Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit with 2ml juice capacity and 1300mAh battery

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1. Q: Where to download Laan App?

A: iOS system users can download Laan App in AppStore. Android system users can download Laan App in GooglePlay.


2. Q: Do I have to open App to download Laan Kit?

A: You don’t have to open App to use Laan Kit. Its factory settings include 30watt output and 260℃ temperature.If you need to adjust the wattage and temperature, or you need to open or close the child lock, you will need to do operation on APP.

3. Q: When Laan Kit is upgrading, why the red light always flashes? How long does it take to finish the upgrading?

A: When the firmware is upgrading, the indicator light will always flash in red, and after upgrading, the green light will flash once.During the process of upgrading, put the device together with your cellphone in case that upgrading would be influenced.App displays how is upgrading going on. If it doesn’t displays, you can stop the connection or restart your cellphone to try again.


4. Q: Why App shows that the battery decreases too fast?

A: The battery test in APP is realized by the changing of battery voltage.After you vape a puff, the momentary change of the battery doesn’t stand for the actual consumption of battery.

Warm Hint:

It only takes several simple steps to connect the APP:

  1. Open the bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Open Laan App
  3. Take a puff with Laan Kit near to your phone. The screen will display the device it finds and press it to enter into the operation interface.
  4. Take another puff and the interface will display corresponding data.


1. Q: I feel that the vapor of Laan Kit is not large enough.

A:The output wattage of Laan Kit is 5 to 40 watt and its factory setting is 30 watt. You can adjust the wattage to 40watt through App and the vapor volume will increase. Moreover, the coil of Laan atomizer is 0.2Ω and its airway is specially designed. Compared with other same-sized devices, the setting of output wattage and coil resistance of Laan are both for producing larger vapor. It aims to ensure the reduction degree of the liquid to the most and the flavor to the best, and at the same time the people around the vaper will not be influenced too much.


2. Q: I find the drip tip is very hot after continuously using Laan Kit for a while.It is normal?

A: Since the drip tip adopts aluminum alloy, its heat conductivity is very high. But benefiting from the unique design of drip tip, we have improved the heat dissipating function to the best situation.Unless continuously vaping for testing, the drip tip will never be overheated.

3.Q:Why does Laan Kit give out a squeaky sound when Im vaping?

A: The squeaky sound is caused when the electricity current passes through the contacts and the positive and negative poles.It is a normal phenomenon and you don’t have to worry. Keeping the contacts and the bottom of the atomizer clean can help lower the sound. In addition, when the liquid is being vaporized. It will also cause sound. The liquid is sublimated in the atomizer. The sound caused when the liquid is being sublimated is also a normal phenomenon.


4.Whats the difference between mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape and direct-to-lung(DTL) vape?

A: What is DTL? DTL means the vapor is inhaled into lung without staying in the mouth. Such vaping method is suitable for the low-resistance atomizers and is popular in recent years.Through such vaping method, you can inhale in more vapor.So you will spit more vapor with DTL vaping method.

    What is MTL? MTL is very similar to the way we smoke cigarette. You will need to inhale the vapor into your mouth and then inhale it to your lung.


5.Q:For players, its play ability is not very high.

A:If play ability is represented by large vapor, then the orientation of Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit can not live up to players’ expectation. The orientation of Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit is a MTL device.But the modularity structure of its chamber will allow vapers to switch among various liquid. The small size of Laan Kit is more suitable and comfortable for holding than mech mods and box mods. That is to say, from the perspective of experiencing different liquid and holding, the play ability of Laan is much higher than other products.

6.Q:I feel its sucking resistance is too low and its not like that of traditional cigarette.Why?

A:The design orientation of Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit is a MTL (mouth-to-lung)device. That is to say, the goal of Laan is to reach the sucking resistance of traditional cigarette to the best. Compared with most DTL (direct-to-lung) devices in the market, the sucking resistance of Laan is comparatively small. If you still feel the sucking resistance is not big enough, you can press the inflow hole before using.In this way, the sucking resistance will largely increase and its flavor will be much denser.


7. Q: I feel the sucking resistance of Laan is too big and it is very choking. Why?

A: The design orientation of Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit is a MTL (mouth-to-lung)device.

That is to say, the goal of Laan is to reach the sucking resistance of traditional cigarette to the best. Therefore, to those vapers who are used to DTL vaping, its sucking resistance will be comparatively big. In addition, please make sure that you don’t press on the inflow holes.



1.Q: Why Laan Kitt can not stand straight on?

A: For its visual beauty, the bottom of Laan Kit is designed to an arc shape, so it can not stand straight on. Later, we will add a special holder for Laan Kit.


2.Q: Its unhygienic to screw the drip tip with hands?

A: You can press the underpart of the drip tip for installing and unscrewing. Additionally, later we will add a special holder to keep the the drip tip clean.


3.Q: Its drip tip can not be covered tightly. What to do?

A: Check if you have torn off the sticker at the bottom of the atomizer. Then screw the drip tip tight according to the method instructed on the user manual.


4.Q: Is the wrapper on Laan Kit real leather? How to do maintenance?

A: Yes, we choose the top calf leather to wrap the Laan Kit. Its maintenance method is the same as that of other leather products.  



1.Q: Can all liquid be used for Laan Kit?

A: Laan Kit can match with all the liquid in the market and it can highly reduce the flavor of the liquid. I highly recommend the flavors of tobacco, mint, fruit and tea. In order to prolong the lifespan of atomizer to the most, I recommend you to choose the liquid with the ratio of sweetness and acidity is 5:5, not too sweet or too acid.


2.Q: How to know how much liquid is left in the atomizer if I can not see the tank?

A: When you pull out the drip tip of Laan, its liquid tank will be pulled out together and it’s convenient for you to check how much liquid is left.


3.Q:What liquid used with Laan will cause burnt coil?

A: Laan Kit can match with most liquid in the market. Only those liquid of high VG or high sweetness, or liquid with thickeners will cause carbon deposit on the coil thus producing burnt flavor.


4.Q: Why I feel thirsty after I vape Laan Kit?

A: It’s caused by the components in the liquid. The main components in liquid are VG and PG, and they are high water-absorbing materials.

5.Q:How to choose a liquid with its flavor and density suitable for myself?

A: PG is a kind of dilute liquid and it’s the main source of the liquid source. It can produce little vapor, so the higher the PG ratio, the dense the flavor. Especially to traditional vapers, it can give you a feel of smoking cigarette and strong sense of satisfaction.

VG is a kind of ropy liquid. It’s not the main source of liquid flavor, but it can produce large volume of vapor. So, the higher the VG ratio in liquid, the lighter the flavor, but the larger the vapor. Generally, we called the liquid with over 60% VG, we called it high VG liquid. Liquid with high VG has weaker throat hitting feel, because VG itself is slightly sweet and the vapor will also be sweet.


Warm Hint:

In order to prolong the lifespan of atomizer, I don’t recommend you to use liquid with high VG or liquid with thickeners in to prevent burnt coil caused by carbon deposit. To protect the atomizer, liquid of too high acidity is not recommended.

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