Since 2017, the trend of Electronic Cigarettes becomes more and more weird. Dragon Ball RTA released by Fumytech was once jokingly called “ cucurbit flute”. Some vapers even match the  Dragon Ball RTA with Pokemen Mod,  making it a Calabash Brother Kit.  
More interestingly, this weird atomizer performs pretty well both in vapor and flavor.
Coincidentally, Freemax focusing on huge-vapor finished RTA also released a ball-shaped Fireluke RTA. It’s called lantern atomizer by the vapers. It also performs excellently in taste and vapor, proving again the theory that “the weird is the excellent”.
In 2015, when the “TC” trend of electronic cigarettes just began, with its super huge vapor and good flavor, Starre Pro aroused high degree of attention among the vaping group.
In 2016, FreeMax released a new atomizer named Starre Pure with finished ceramic core, which shows excellent flavor.
With its abundant experience collected from huge-vapor finished atomizers, Freemax also shows its unique taste in research and development of finished atomizers.
In 2017, Freemax shows a brand new Fireluke RTA with RBA accessories. Any new highlights in the taste and vapor? Let’s see!



Fireluke RTA adopts black paper box. There is printed with the picture and name of the atomizer and its background is a fire leopard. Below the picture, there is printed a motivational sentence: “FireLuke Never Limits Your Vaping ”


Besides the regulated packing list, anti-fake QR code, there is the color matching information--black, stainless steel and black resin, red resin, yellow resin, blue resin, green resin, and purple resin.


When you open the cover, the shape of Fireluke RTA is very similar to that of “Dragon Ball”. But its top and base are very different to those of “Dragon Ball”. The sample I tested is in resin purple.



When you open the pad at the bottom, you will see an inter-layer in the box where you can see cotton, screwdriver, accessory bag, spare glass tube and a pair of finished coils.
There is a “RBA Kit” inside of a little bottle. This also means FireLuke RTA is not only a finished tank, but can also be used as a RTA, which fits more for the habits of the experienced vapers.
There is another glass tube in the accessories which is not a spare one. It shows in a vase shape and has a different capacity as the pre-installed one.
Though they both adopt the shape of ball, the difference between the shapes of FireLuke RTA and Dragon Ball is quite big. The metaphor of “Lantern” is very visual.  


The measurements of FireLuke RTA as below: 59mm long, 28mm diameter of the base, 32mm largest circle diameter of the glass tube.
The space inside of the “big-bell” tank are mostly occupied by the atomizer. In truth, the actual capacity of the tank is not as big as we imagined. The pre-installed tank has a capacity of 5ml and the spare tank has a capacity of 4ml.



Fireluke RTA can be completely disassembled into drip tip, top cap, glass tube, coil and the base. Its structure is quite simple for disassembling and cleaning.


The finished coil of FIRELUKE RTA adopts a vertical triple coil. It measures 31mm long and its atomizer reaches 18mm with a huge size.


The electrode at the base and the electrode of the finished atomizer are both processed with silver-plated technique, which can improve their stability and electroconductivity. 
Since Smok released TFV series, the size of finished coil has stepped onto the road of “huge”. Such size can enlarge the space for atomizing and can contain more coils. Its diversified structure has an obvious effect on the flavor and vapor, but it will also improve the manufacturing cost and use cost of the users. It is really wasteful to just throw it away after using.


Good news is that Freemax includes a RBA kit in the pack. DIY vapers can set the data according to their own taste preference and can also lower the use cost.
The packing bottle of the kit can also used for storing the finished coil. In daily use, vapers can use the RBA kit. When going out, you can take with you a finished coil for urgent time. It avoids the inconvenience of carrying tool, cotton and heating coil.
There are differences between the RBA kit and the finished coil. The electrode of the RBA is a cylinder. It is processed with gold-plated technique and the inflow holes are set beside the electrode.


In the light of its structure, the RBA kit of FIRELUKE RTA is completely a RDA with bottom inflow system and dual-post and four-hole electrode.
The kit can be disassembled into two parts. When you unscrew the atomization tube, you can build the coil on the base. After you build the coil and install the atomization tube, you can use it for vaping.
The screws for fixing the coils are cross screws, which are more reliable than the hexagon screws.


After building the “Clapton dual-wire coils” in the package on the base, the resistance is roughly 0.15 Ω.


The liquid passage of FIRELUKE RTA is very different from the common ladder-styled passage. Deflecting the liquid into the space below the base then guiding it to the cotton. Such structure is just like building a “liquid tank” below the cotton which can ensure the speed and efficiency of the liquid.
Another advantage is that it’s very simple to process the cotton. Refer to the length between the coil and deflecting hole. Leave the cotton ends much longer and then plug it into the base and then adjust the cottons beside the coils to smooth the fiber. It’s so easy that even new vapers can handle it soon. As long as the cotton is enough to plug the deflecting hole, it will not have the problems of leakage or short supply.


Vaping under 4V, 100w, 0.15Ω dual coils
The huge-vapor RTA adopts the structure of RDA,  totally  forming a new “RDTA”. The procedures to install FIRELUK RTA is very visual--Build the coil, install the atomization tube, then a “RDA” is formed. Adding a “T”(Tank) to it, it forms a “RDTA”


Though the size of FIRELUKE RTA is big, except for the space occupied by the coil, the actual liquid capacity is only 5ml. If you install the other glass tube, the capacity will become 4ml.
When filling the liquid, you will need to close the two inflow holes at the bottom to avoid leakage.
Though FIRELUKE RTA has two huge inflow holes, the actual inflow is depended by the coil and RBA kit. If the inflow hole is opened completely, there will not be an empty feeling.


When the spare glass tube is installed on, the tank looks much normal as the common tanks, but its capacity is lowered to 4ml. No matter huge vapor or small vapor, as a RTA, I think the biggest advantage is that its atomization tube can adjust the flavor. Or, what is the difference between RDA and RDTA?
Though the electronic cigarettes and atomizer structure have been developed very mature, different devices still have difference in the “style”.
Freemax keeps making gradual progress on taste. Naturally, taste is the biggest advantage of FIRELUKE RTA. The structure of the finished vertical triple-coil produces very dense flavor. Even when the vapor is huge and the wattage is high, Fireluke RTA can still produce good flavor.
When using the RBA kit and the Clapton coils in the package, with its 0.15Ω resistance, 100w output and 4V voltage are the balance between vapor and flavor. The vapor is huge and dense, the taste is strong, the flavor is restrained and the layering is clear. <p >Of course, when using the RBA kit together with fancy coils, if you don’t care the volume of vapor very much, it will bring you even better taste under 60-80w.


The performance of the finished coil of FIRELUKE is very stable and I found no obvious defect. Used together with RBA kit, its reliability relies a lot on the processing of the cotton. Though its structure is very easy to handle, you should pay attention that the cotton should completely block the liquid deflecting hole, and the length should be long enough to fully absorb the liquid and will not oversupply to cause leakage.
When you use the RBA kit, you need to pay attention that there might be condensation collected on the air hole, base and other parts. You should clean them regularly. 


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