Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit with 2ml juice capacity and 1300mAh battery

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1.Q: Will Laan Kit leak?

A: No, Laan Kit adopts an all-closed structure, so it will leak in no way. In no way, Laan atomizer has passed the tests of serious shaking and dropping. It doesn’t have any hidden danger of leakage.(So far, we haven’t received any feedback of leakage.)


2.Q: How many puffs can an atomizer be taken?

A: As long as you fill it with 2ml liquid, you can vape 150 to 200 puffs. Puff varies according to different watts you choose and personal habits.

3. How often will the atomizer needs to be changed?

A: Laan atomizer can be refilled for 5 to 10 times.According to different using frequencies, the liquid sweetness, the ratio of PG and VG, and how picky is the vaper on taste. On general condition, if the taste of liquid is too weak, it’s the time for you to change the atomizer.

4. Q:Will Laan release atomizers with changeable atomizers?

 A: We don’t have such plan in a short period.

5.Q:Why I sometimes vape the liquid into my mouth when using Laan kit?

A:When the cotton in the coil is too wet, the liquid will be vaped into mouth if it is not fully vaporized. Laan atomizer utilizes negative pressure liquid deflecting structure, so the liquid will be pressed into the coil only when you are vaping, and when you are not vaping,it will not be soaked in the liquid. Such method is the best way to prevent liquid frying(sucking in liquid).However, it is unavoidable for an atomizer to have the problem of liquid frying sometimes.


You can solve the problem of liquid frying with several actions:

  1. Tossing: Toss out the condensation in the drip tip and atomizer before vaping, then wipe to dry the vapor holes and the inner walls of the airway.
  2. Vaping: Vape 2 to 3 puffs continuously to vaporize the liquid speedily.
  3. Adjusting: Adjust the wattage of the device can also vaporized the liquid speedily.


(If it has the problem of serious liquid frying, there are only two conditions:)

  1. You fill the liquid wrongly: user doesn’t fill from the filling hole but the vapor hole of the atomizer.
  2. The density of the liquid is especially low and it contains too much water.

6.Q: What liquid you use will cause the breakage of the glass tube?

A: Laan Kit is adaptable with most liquid in the market. Unless you use liquid with too high acidity, it may cause the breakage of the glass tube.

Warm Hint:

When you fill the liquid, you open the silicon plug to 3/4 and place it along the side of the atomizer, then fill the tank. After you fill the tank, you need to wipe out the liquid left on the filling hole and then close the silicone plug.

Don’t unplug the silicone plug completely.

Don’t fill the liquid through the vapor hole.

Picture below shows the holes on the atomizer.



1.Q: How long does it take a Laan Kit to be fully charged ?

A: When it’s out of power, it takes 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged. When it’s charging, the red light at the bottom will be always on, and when it’s fully charged, it will turn off automatically.  


2.Q:When fully charged, how long does a Laan Kit can last for?

A:The battery capacity of Laan kit is 1300mah. It is available for 200 to 400 puffs and can last for a whole day. The duration time of the battery will fluctuate according to different watts and personal habits.

3.Q: How long is the life span of Laan Kit?

A: Over 2 years

4.Is it available for Laan Kit to change battery?

A: Laan Kit adopts a built-in battery which is unchangeable.


5.Q: Why is Laan Kit so hot when I vape it? Will it explode?

A: The heat produced by normal use has no hidden danger. Since the shell of Laan Kit adopts aluminum alloy material, its heat conductivity is comparatively high, accordingly,the heat also dissipates fast. If you use it with fast frequency, it will accumulate more heat, so the user will feel hotter and hotter.But Laan Kit will not explode because of it, in that there is a heat insulation structure between its heat source(coil inside of the atomizer)and the battery.In addition, the circuit board of Laan Kit has an overall-protection function on the battery, so it’s absolutely safe to use Laan Kit.  


6.Q: When I charge Laan, do I need to disassemble the atomizer?

A: The atomizer in the device doesn’t influence charging, so it doesn’t have the problem of safety.

7.Q: My Laan Kit is unable for charging, but its OK after I reset it. Why?

A: The device functions falsely and needs to be reset.  


Possible problems that may involve in Changing or Refunding:


  1. Make sure that the battery is not out of power.
  2. Check if the child lock is open.
  3. Clean the atomizer and contacts.
  4. Change the atomizer for testing.
  5. Press the reset button (the grey silicon round point close to the contacts)
  6. Check if there is silicon sealing ring inside of the drip tip.

If the problem still exists, contact the seller for changing or refunding.

8.Q: When its being using, the red and green indicator lights flash in turns (or the blue light flashes,) and the device doesnt work(no vapor comes out). What should I do?


1) Clean the atomizer and the contacts.

2) Change the atomizer for testing

3) Press the reset button (the grey silicon round point close to the contacts).

If the problem still exists, contact the seller for changing or refunding.


9.What should I do if Laan Kit is unable for charging?

 A:The charging indicator light is at the charging port. When the kit is charging, the light will be in red and when it’s fully charged, the light will turn off.

  1. Use original USB cable to charge for testing.
  2. Press the reset button(the grey silicon round point close to the contacts).

If the problem still exists, contact the seller for changing or refunding.

Warm Hint:

Original USB cable is recommended. Since the head of the ordinary USB cable  is shorter than that of the original one, it is very possible that the kit will not be charged. You’d better not vape while charging and not charge it for a whole night.

4: Q: When Im adjusting the wattage on APP, the actual output wattage doesnt change. Why?

A: It’s caused by the malfunction of control board software. You should contact the seller for changing or refunding.


5. Q: When Laan Kit is not under using, the indicator light flashes in green sometimes. Why?

A: When you install the atomizer or the minute you start to vape, if the light flashes in green, it’s normal. If the atomizer is in the device and you don’t even vape it, but the green light flashes sometimes, it’s the malfunction of air switch. Contact the seller for Changing or Refunding.

Warm Hint:

Before you vape, don’t blow into the drip tip. It’s easy to cause the malfunction of air switch and result in malfunction of the device.


1.Q: Where to download Laan App?

A: iOS system users can download Laan App in AppStore. Android system users can download Laan App in GooglePlay.


2.Q: Do I have to open App to download Laan Kit?

A: You don’t have to open App to use Laan Kit. Its factory settings include 30watt output and 260℃ temperature.If you need to adjust the wattage and temperature, or you need to open or close the child lock, you will need to do operation on APP.

3.Q: When Laan Kit is upgrading, why the red light always flashes? How long does it take to finish the upgrading?

A: When the firmware is upgrading, the indicator light will always flash in red, and after upgrading, the green light will flash once.During the process of upgrading, put the device together with your cellphone in case that upgrading would be influenced.App displays how is upgrading going on. If it doesn’t displays, you can stop the connection or restart your cellphone to try again. 

4. Q: Why App shows that the battery decreases too fast?

A: The battery test in APP is realized by the changing of battery voltage.After you vape a puff, the momentary change of the battery doesn’t stand for the actual consumption of battery.

Warm Hint:

It only takes several simple steps to connect the APP:

1.Open the bluetooth on your phone.

2.Open Laan App

3.Take a puff with Laan Kit near to your phone. The screen will display the device it finds and press it to enter into the operation interface.

4.Take another puff and the interface will display corresponding data.

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