kind of heavy and maybe also has some other defectiveness, it has all the basic functions and its flavor under TC mode can be compared with those highly-priced flagship mods. Moreover, regarding its protective performance, it’s the top choice.

If you often have your cellphone slid away from your hand, if you are a new vaper just stepping into this circle. If you like outdoor activity or even vape when you are vaping. Stretch out your hand to arm yourself with this GeekVape Aegis box mod. 

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